P2P bitcoin lenders looking for market power in Brazil

P2P bitcoin lenders looking for market power in Brazil

Bitcoin lending company Bitbond is Portugal and Brazil in search of market power, the company hopes to expand its user base in 2016.

Bitbond company is headquartered in Berlin, has raised 800 thousand euros in two rounds of public financing, and the start-up companies, such as BitLendingClub and BTCJam, in a peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin lending market formed in competition.

Bitbond cites a large number of small businesses, as well as in the country will bitcoin as an investment tool difficult. According to its estimates, 600 to 23000 different users have been in Brazil and portugal.

The company has hired a new team members will help the Bitbond website translated into Portuguese, and help to overcome the barriers of language and culture.

“This appointment demonstrates great potential in these countries is contained, and Bitbond hopes to put your product key into the market’s desire,” Bitbond online marketing manager Chris Grundy told CoinDesk.

News release, lawmakers in Brazil continues to hold a meeting to discuss regulatory issues, the local university has begun to experiment on new technology.

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