Out of the shadow of bitcoin, how to block chain will change from all walks of life?

Most people think, considering the similarity of history, the early Internet technology and the June 1997 block chain, chain block is still a lack of critical infrastructure and tools to build applications, let alone provide a good user experience.

The Internet development schedule

However, as the Internet has changed the world, block chain technology in the future will also change the life of each person. In all walks of life to actively use this technology to get to the blockchain competition advantage, block chain technology has landed in some traditional industries rely on accurate data.

The application of the proportion of chain block

For example, Wall Street is using the block chain to reduce investors need to provide collateral or margin trading options contracts, stock exchange is considering using the block chain to more effectively trade settlement. Some of the world’s largest insurance companies are exploring the use of block chain to accelerate certain business processes, such as the transfer of ownership of mortgage.

Another example is the medical industry, when you are dealing with prescription, drug records, patient data, expensive medical equipment and other medical items to the patient a life-and-death matter transportation, is absolutely necessary for transparent and accurate data, the blockchain provides all of these. The management consulting firm Accenture global cooperation famous logistics group DHL is the largest in the world, will block the combination of technology and pharmaceutical industry chain, improve the management of drug serialized precision encoding.

In addition to these industries, there are more industries may be used in the technological revolution, including real estate, music, politics, education and other potential industries.

Block chain will change the future of a large number of traditional industries

In the near future, a person will countless times to use block chain technology. For example, through the intelligent express confirmation of contract to be served; while shopping in the supermarket can scan and view the vegetables fruits and vegetables supply chain data; writing, the content of the article, through the time block chain proved to protect copyright. Listen to the music, the music fair distribution of benefits through smart contracts, ensure the creator rewards. When buying tickets, to verify its identity through the block chain entrance, and through the use of airline flight blockchain confirm all the details.

Although the development of block chain technology can bring great benefits, but in the attitude of regulators, not all countries around the world are the same. Some countries are more willing to accept the technical change of this new technology can bring, while others fall behind (below the red area is Chinese).

The attitude of the various countries to block chain

Estonia is an example, it is the first publicly declared by block chain technology in the country, at least to explore the development of block chain technology for ten years. Estonia data management center based on block chain technology is widely used in network security, justice, health and bank etc.. Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and other countries such as Korea to block chain is also optimistic future.

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