Oppo announced the upgrade and adaptation plan in the first quarter of 2021, bitcoin exceeded 29500 US dollars / piece

The official oppo has announced the first quarter upgrade and adaptation plan of coloros 11 in 2021. Friends who have oppo mobile phones can pay attention to the following: January 2021 limited upgrade public test recruitment plan January 27, 2021: reno3 5g, a92s, a52, Q1 limited upgrade public test recruitment plan in March 2021: Reno 2, reno2 Z, K5, A72 What should be noted about 5g and a91 is that it home understands that the above display time is the opening time of public beta recruitment, not the push time of version, and the push time of different models is different. Q1 coloros 11 official version open upgrade plan in 2021 March 2021: Reno 10x zoom, Reno ace, reno3 Pro 5g, reno4 se 5g, Reno 3 yuan Qi version, K7 2. Bitcoin broke through 29500 US dollars per piece today, setting a new record. As of the time of publication, bitcoin was tentatively quoted at US $29476.1 per piece. In this way, it is more difficult for us to buy cheap graphics cards or snap up new ones. Graphic card manufacturers give video cards to mine owners, and the needs of individual consumers are secondary.

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