One of the four largest coffee chain stores are not the world Dumne by eGifter with bitcoin payment

One of the four largest coffee chain stores are not the world Dumne by eGifter with bitcoin payment

Dunn Du Lo (Dunkin Donuts) – a famous coffee and donuts store, now through the use of online gift card eGifter (similar to Gyf, is a company engaged in gift card service company) can be paid with bitcoin, in addition, customers can also earn eGifter3% bonus points.

Provides a way for online gift cards for bitcoin users, so they can not directly accept bitcoin company using bitcoin, which used for daily business bitcoin provides more ways and increase the use of bitcoin and penetration.

Dumne dole is one of the biggest coffee chain stores in the United states. EGifter also provides a caribou coffee gift card.

The coffee shop chain to embrace the gift card

Dumne Dole’s rival Starbucks (the world’s largest coffee shop chain), it will support a Gyft online gift card.

The chief executive of eGifter TylerRoye wrote in a blog, the inspiration comes from the integration of Dumne Dole company employees to buy coffee habit.

“Since our first day of business since the gift card on our wish list,” Roye wrote.

“Many eGifter members are to start a new day to drink a cup of coffee Dumne. The coffee is on our hands, we are constantly reminded: we want this to be a gift card, so I can give users Dumne Dole gift cards, we are very excited.”

Unique eGifter service

Roye pointed out that other gift card allows users to purchase from a large chain store, but some gifts eGifter card with a unique feature, it can allow the precise number of customer service to buy gift card money. If a customer to buy a sandwich and coffee a total cost of $5.83, then they can buy a $5.83 gift card, instead of the remaining balance. Through the use of bitcoin, they can save 3% of the cost.

Users can also buy gift cards to others and take it as a gift to send.

EGifter customers and bitcoin advocate JoelValenzuela in its blog to write about a eGifter and Dumne Dole gift card post.

The gift card to support bitcoin

Through app and gift cards in major retailers use bitcoin to buy, which makes bitcoin to allow more users to accept it on the road to a big step forward.

As early as last December, mobile bitcoin wallet Airbitz will accept bitcoin payment gift card application integration of Fold into its own app. In the statement, Airbitz will encourage more users to use bitcoin.

In addition to Dumne dole is one of the world’s four largest coffee shop chain, it was the McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Wendy ‘s and Taco Bell Seventh World Food Service chain.

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