Ore mining pool is difficult, how bitcoin will walk the road?

Recently, has swept the world currency crash encryption constantly worried about the spirit of people. Blood, at the beginning of hot mill, even now being sold on the pounds, what is the cause of the subversion of the bitcoin market?

In the global pool, our contribution pool is ranked first, occupies an important position in the global well-known mining pool. But now, BCH development ideas in different encryption currency, this led to the center of the world is war, forming a monopoly situation.

On the other hand, this situation also inhibited the development of some new mineral pool, so that the development of new pool has always been in the shadow of it. For example, once possessed by China’s large stock exchange’s pivotal position, the “pool”, in November 6th this year announced the imminent closure of mining server; new line of fire currency pool, have a strong capital, is only a very small proportion to occupy the whole network.

Mine and mine pool is different, a new ant mining machine the computing force and the whole network is still an utterly inadequate measure, can dig out the probability of bitcoin is only accounted for one in a million. Therefore, in order to dig more stable results, the miners were Baotuan heating, forming a different field, and join the pool, so that later can be divided according to the calculated stress.

So, the world China mines and mine pool can be divided into together together, reward. The China field distribution is influenced by many factors. First of all, countries have adopted mandatory measures to make bitcoin reward mine and relevant personnel only otc. The miners can only be carried out by Consumer To Consumer, and can not use the traditional trading Monitor System.

The miners are widely distributed in the city, and the actual report in Inner Mongolia and other places are not the same. Now the network technology is developed, many mines have been formed and foreign access point, the layout of the world, improve the mining pool work rate. There are a lot of mine pool in order to avoid the country’s mandatory supervision, forming a virtual network, constantly changing the address, to prevent the ban.

Currently bitcoin is facing the dilemma, how to change this situation? For now, the trough state, Chinese miners can only upgrade. The transformation direction of revolutionaries and Reformists of different needs according to their own characteristics to find suitable for their own road.

Revolutionaries should focus on artificial intelligence chip, 2017 and 18 years in this area have a small achievement.

At the end of 17, China launched a bit count Feng BM1680; 18 years and released S15 and T15, an ant mill Feng BM1680 and BM1880. At the same time, Chia Nan Yun Chi released the artificial intelligence chip KENDRYTE in September this year. The future development of artificial intelligence chip is also worthy of our expectations.

The reformists need as soon as possible off the virtual reality, although the pool there is a small part of a substantial income, this state was accompanied by today’s currency prices, not long-term development, so to get rid of some speculation, to practice, get more actual profit.

Block chain technology is of great significance, for a lot of things around us so we have to constantly explore in many aspects, thinking of mines and mine pool layout, let the block chain to better play its own value.

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