NSA or compromised, hackers for $568 million bitcoin auction of important documents

NSA or compromised, hackers for $568 million bitcoin auction of important documents

NSA seems to have been hacked!

According to foreign media reports, recently for the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) the effectiveness of the “formula Organization (EquationGroup)” was hacked, a self proclaimed “shadow broker (TheShadowBrokers)” hacker group claimed responsibility for the incident.


Network security experts, some research data leakage vulnerabilities and hacker tools that attack the real possibility of large.

Not only that, called “the shadow broker” hackers also price 1 million bitcoin (about $568 million), with the release of the “best” network attack weapons and more files.

According to a report published in 2015 by Kabasiji security company, NSA equation organization has been described as “the complexity of technology has more than any known organization, and has been active for nearly twenty years”.

The organization also with the previous formula and the Stuxnet worm copyrightrexchip notorious repute, it is sponsored by the United States hacker attacks, although currently there is no absolute proof.

Two days ago, the shadow broker in Github (deleted) and Tumblr (deleted) issued a number of documents, said the documents are from the organization equation.

Most of these documents contain the installation script, command and control server configuration, and is said to be in the United States manufacturer of router and firewall vulnerabilities, including CISCO, Juniper and Fortinet.

According to the leaked documents, a target company is Chinese Topsec organization equation.

Leaked documents mentioned some documents mentioned by Edward Snowden, such as “BANANAGLEE” and “EPICBANANA”.

“We are tracking equations of organization,” the shadow broker said, “we solved the equation, and found a lot of equations of network attack weapons. You look at these pictures, we will give you some free tissue equation files, you see, this is a good proof, isn’t it? Do you enjoy!!! You broke the rules, you write a lot of content. However, these are not all, we will auction the best file.”

Has not confirmed that these leaked documents are true, but some security experts believe that the possibility of large.

“We haven’t tested these vulnerabilities, but they are certainly as effective vulnerability,” MattSuiche ComaeTechnologies, founder of the United Arab Emirates network security company told DailyDot.

Although some people say that these leaked documents could be a very elaborate hoax, but the so-called bitcoin auction, just to attract an interference of media attention.

“If this is a hoax, the perpetrators must be invested a lot of energy security,” researcher TheGrugq told Motherboard magazine. “But these documents seem quite persuasive,”

If the U.S. National Security Agency has successfully been hacked, then the hacking, network security incidents will be together very critical.

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