Over 200,000 South Koreans jointly petition against the government’s encrypted currency regulation

nRunaway Comment: Since South Korea announced a series of cryptocurrencies regulatory measures, its public response is not very good. At present, two notable petitions and a constitutional complaint filed by a law firm are more notable. One of the petitions against part of regulatory actions has already been signed by more than 200,000 people, and the government will have to respond according to the rules. All in all, the Korean people’s enthusiasm for encrypted currency is still very high, so I hope to take all feasible measures to defend my so-called “dream.”n
nTranslation: Inan
In December last year, the South Korean government announced a series of cryptocurrencies regulatory measures. Then, on December 28, the Korean people launched a petition to oppose the move, which will last until January 27. According to the provisions of Cheong Wa Dae, if more than 200,000 people sign a petition in a month, the government will respond within 30 days.n
As of January 16 (Tuesday), the number of signatures has reached 215,140, ​​exceeding the prescribed figure.n
Petition wrote:n
n”The virtual currency allows us to have a dream we have never had before … I can buy my own property, which was once very difficult.”n
nAs for illegal gambling, the petitioner argues that “people are not stupid: in today’s world, people invest in virtual currency because it is considered a fourth revolution, which is not a casual investment … I am a reasonable investment , And did not invest too much money. “n
The author also acknowledged the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies but emphasized:n
n”The world in your eyes is different from the people in our eyes. You think you are protecting people, but we think the government is taking away our dreams.”n
nThe petition does not object to the real-name or taxation measures that regulators are trying to impose. However, it also wrote at the end: “Please do not take the happiness and dreams we first experienced in this country.”n
On December 28, there was another petition submitted. The document “requested the removal of Choi Heung-shik, head of the Korea Financial Supervisory Authority.”n
The petition was launched in response to the official’s December 28 speech. He is said to have said that the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst. Some South Korean media quoted him in his report. By the time of writing, 37,911 people have signed the petition and the number continues to rise.n
In the meantime, the South Korean Constitutional Court conducted a preliminary hearing of the complaint filed by Anguk Law Offices on December 30 against cryptocurrency regulation. The law says that the government’s supervision does not have any legal basis and is a violation of citizens’ property rights.n
The court will determine whether the constitutional complaint is appropriate and whether there is a need for a full trial.n

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