Over the past eight years, did not stop and death prediction about bitcoin

In 2010, the economist Tim Ha Forde (Tim Harford) published the first forecast the demise of the bitcoin. At that time, bitcoin transaction price of $0.23.

Second years, bitcoin soared to $7.8, Gizmodo Australia writes that this digital currency is dying.

In 2013, when the bitcoin broke through the $100 mark, “New York” (New York) magazine wrote an article entitled “bitcoin death” (Bitcoin see the Grim Reaper) article. Three months later, a post media predicted that this digital currency will face death. Over the past five years, and these predictions did not stop. These forecasts even include basic block chain technology bitcoin

According to the statistics of the total death calculator 99bitcoin, bitcoin mainstream media killed more than 300 times.

The latest forecast is in crypto market after the release of the staff laid off in 2018. Once reached the peak, and all bitcoin assets will fall at least 80% encryption. The financial crisis has prompted many block chain startups or completely close business, or cut quite a part of staff.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to 9 bitcoin ETF. Goldman (Goldman Sachs) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) their encryption products postponed to next year. The Nobel prize winner Nouriel Roubini (Nouriel Roubini) in the United States before Congress said bitcoin is the “mother” of all the scam, even Wall Street famous Jordan Belfort (Jordan Belfort) also attacked the digital currency, said it belongs to a scrapyard.

It seems like every time a digital currency suffered financial disaster, their critics have the opportunity to attack them, they predicted the end of. Although to some extent, this is true, but this does not prove conclusively that the entire industry is on the verge of death.

The financial bubble is not accompanied by an encryption currency was born, since the tulip heat, depression and the recent recession in 2008, they had been there. No one said that the U.S. stock market crash, or the value of the dollar will fall to zero.

In 2012, Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School) the report found that every 10 startups in only one will succeed. But it did not say the whole venture industry is doomed to failure.

Those who complain that the block chain does not have a “killer application”, they think that bitcoin is doomed to fail, even though it is moving towards digital gold or even a global reserve currency forward.

Block chain as a technology, it to the center of the network rather than a Private Held Company database. These killer apps will belong to the block chain project, the project is really looking for an intermediary system, or is to solve a real-world problem.

Some of the biggest companies are already exploring the blockchain, and successfully developed a suitable use of its products. These companies include IBM, CISCO (Cisco), PWC (PwC) etc.. IBM block chain solutions vice president Ramesh Gopinath said: “the blockchain is actually on the data and business process of trust. When you have to rely on the data, you have to believe in it, and provides a chain block”.

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