Overstock has received $1 million 600 thousand bitcoin sales

Overstock has received $1 million 600 thousand bitcoin sales

According to FOX Business reported that since March 4th, when Overstock announced the company since the beginning to accept bitcoin payments for sales of $1 million, becoming the first major retailers to accept bitcoin. Overstock CEO PatiCk Blaine (Patrick Byrne) recently accepted an interview with Business FOX, said the companies to accept bitcoin payments to win sales of approximately $1 million 600 thousand.

Through the above figures can explain what. If these figures are accurate, seems to indicate that Overstock experienced a good beginning, appeared bitcoin sales figures in recent months fell.

Although the company began to accept $1 million sales in two months before the payment, but from Blaney’s latest remarks suggest that nearly two months of bitcoin payment sales fell to $600 thousand, these three months, he did not mention the exact date of any.

In March this year, Blaney again forecast until the end of the year bitcoin payment sales figures may be increased from about 300-500 to 1000-2000 million million dollars. Blaney in March for the first time to disclose the company still holds sales profit 10% bitcoin.

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