Opera browser or integrate bitcoin micro payment, let advertising no hide!

Opera browser or integrate bitcoin micro payment, let advertising no hide!

Opera, a software developed by the Opera company’s web browser, the development team or consider bitcoin micro payment into the new version of the built-in Adblock function browser (blocking ads).

The built-in Adblock function of the Opera browser, received a positive response from the online community, especially the loading speed of the page, the browser faster than the other 90%. Because the Adblock software is built into the Opera system, when a web browser will require access to, to seize these advertisements in the engine, which enable the users to more effectively access network.


How about Brave?

Brave, the other has a similar concept of the browser, it is by the creator of JavaScript and Mozilla co-founder Brandon Ike (BrendanEich) was founded. It is reported that the Brave browser can eliminate any ads on the page, and through the Brave software team to sell advertising to replace them. In order to make up the contents of the issuer, the issuer to the content team will pay 55% of the bitcoin advertising revenue.

It is the Brave team are bitcoin browser, and let the bitcoin community to re-examine the possibility of bitcoin micro payment in bitcoin community also praised the Brave software team effort.

The possibility of Opera Browser Integration bitcoin is very high

Considering some positive things of new Brave project, I personally asked the Opera team to see whether they will consider bitcoin into their browser.

In Twitter, I @ Opera and asked: “the Opera team created a built-in Adblock function browser, the team to consider whether bitcoin micro payment integration into, to encourage content creators?”

In this regard, the Opera team responded:

“You want to see the function in which the browser? A mobile terminal or a desktop?”

Although the Opera team has not announced its browser will formally integrate bitcoin, but the team may consider in the future integration of bitcoin, and as the eliminating part of web advertising plan.

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