One sold for 180000 RMB! Why does bitcoin price rise again and again?

According to media reports, since the end of 2020, cryptocurrency has ushered in a “soaring” mode. The unit price of a cryptocurrency has continuously crossed the threshold of US $20000 and US $25000, and has now reached US $27000, with a unit price of about 180000 RMB. The price of bitcoin soared, but investors still need to be cautious. The data shows that by the end of December 27, 2020, the highest price of bitcoin exceeded $28300, and finally ended with $2.37 million. This also makes the overall market value of bitcoin exceed $500 billion, which is even higher than the market value of $430 billion of the world’s largest financial company “Nisa”. However, in view of the current situation of bitcoin’s soaring, some financial experts believe that there are many hidden secrets behind the soaring bitcoin. U.S. economics professor Rubini told reporters that the price of bitcoin is “speculative”, which is completely different from the rise of other ordinary stocks. It is often manipulated by some leaders, namely “big guys” in the financial market. In particular, although bitcoin seems to be in a boundless situation and has been soaring for a continuous period of time, it has also had a trough. In the past five years, it has fallen by more than 30 times, with a drop rate of more than 20%, or even a phenomenon of direct halving. This shows that the price of bitcoin is extremely unstable, so investors still need to be cautious. Why does bitcoin price rise again and again? According to the US stock market data, the price of bitcoin was $4705 in mid March last year, a record low. However, according to the current data, the price has increased more than six times, and eight integer levels have been broken one after another. This has caused a howl of market investors, especially those who have joined the “short camp”. It is reported that as the price of bitcoin rises and goes up again and again, there is no trend of correction. The contract market has even burst $600 million in 24 hours, resulting in the loss of one of the empty orders directly exceeding 65 million yuan, and the “air force” suffered heavy losses. Experts pointed out that the popularity of bitcoin is closely related to the participation of some payment giants. In particular, if we look at the time node, the key point of bitcoin price increase is PayPal’s support for cryptocurrency. After purchasing about 70% bitcoin, the number of bitcoin in the market is becoming less and less, which directly leads to the price rise. At the same time, Tesla CEO musk also expressed his interest in bitcoin through social media networks, saying that the structure of the currency was perfect, revealing Tesla’s intention to buy bitcoin. And predictably, when these “big guys” join in, the price of bitcoin will continue to soar. Author: cupche review: Shanwu Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to inform, part of the news reference: China finance and economics, China net

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