Overstock business platform will be traded in the T0 block chain platform on its stock

Overstock business platform will be traded in the T0 block chain platform on its stock

The famous electronic business platform Overstock has announced plans to trade their shares in its proprietary T0 block chain platform.

This block chain platform called T0, and it has been developed for more than a year, the platform is expected to improve the stock trading settlement services.

Using the T0 platform, announced by the director of public relations of the company, JuddBagley was released in the ongoing Las Vegas Money2020 conference. T0 platform to ElectronicTransactionClearing, after Inc serves several weeks, the company made the decision. This is located in the California settlement and trading stock company has partnered with TO; TO platform will play a role in the block chain stock managed stock issuance Overstock coming on.

In this event, the expression of Bagley has been very clear, the company issued Overstock shares on the TO platform is not only in the use of distributed ledger technology. This is expected to influence those companies who fear failure good work between themselves and the traditional banks and financial institutions use the blockchain technology, let them follow the footsteps of Overstock.

He was quoted as saying in a technical journal:

“We are from Utah, we do not care about the traditional banking and financial institutions, we are abandoning the old tradition and started in a new way.”

At the same time, he also clarified the T0 stock exchange is not love is because of its various regulatory reasons.

At the Money2020 meeting to see the representatives of many financial institutions recognized the importance of the blockchain technology in the trade and settlement of the. One of the main advantages of distributed ledger technology is in the speed of operation, application of this technology a few hours can finish processing trade, if compared with existing systems, the existing system may take about 3 days to complete.

Many stock exchanges are engaged in research, development and application of block chain technology. DTCC, the Australian Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, New York stock exchange, they are a minority pursuit block chain technology organization. We hope that more exchanges and institutions can use block chain technology and become the mainstream for distributed ledger technology is more widely recognized in the near future.

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