Offbeat dancer of future war: bitcoin went to the “military circle” what

Offbeat dancer of future war: bitcoin went to the “military circle” what


Can you imagine that bitcoin can display skills to the full in military applications? The day before, Estonia and NATO is trying to use the blockchain technology to develop the next generation system, to realize the modernization of the NATO Cyber Defense platform. Coincidentally, DARPA has released a concept of distributed information system security books based on block chain technology. In order to US military intelligence collection against terrorists, trying to “reward” information providers, bitcoin as a reward. Block chain and so on military application of brain hole wide open, becoming the sparks of fire can start a prairie fire “situation. The future, block chain technology not only can be used for incentive performance intelligence, can also be used for military weapon equipment life tracking, human resource management, military procurement, logistics and other aspects of military intelligence. The block chain of future war “offbeat dancers”, is very likely to subvert the future war quietly.

The rock block – how to “make the world money chain”

If you want to read the block chain in the future battlefield “unique dance”, must first start from bitcoin. A bitcoin first proposed in 2009, will be launched by the Internet platform investment and quickly set off a boom, has become the most typical application block chain technology at present.

Although bitcoin is mixed, but the chain block behind but showed great interest. Block chain technology is a digital books to the center of the system, including bitcoin bitcoin transaction records began running complete. Is this model to the center of the block chain based protocol, people can safely store or exchange bitcoin, relevant information can not be forged or tampered with, the implementation of automatic intelligent contract, without any centralized audit institutions.

The birth of blockchain technology, from the solution called “computer science problem of the Byzantine Generals”. Generally speaking, is composed of a mutual lack of trust in a network of nodes, each node to achieve credible consensus problems. Dynamic cycle through the introduction of the “competition – Verification – synchronous – competition” to solve the problem, the blockchain technology will eventually become new technology platform allows individual through the third party certification and carry out effective credible cooperation.

In the bitcoin system, “money” and deal with the block chain is closely related. The process of the dynamic process of the blockchain is the new currency production and circulation, is the foundation to support the whole bitcoin system is safe, orderly and reliable operation. The need to constantly update and maintain the chain block, like “minting machine”, the latest transaction records package is loaded into the end of the chain, and the formation of a new block.

Block chain technology is the technical support behind bitcoin, which itself is composed of a plurality of connected blocks, each block is like a “book” in a page, records the transactions within a period of time, and through the different blocks between before and after pointing, all the blocks in order to form a chain block. At present, the block chain technology based on P2P data transmission, file sharing, asymmetric encryption and distributed storage technology, is the underlying technology and application popularization direction to accelerate the development of.

Hold the pipa: “trust making machine” out of the ordinary So that is what it is.

Of course, already implemented in the algorithm on block chain technology as too abstract and difficult to understand. In fact, the block chain is similar to a “trust machine”, making it appear that both sides trust strangers. Block chain technology can generate a set of records, time has not tampered with the trusted database, through this technology, even if there is no neutral third party, but also can realize the cooperation between nodes. At present, the block chain from the digital technology has been gradually extended to the single currency, smart contracts, networking, identity authentication, electronic commerce, social communication, file storage and other fields.

Among them, the international financial giants have begun to try to use the accounting business block chain technology to deal with complex, companies such as IBM that block chain is the core technology to solve the networking and information security, data storage, interactive processing. The original design is to realize the block chain technology distribution across the network, which makes it an ideal choice for cross organizational business network. Block chain to trust the characteristic brings scalability for the data encryption standard to ensure that the content can not be achieved for decentralized data tampering, to further enhance the security of the data. In addition, the block chain can protect the circle to encourage people to get out of the firewall, data sharing. It is characteristic of “personal independence of conduct” block chain technology that makes it seem so out of the ordinary.

The successful use of bitcoin, fully demonstrated the block chain technology transparent, safe and reliable, excellent characteristics such as distribution share. Inspired by this, there are dozens of international technology giants are jointly developing “super books” project, trying to create a transparent, open, distributed to the center of the books, so that more applications can more easily build in block chain technology. The future, the “trust machine” will also bring us including basic application, upgrade the application and expansion of the application of “surprise”.

Based on the application of bitcoin mainly relying on the existing system, to have the price as the medium of exchange, as the carrier of value passed between users. Including shopping, payment, transfer or liquidation of network transactions can take block chain technology “ride”, to further enhance the safety of financial life. Upgrade the application is to block chain technology transfer, technology upgrading and transformation, and fully explore the blockchain, realize safe and reliable data storage. The future, personal electronic archives management, charitable donation registration, data backup and other permanent cure and can see the figure of block chain technology. The extended application of block chain technology innovation, generalization and promotion, “trust manufacturing machine” will reconstruct the existing network rules, establish the network credit system, and in the future of the Internet of things in the world display skills to the full.

Of course, the block chain technology although prospects, but many problems still need to solve information security, network construction and supervision control etc.. Although you can use the asymmetric encryption technology for information security is strong, but it does not mean that the safety block chain technology “as strong as iron”. How to build a peer-to-peer network to the center, how to realize the effective supervision of user information is an urgent need to solve the problem.

Just unfolding — in the field of military application prospect

In military applications, block chain technology has inherent information integrity and other characteristics, from the beginning to realize the organic combination of data storage and data encryption, the exhibition in the field of military fist.

Battlefield information protection. No matter how to change the form of war, information integrity and confidential information protection is the key to determine the outcome of a war. Though the modern military system has been established and stored separately, multiple authentication operations and a series of security measures, but the existing system issued false command and not possible without direct breakthrough. With the help of block chain technology, can improve the safety of battlefield information protection in a certain extent. At present, DARPA is creating a secure information platform through block chain technology, the research can provide help in the protection of the blockchain highly sensitive data, and to study its potential application in military satellites, such as nuclear weapons in several scenes, the future is likely to support the troops.

Weapon equipment management. Weapons and equipment from the project and the development of production and delivery service until retirement, design scheme and test results, the technical conditions of a large number of data of the whole life cycle including the record. The print and electronic media are hard to guarantee the safety, transfer transfer difficulties, lack of effective supervision and other security risks. By introducing the blockchain technology, can form a parties can participate in the preservation of the distributed and supervised file registration network, to further improve the security, convenience and reliability of weapon equipment management. Similarly, in the military human resources management process, can block chain records each soldier of the curriculum vitae, the formation of personal electronic files cannot be tampered with, technically solve existing problems of archives management system.

Intelligent military logistics. Modern military logistics intelligent era, intelligent storage, intelligent packaging, intelligent transportation and intelligent distribution of intelligent Internet of things will cover the whole process of military logistics. Can effectively solve the problem of network communication, data storage and system maintenance and other problems faced by military logistics intelligent block chain technology, to further improve the logistics system survivability, realize the freedom of information interaction, to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of the system. With the help of block chain technology, will achieve the qualitative information from the free transfer to the free notary, is likely to become the future network based protocol and credit paradigm “subversive” technology.

Covert intelligence incentive. In recent years, the full feature mining anonymous block chain in the record deal, and its application to the field of information collection, information providing incentives for covert orienting payment. As everyone knows, the information provider or the “informant” to secret identity and whereabouts, the traditional cash transfers, payment is very easy to track and lock. As a medium of payment by bitcoin, you can skillfully fracture payment channels, let the information flow of funds is difficult to trace, and effectively protect the safety of the intelligence officers. Among these, bitcoin trading platform to play the “black box” role in the whole process of payment, the hidden transaction key information.

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