Other digital currency bitcoin is very attractive to thieves

Other digital currency bitcoin is very attractive to thieves

This is a guest post SatoshiLabs AlenaVranova’s chief executive officer, AlenaVranova is responsible for the business including the TREZOR hardware bitcoin wallet and myTREZOR bitcoin wallet website.

All the shops in the capital are the target of thieves, always. Especially for people who want to be a thief, and other digital currency bitcoin is always very attractive, especially to remote access.

Many people invest in bitcoin, bitcoin transactions or, in recent weeks, bitcoin prices increased dramatically. If you are one of them, should pay attention to, compared with before, your bitcoin wallet is now more likely to be stolen.

According to KasperskyLab research, development and carried out about 6000000 virus attacks, to steal people’s wallet and computer bitcoin. In addition, even if large enterprises and bitcoin companies have been successful hacker attack, then as a trader, how do you protect you and the customer bitcoin security?

There are many ways you can try, but has its advantages and disadvantages. Common bitcoin storage options outside the following three:


The advantages of software wallet obvious is convenient: the process is very simple, similar to bank website landing. Security software wallet is increasingly mature, but are very vulnerable to attack keyloggers, may cause the loss of all bitcoin bitcoin holders.

Paper wallet

Compared with the software wallet, paper wallet is vulnerable to hacker attacks, but it is not convenient, save paper wallet is the most popular way is to lock in the bank safe, but also lost the advantage of coins.

Hardware Wallet

The hardware and software of paper wallet purse wallet has the advantages of both, for bitcoin, can be separated from the computer storage, but also easy to access. The most secure hardware wallet is the secret key stored in the U disk. In fact, for the large bitcoin wallet, hardware is indispensable, because of its immunity to keyloggers, but also more convenient than print wallet.

Safety measures including the best to keep a low profile, as little as possible to disclose the information, to keep their own valuable assets. Most importantly, understand the latest news: just like the successful investors quickly grasp the latest information, you should prevent disaster by security technology and the latest news.

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