Grin red burst: a password punk revival, a spontaneous speculation

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 Grin red burst: a password punk revival, a spontaneous speculation

After long time, low-spirited depression weakness, block chain industry in the beginning of 19 years has finally ushered in the new project topic and innovation are Beam and Grin, which even become a large number of developers, in the eyes of the blockchain miners “bitcoin 2”.

In fact, Grin early in November 2016 was born, when many popular currency have to rely on, but the core members mostly anonymous, no ICO, no marketing and other reasons, until recently the main line was able to enter the public view. Compared to the bitcoin, total issued Grin no limit and keep linear supply, mining production currency speed constant, which means that Grin hopes to build an economic model of inflation.

At the same time, Grin adopts the POW mechanism consistent with bitcoin, but it does not support the mining algorithm in the initial ASIC algorithm, incentive card miners have become mining subject, in order to avoid the emergence of bitcoin is too focused on the situation of force. Greater adjustment is anonymity, privacy protection block chain Grin format using MimbleWimble encryption, hidden address and capital transaction data by ensuring traders homomorphism, complete anonymity and privacy in system security context.

From a certain extent, multiple mechanisms of Grin set with bitcoin early style imprint, emphasize fairness, privacy, community, has also been recognized and praised many block chain practitioners and bitcoin core developers. Bitcoin core development member Jameson said: “because the project is not to the founder of special treatment, this way is a kind of innovation, it is a punk spirit project with a password. “

The so-called punk spirit, originated in the UK in 70s some teenage band on the expression of social discontent rebel movement, and later extended to specific groups, rebel rebel against the traditional system, the meaning of life is boring and rebellious synonymous with antisocial tendencies and anarchism.

Jameson mentioned the cypherpunks as early as 1990s has appeared, created by a large number of scholars at the party and discussion in cryptography, the creator of bitcoin Nakamoto is also one of the early followers of the cypherpunks concept, they believe using encryption algorithm to ensure personal information security, anonymity and privacy. The password system against any government rules.

A block chain in the discourse system, the punk spirit undoubtedly has been given more meaning, the rise of Distributed Concept accounting, community autonomy, fairness and the center of the algorithm, such as the tendency of centralization, become the object of revolt.

In the early stage of the block chain was born, with the idealism of bitcoin projects is the best embodiment of the punk spirit: everyone can participate in the use of funds to ensure accounting, cryptography and transaction of anonymity, and can drive the rise of industry chain block.

But the block chain industry development path since the early developers beyond expectations, performance, supervision, the privilege of becoming a factor blockchain developers more attention to the center, and fair concept gradually faded aura of the original, bitcoin fundamentalists, this may mean that those things they are despised earlier this is a chain block erosion, disaster.

In the past year as an example, although bitcoin is undoubtedly the dominant industry chain blocks, but EOS, the wave field project has obviously become a party to the princes, yongcu is numerous, these new projects are using DPOS mechanism or its variants, ranging from dozens of super nodes hold billing rights, production block. At the same time in the development and operation aspects are actually by specific companies dominate, centralization is very serious, and even developers believe that EOS does not belong to the block chain project, but a centralized cloud computing mechanism.

From the industry environment, in recent years, ICO industry chain block popular speculation more than, derived from poor quality air tens of thousands of dollars, most of the blockchain practitioners may have real ideas behind the blockchain, the block chain is regarded as individual, team profit-making tools, largely deteriorate the ecosystem industry chain blocks, the currency market and bear is so deep.

Grin is the main line to such a point in time, full of disappointment and confusion in this period, all set Grin as the perfect fit with the blockchain developers early punk spirit, even more than bitcoin “hardcore” and “punk”, which not only attract many blockchain early developers participate in depth, has made many block chain practitioners themselves, and then become the block chain industry is the hottest topic and focus.

For the Grin development team, they think of Grin in large scale after the issuance of the value will be stabilized, users will be more willing to use rather than speculative hoarding, Grin will become a more suitable than bitcoin exchange for the value of low inflation monetary. So, Grin really want to challenge the bitcoin position? Grin, which in turn will affect the industry?

As most analysts have pointed out, because the Grin indefinite inflation mechanism, the miners will tend to sell mining to Grin and Grin, the long term price currency will maintain a downward trend, so Grin is not suitable for investors . In this case, the majority of investors will buy Grin lack of willingness to purchase will be the majority of users use the premise of Grin, in a competitive currency endless background, the popularization of Grin, the circulation time required will be greatly slowed, it become a universal payment currency assumption may be more distant.

Moreover, Grin strong anonymity characteristics may make it difficult to be accepted by the government . In contrast, although bitcoin has anonymity, but its transaction traceability weakens the effect of anonymous bitcoin, it is therefore recognized by some countries included in the scope of regulation for money or, it will be important to further expand the disadvantages of Grin in the future.

At present, Grin has become a part of the object of miners, developers and investors speculation, they urgently need new standard potential after bitcoin fell to an active market, the “Grin” hardcore temperament and their speculation demand agree without prior without previous consultation.

Although this is not a deliberate hype, but a spontaneous speculation, but formed a greater harm to the Grin itself, the price is already showing a rose fell trend, the decline of up to 97%, a large number of investors are stuck and become the victim of speculation.

With bitcoin prices plunge and questioned slowly crescendos, Grin, the boom is gradually subsided, but in the industry differences and disputes more and more large, Grin undoubtedly declared a burst of red this batch of developers on the block chain concept and adhere to the spirit of the early punk, and caused many practitioners to block chain technology development path and economic model of reflection.

From this point of view, regardless of how the future Grin project, its impact on the industry will be quite positive and significant. Block chain industry is now in urgent need of more “hardcore” block chain project, the urgent need for innovative technologies and models more, the only way to block chain industry really had the chance to walk out of predicament, ushered in the spring.

It means that the DApp accepted by mainstream success? This standard may be unfair

Editor’s note: the CoinDesk link:, the original author: Coleman Maher, compiled Author: Xin nan.

 It means that the DApp accepted by mainstream success? This standard may be unfair In 2018, the encryption currency reviewers, whether the “mainstream”, become the blockchain judging the success or failure of one of the signs.

Some people began to openly predict the influence of encryption of monetary assets brought about by their investment behavior of,

The market in 2018, we do see a growth spurt bitcoin futures, the risk of investment activities, Yale University and other colleges and universities in the field of investment fund to crypto currency, but the mainstream encryption currency prices less than expected, has been in decline. People are still waiting for the arrival of the bull market.

To be sure, retail investors speculation of encryption currency, has gradually become the mainstream consciousness in late 2017 and early 2018, encrypted currency prices are mainly driven by retail investors and fanaticism.

In the emerging field of DApp, discussion about whether DApp can be accepted by the mainstream, focus on the application of daily living and enhance the user experience. I have to say that now the situation is not optimistic. The number of users on live poor, and the user experience is very bad.

The current DApp world, filled with a large number of suspicious ICO, almost no value of useless tokens and out and out.

People predicted, DApp inflection point – “by the mainstream accepted by the world”, is still in the distant future. The author believes that the extent of the bubble is to be expected, the “mainstream” as the success of DApp standards, is still too early.

DApp is on the move

This is an important year in the history of DApp development. Even if the user was not objective, but at present, many impressive achievements have emerged DApp development.

After years of development, the application of Augur launch prediction. Even if the user experience is not pleasant, but it also represents a milepost type technical achievement. Shortly after the launch, Augur has attracted a lot of users into the market.

As some commentators have pointed out, this type of application life cycle is long, as well as Augur. But the election in the United States hot background, the total amount of bets on Augur to record levels of nearly $2 million 100 thousand. During that period, predict the industry’s leading center of the application of PredictIt website that bet about $550 thousand of funds.

At the same time, based on the computing resources trading platform Golem Ethernet chain and a square block token control, to make the Aragon ecosystem of any organization, entrepreneurs and investors, security cooperation is also on the line in the etheric grid square. The launch of 0x and MakerDAO, greatly reduce the operation difficulty and digital asset exchange tokens.

DApp is constantly changing.

There has been a massive increase in the amount of users and transaction volume distributed exchange IDEX and ForkDelta; based on Ethernet network to the center of the square of the market forecast project Gnosis introduced to the center of the exchange based “”; called “Status distributed information platform blockchain version of WeChat” has also launched a beta version.

Spankchain, Connext and Liquidity Network launched the channel status in the etheric workshop (state channel) payment, provides a cheaper and faster way to pay for DApp. Help the etheric Fang network expansion Loom network is also introduced, in addition to teach developers to build Dapp in the etheric workshop, also teach developers how to based on the security of Ethernet square to support the construction of highly scalable game and user oriented DApp.

In the bitcoin world, the number of nodes and the lightning channel network increased significantly, the network is increased by the lightning. At the same time, Blockstack platform also supports many DApp, including graphite etc.. Even the company’s P2P DApp market in the main line on the net.

Bubble frenzy

From the railway, petroleum, electric power to the Internet, many revolutionary technology are accompanied by speculative bubbles. For hundreds of years, crazy investors have put money into the issue of the “subscription” plan.

After the bubble burst for a long time, was born from the foam of the original enterprise, such as standard oil (Standard Oil) offspring (Union Pacific), a joint Pacifi Corp (Edison) and General Electric (Amazon), Amazon is still in the industry giants.

Speculative cases have a common point, speculators expect too much too fast, eager to profit from. So people in the market after the collapse of the technology to produce aversion. Even if these potential technology did not allow speculators to achieve overnight dreams, but the technology has profoundly changed the world.

Previously, I had to block chain company cooperation, so the contact block chain various projects and founder. At the beginning of this year, the mystery of the bull and fever ICO created a peculiar phenomenon of money stimulation. The concept of short-term greed and FOMO dominate the market, many projects focus on finance and marketing.

Extreme prices led many people to swell up. Lack of money management and ignore the securities law regulation, surprisingly become a common phenomenon in the industry market. Now, we see the law enforcement to self regulatory consequences of SEC are rising, once the project funds has shrunk 90% due to a whoop and a holler and shut down.

All of this is not conducive to long-term development. We need to get rid of the foam behavior as soon as possible.

After the bubble

We need to keep in mind is that we are in competition with the traditional Internet, computer applications and financial infrastructure, we tried to start a grand and fragile economic experiment.

Automobile and tractor took decades to more than a horse. Today, may this fact may be surprising, but after careful analysis, you can understand the fact that the driver faced in the early days of the infrastructure is completely missing. Here, I would like to put the Internet boom conditions compared to the current block chain began early last century, namely 80s, rather than 90s. That we are still in the stage of infrastructure construction.

We are not ready to be accepted by the mainstream preparation. As everyone knows, the urgent need for public layer-one chain expansion, developers meet current block chain constraints, solutions and the focus will shift to the layer 2 and the chain.

The author expects that by 2019, “Web3” and “decentralized Web” will be discussed more and more, and the other a long-term challenge in DApp field, we have not a DApp token economy model verification, the problems existing in the economic design of many DApp tokens.

Even the bitcoin and etheric Fang mainstream view, bitcoin is a digital gold store of value “,” ether Fang gas charges etc. are not universally accepted researchers.

For the project, how to based on its utility and non speculative model support the token price, will be a continuing challenge.

In addition, DApp tokens should face scrutiny. Even if the token has a huge potential for growth and maintenance of the project, can encourage good behavior, we also need to spend some time to understand these things.

The good news is that there are a lot of smart, motivated people to solve all these problems in silence. But the test of new economic model and improve infrastructure need time.

Have patience

High price does not mean that the block chain revolution imminent, low price does not mean that this technology is doomed to failure. Things are not as we expected, everyone can have a hundredfold return, at least not in the short term.

This technique still needs time to mature, but the basic principle is strong.

This year, tens of thousands of GitHub are committed to service block chain project, provide development tools to download. Block chain provides a new economic incentive mechanism for developers, in the long run, this will win the hearts of the developers.

At the same time, a group of builders are coming, laying the foundation for future mainstream adoption. When the inflection point comes, it will have a great change, we are contrary to expectation applications and cases will be born, block chain technology and its decentralization concept will change the world.

Now, we need a little patience for it.

A few suggestions through bitcoin bear

The long bear market,. The arrival of a bear market, not only asset prices, and industry opportunities also disappeared. This is where the worst bear market. But the bear market is bad for the project to clean up, also has its good side. The bull and bear the baptism of wealth disillusionment, although it is expensive, many people also learned a lot of things, this is rare.

Bitcoin market has been going on for a year, it is a difficult time. Hold a fall in the price of assets is a very difficult thing, through the bear takes a lot of courage.

This paper will put forward some suggestions, tell you how to hold, but not in the final earnings before early exit.

Why bitcoin will fall?

During the bear market, many people are not very happy. Your anger is not so strong, because most people look forward to fall is temporary. As the bear market continues, people began to become more and more uneasy.

Expect bitcoin will rise, or at least stable. In other words, people expect a linear development. Because bitcoin average earnings for the past 7 years for x%, they hope that this situation will continue.

Of course, not in the real world, anything is a linear development. This also includes bitcoin. Things change rapidly, this is completely normal. For example, bitcoin prices experienced 80%+ collapse.

The real reason for restless heart is eager to do real work in the case of money. In fact, if bitcoin can at a steady rate rise, there is no need to work to make money. (Translation: that is to say, in reality there is no such linear thing.) Let us look at the bear.

Why the bear was so bad?

First of all, the bear market funds pressure. Those who can’t handle the pressure will bring economic loss to you. If you have no leverage or transition to hedge, when the arrival of the bear market, your position may not. When you can’t afford to wait, it is easy to out. This is bad.

So, the first rule of investment is not being eliminated. The bear is the rule play the biggest role.

Secondly, the bear market has the social pressure. Not only the financial pressure, and social pressure, critics will tell you: I already told you so. Your friends and relatives will bring greater pressure on you. When the bull market, people will treat you as a genius, when you bear, may be miserable.

Again, resulting in fewer opportunities to make money market. When the bull market, there are numerous start-up companies and projects in the desperate, the opportunity to make money almost everywhere. If you have relevant experience, you can earn a lot of money, such as through consulting, market etc.. However, the arrival of a bear market, the situation becomes difficult. People began to think you had plenty of money of no great importance, the project began to tighten the budget.

Why the bear has a good side?

First of all, the bear market may get rid of the bad investment projects. During the bull market are worthless raised too much money. Some projects just a white paper, to raise billions of dollars. In the past few years, the blockchain investment is crazy, many projects will disappear. This is a good thing, because these resources will be allocated to the project good project. According to the Austria business cycle theory, market adjustment will make the good company and project better. That is to say, money will flow from the project project. This is a good thing.

Secondly, the bear market may expose the really important things. Under the huge pressure of the bear market, only really useful to survive. We can find out what is the most important thing for people, because people in the bear market will be careful to choose what you want. People no longer participate in any 1c0. People began to look to see things, to more rational choice. People are no longer worried about missed opportunities. The more intelligent the market is a good thing, because a better allocation of capital can bring a more prosperous future.

Again, the bear market can teach you a clever and hard work. In a bull market, a lot of work in the bear market, work hard to find. This means that, as a candidate, one must provide real value, also means to be smart and work hard. In the bear market, once a person does not provide real value will be fired.

Finally, the bear market can develop themselves. Many people complain that the early use of bitcoin is how lucky. The long-term holders were not lucky, they are convinced that. A lot of people to buy bitcoin in 2011-2012 years, but a lot of people are sold, because for them, this is the toys, games, trading. They do not understand bitcoin, of course, they may not believe it. Hold for a long time is not easy, especially the long bear market. When an asset fell more than 80%, you will continue to hold? Easily in the bull market. To bear market and continue to hold that need to have their own.

You have to make sure not out of their positions, only frugal living. You must carefully plan the future, and strive to adhere to their own values. The bull gives you space. Bear to allow you to make some difficult choices. If you can experience these, this is the opportunity for self development.


A bear market is a necessary part of any economy, especially the overheated investment in the past few years the case. This will lead to the re allocation of resources, to the people really want to project. There is too much deviation over the past few years, the field of encryption, need to re adjust the actual utility based, rather than based on commitment.

This adjustment is not easy, but if you can come out from the bear market, perhaps it is worth it. Because the next bull market you gain.

The author of this article from the medium Jimmy Song.

About bitcoin, I found a very interesting set of data

About bitcoin, I found a very interesting set of data

At the end of all matters, not how to write. Today the usual observation to share. Write a book on the material in addition to the accumulation of knowledge and practice, some trends are not clear, I love the search software to see each period evaluation on the block chain, bitcoin Baidu index, in order to predict the future from the macro side, early preparations.

Using the search software to find the media attention, the square dance aunt who concerned to do comparison with bitcoin digital currency, to see the market trend from the psychological aspects of the public, do not know bitcoin is far too predictable, or people fluctuation is too large, often contrasting words, digital currency curve and the media attention curve is highly consistent, very shocking. Is the media so that more aunt with admission to further strengthen the media reports or other digital currency bitcoin influence. To see a comparison to my usual Baidu watch digital currency index curve. Look at the headlines of the Baidu search index peak, in May 15, 2017, the search and media reports that peak bitcoin reached a peak of nearly three years. And in this time around, bitcoin began climbing rhythm of the bull market in 2017.

Open the reverse look at other digital currency bitcoin bear. On December 17, 2017 -18, bitcoin currency price reached the peak of the bull market, while the search index does not concern the bull market started when the half. Cattle to bear is also pregnant, bitcoin from prosperity to decline that began in 2018 to today’s market.

And then go back to the 2018 bear market throughout the whole year, the search index on the road, occasionally up to the next wave fell from the potential to the bull market, in order to better rise and fall wave wave. But the bear market is to rise instead, wave the more violent fall wave, this wave up the bullet in foam bullets, not sideways. See the figure, the red circle is the smallest bear market starting point of the search index, H is suddenly upward a little attention peak in mid January 2018, when its Huaqiang North business is excellent, its spot 30 thousand 10 thousand sold, and now has 300 less than. H the bear market has attracted numerous digital currency speculation and mining investment, last year have been buried in mass graves to market. While the J is corresponding to the mid November 2018 bitcoin digital currency to dark moment, at this point, the mainstream digital currency has experienced since 2018 bear market bottom. Say simply, is a bear market, the search index reached a small peak, there will be a wave of the digital market suddenly fall, bear in mind the terrible power, performance is extremely profound. Market volatility is people, the search index to a certain extent revealed the market impetuous.

Finally, see below, forecast the trend in 2019 2019 with the search index, or go down in a complete mess, digital currency market is about rate down. Although it is not very scientific, but the market performance is also popular, search index reflects most of the psychological. If you find it useful to encourage, feel wrong, smiled. I am not an expert, nor the old Chinese medicine, I just block chain knowledge disseminator.

Analysis of 1.20 bitcoin Market: market shocks in the brewing market sentiment

In most financial markets, the market sentiment is very important, in the bitcoin market, this factor is more obvious

When you are in the wild rose, with ten times the dream slump will follow, such as 17 years in December

When you are in the endless slump, when doubt life, very reluctantly, violent rebound will follow, such as 18 years in mid December fell after bottoming out.

Why? Because all of the financial products, is a game for minority and majority, and often won in the minority side.

Next we enter today’s market analysis

In writing before the analysis, we first look at the changes happened today

1, empty single positions increased

2, from the Baidu index popularity gradually reduced, the incremental capital inflows reduced gradually, this is still the stock market bear market game, but in the bear market, the futures contract is still the main battlefield, so the market trend still depends on the long and short game.

3, long positions relatively reduced

So in this generally bearish market, is likely to further guide Bikong or long positions, then the market trend has the following two possible

1, the subsequent gradual upward shocks, mainstream currency rise lead bull trend

2, the mainstream of common currency shocks, copycat coins for the demon, skyrocketing, Dallas Bikong, manufacturing situation, and guide long positions

But I think the comparison is possible, In shock, the mainstream currency would probably further breakthrough, at the same time to Bikong, guide the bull Jiancang, then plunged.

Disclaimer: This article is not for investment reference, bitcoin is highly speculative risky products, futures contract is a great risk, please carefully.

The annual rate of return of 355%, the Taiwan 7 people suspected of being sued bitcoin investment! Block chain investment reflection

According to the latest reports in the local media in Taiwan China FocusTaiwan, January 18th 7 suspected by bitcoin investment suspect in Taiwan formally indicted. The gang to high interest rate of return of 355%, the absorption value of approximately 350 million yuan coins, the number of victims of more than 1000 people. Block chain as a new technology based on Internet, has attracted more and more attention, many people want to win at the starting line, such as ordinary people, can achieve wealth through the blockchain overtaking?

Don’t let the poor limit your thinking! Handsome chain (the author) often communicate with many block chain technology enthusiasts, many investors have found the blockchain into a misunderstanding: the blockchain technology “tall”, but to make money in the block chain industry, in addition to digital currency investment chain block project, there is no other way, after all, as the chain block a new Internet technology, basic no system to become popular, technology is difficult to master. In fact, the block chain industry as an emerging industry, as there are many similarities with other industries, there is a complete industrial chain, block chain industry in addition to digital currency,

There are investors (seed rounds, angel round), sponsors, media, exchange, ordinary investors and so on, chain, each link can make money, but the direct trading of digital currency is relatively simple, inputs can be small, and has realized the “wealth free” precedent in this way. But in the current market, want to achieve hundreds of times, thousands of times the return is tantamount to “knife”, the risk is far greater than the income, and the country in September 4, 2017, has banned digital currency transactions, many investors blockchain through some other means in foreign trading platform for digital currency investment, once the “run away” and “hackers” emergencies, difficult to safeguard their rights.

History can refer to, but can not be copied. Many people are always mentioned in the 2017 years by investing in digital currency, in a few months to achieve freedom of wealth, since ancient times, history is only a reference, it is very difficult to copy. As before investing in stocks, real estate, but also can achieve several times the return, but once missed the time node, is likely to be stuck”. So is the block chain industry, digital currency began to emerge from the 1 month to 2009 years, 10 thousand coins to change a hamburger, 2013 years to the climax of the first wave, a bitcoin and an ounce of gold equivalent to 2017 years 11 months in the two wave of climax, bitcoin rose to $20 thousand a at that time, the market spread of the currency in a young model “to” a coin villa “slogan,” some 2018 years of bloody smell taste “digital currency investment capital to join the army, these people not only to eat meat, but as someone else’s plate” meat “, suffered heavy losses, lose everything.

The election of the industry, more important than the effort. Block chain technology is still in the stage of theoretical exploration to the application, the real large-scale application has not yet come, in Jack Ma led the 18 Arhats venture in Hangzhou lake, to tell you the future of the Internet business will change people’s life stage. Understand the development of Alibaba, the development process of block chain technology will have a better understanding of the attention block chain technology, industry application started, timely intervention, like just on the line, the first wave of small traders like, sometimes choose to industry, more important than the effort itself. Block chain industry, of your destiny and wealth change, in addition to investment in digital currency, the value of the industry itself more, such as wind, do a chain block! (statement: This is the chain handsome if wrong, the original technology, please contact the amendment without authorization is forbidden)

Why need to block the music industry chain?

Editor’s note: This article from the blue fox notes (ID:lanhubiji), the hackernoon, the original author: Reza Jafery translation: Lu, authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

 Why need to block the music industry chain?

(Photo by Skylar Sahakian from Unsplash, shooting)

The music industry with the block chain could be related? Author Reza Jafery said, he had been in charge of artist and producer, has a deep understanding of the music industry. He proposed two aspects can use block chain technology, one is about the artist’s sources of funds, two is royalty distribution. Especially the first source of funds, as venture capital, record companies, investment funds, means it has more control over the follow-up. But if the token block chain, to achieve a more diverse sources of funds, risk diversification, the more favorable for artists. More importantly, different styles of artists also have the opportunity to come out. Of course, the ground will face some difficulties, such as how to measure the value of token, which fans or institutions are willing to buy token? How to achieve compliance? But from the direction of view, this is the trend. Look forward to the block chain project more able to carry out exploration and innovation in the music industry..

Block chain can work wonders for the music industry. I’ve managed artists and producers. I have a certain understanding of the music industry, and have a chain block (at least I do encourage myself).

Let’s see what are the advantages of chain block:

  • You can save complex intermediate links

  • You can adjust the excessive concentration of industry

  • Can track the flow of products or digital assets

  • You can avoid dishonesty and create a trust mechanism

A block chain and its application, one of my greatest love is explained from an excerpt from “dialogue”:

Application of “block chain, such as track ownership or documents, digital assets, real assets, the right to vote.

Development of block chain technology benefited from bitcoin digital currency system. But in essence, the block chain is a kind of special type of database. Bitcoin blockchain is stored encrypted signature financial transfer records, but the blockchain system can store any type of data. Block chain can also store and run called “smart contract” computer code.

Special block chain systems is that it is not like an ordinary database that can only run on a computer. On the contrary, it needs many distributed processing nodes to cooperative operation. Each node can have a complete copy of the database, the system also encourages all nodes to build consensus on its content.”

I will continue to quote excerpts from the article in this paper, if you want to understand the problem deeply, it is necessary that a comprehensive understanding of potential solutions.

Now let’s talk about the music industry. In my opinion, the blockchain subversion of the two main aspects of the music industry.

Artist sources

Record companies and artists and their performance is the founder of this industry broker. They decide who gets the money. The record company is seen as the risk of investors (VC), but their investment than the average venture capital to high risk. The artist the chance of success is very little. Because of this, the record company will join the company extremely favorable terms in the contract signed in and. The typical operation is in favorable terms for the record company proportion can reach 70-80%.

Transactions are generally set in advance, according to the investment value of artists in the future, advance from 50 thousand dollars to millions of dollars. The problem is, as an artist, you create your own income obtained from 20% before your income deductible payment, you will not see a penny.

If you want to be successful, in addition to paying the fees for the company, you need more people to join in to help you. You need a manager, a PR team, a manager, a leader, I can always go on. Some fees are paid by the record company, but usually the manager will be pumping royalties from the artist’s earnings. In addition the company will give the manager into.

“The record company for artists There are both advantages and disadvantages. This type of agreement depends on your signed agreement, if properly, you will easily lose, lose creativity or debt. If you don’t compete with the top artists, you can easily be shelved, become non priority team. But for Kid Buu, this kind of thing doesn’t exist! “- Kid Buu, hip-hop singer.

 Why need to block the music industry chain?

Buu and Colacino independent artist: Kid (1/2 of OohdemBeatz)

Kid Buu is a typical representative of the he is for his personal independence of conduct, paving the way to the center of the benefit is due to the artist. In collaboration with record company, he was by virtue of their own image and music attracted a large audience. He can bring something to the audience, so he treated better. With his large groups of fans, he can afford his own business, and if the process is to raise funds to the center of it, then he would only pay a small royalty. If the risk to his fans, not only rely on the record company, then the whole system will be more balanced.

I’m not saying that the record company is the enemy. In many cases, the record company to help budding artists gain momentum and create a huge success in their occupation career. The only problem is that this is just a small part of the artists signed with record companies. Most of the artists were “set aside”, that is to say their project is placed in a secondary position, so that the record company can focus on the company that has more prospects, more investment value of artists.

“To be honest, we have always dreamed of becoming a part of big record companies, just to see what it looks like, but for today’s music industry, the truth is that you have to complete the construction of. You can’t expect the record company will assist you in developing your career. Basically everything you do not need the help of the company, when a company wants to sign you, you really don’t need them! This is why we can so long. Now, after 6 years of sweat and tears, record companies and management companies want to participate, but we don’t need them. It’s like to apply for a credit card. You need to get credit cards, but without a credit card you have no credit score. Irony! “- OhdemBeatz, producer

An easy job to do these can achieve the objectives from the record company and publisher of copyright transfer to the block chain, such artists and fans can learn all the artists income flows where.

A complete copy of each node can have a database system, encourage all these nodes to build consensus on its content.

This in between artists, record companies and fans have set up trust mechanism. If the record companies on the list of artists did not get enough financial support, it will be widely known. But to tell the truth, in my opinion, the possibility is almost zero. So, we return to the terms of the agreement and to “advance”, it is both for many artists signed a bad contract.

In advance, it is to let a person become a catalyst for financial slavery.

Most artists generally can not repay their advance, they continue to sign the record company income to maintain their career. Once they repaid in advance, according to the terms of the contract, they will get huge returns their own income 20-30%.

Block chain can be used to process of fundraising artists to the center. For example, originally placed in a subject (such as the record company) risk sharing to 100 stakeholders at the same time, the artist may get more income from royalties.

The center of the capital in the music industry also means that the record company basically can determine what is a “good” music. Unless the artist was created independently (which are more and more common, but still rare), otherwise they will sign the record company. The music industry to the center of the fans and music lovers can decide which artists can get money, this process is discovering new democracy.

Royalty distribution

Royalty distribution present form a complete mess. There are a few companies engaged in digital publishing and copyright distribution business, but a lot of professionally produced songs all need to pay.

For example, we can see Drake’s song “Glow” in the credits.

The first issue of information publishers: Sandra Gail / EMI Music Publishing Company, Inc. copyright service Shang Kebo Mavor Mose (American composers, writers and Publishers Association), EMI April music company (American composers, writers and Publishers Association), data management platform in the heart (EMI Blackwood music Inc.), SONY / Atlanta song Limited liability company (EMI Blackwood music Inc.), Warner Music Group (American composers, writers and Publishers Association)

Creator: Graham West shebib, Kim Yousaf, akiya Sandy Fletcher, Goldstein, Philip, Bailey, Morris White, Aubrey Graham, Carlo Monteni, Majid Makadi, Gabriel Garzon Montano, Tony Jeffries, Asay Juba, Kenza Samir, Noah Hilburn Jordan, yang.

Contains: the material collected by EMI April music company (American composers, authors and publishers), published by Philip Bailey and Morris White wrote the “dedication” transect, use permission, all rights reserved. Included by SONY music entertainment provided by “the land of wind and fire”. Gabriel Garrison performed “68 – Tramontano” in part, by the ultra stylish company, with permission from universal records. Includes Drake performing “the jungle” part. : the material collected by EMI April music company (American composers, authors and publishers), published by Philip Bailey and Morris White wrote the “dedication” transect, use permission, all rights reserved. Included by SONY music entertainment provided by “the land of wind and fire”. Gabriel Garrison performed “68 – Tramontano” in part, by the ultra stylish company, with permission from universal records. Includes Drake performing “the jungle” part.

Created by Noah Sebib for mayor Mose and Kanye West, Noah Goldstein produced by the surrounding.

Recording: by Noel cadastral, Noah shebib and Halley Assero for Everton in the music company and Noah Goldstein in Canada Toronto Paris Hatal Park Tower and ring recording studio studio.

Post production: by Noel Campbell in Toronto tower studio and studio 306, Everton music company / T.O. music group.

We thank Kanye Westbet out of the dream of II limited liability company.

This is not the most I have seen long credits, if you have time, you can search on Google, Kanye West’s song “Fade”.

Through this thing to note is to pay a royalty fee to the majority of people on the list, I heard (and experienced) a lot of producer or songwriter cannot get royalties. Think about this example, a famous artist in front, has been quietly for many years. In this case, the artist may have independently released hundreds of songs.

When the artist “success”, and all his co producers and record should get royalties. However, when the record companies involved, who debuted for artists made contributions to the creation of man was completely forgotten, such a situation is not uncommon. They received no royalties and recognition, and some even do not appear in the credits list. The process of tracking royalty distribution is completely opaque to upload songs to people basically control who can get paid to generate revenue in it.

Block chain can be used for a variety of scenarios, such as track ownership or document source, digital assets, tangible assets or the right to vote.

Block chain can be used to create a completely transparent, can not change the system, so if there is no reward, they will know and be able to solve this problem.

If an artist can for each project they started and royalty share issued tokens, royalty income can be automatically assigned to each album for contributors. In addition, this will also fund problem we just spoke to the center.

An artist can issue 100 tokens, each token is equivalent to the 1% album royalties. These tokens can be distributed to each contribute to this song, a part can be left for artists as their profits, the rest can be sold to the fans, to raise funds on the album.

I don’t think the blockchain will disturb the music industry, on the contrary, I think it must go to the music industry.

Bitcoin cash will crash again

Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash) is a bitcoin appeared in 2017 after the birth of copycat coins, may have been in the process of dying. The controversial and anonymous and founder Cobora said. Yesterday issued a tweet, Cobra said bitcoin cash is a failure, it is a dead project, no real leadership, there is no real purpose. He said that if the project goes on like this, after a few years it will be worth $0, become another alternative to bitcoin is the world’s forgotten password.

The prediction of Cobra in the history of money on encryption is not surprising, in a few years ago, high prestige, a considerable amount of currency trading copycat precisely because of the bitcoin cash forecast in disappear. Peercoin, Namecoin, bitshare or Feathercoin and other famous password once dominated the market, among the top 10 global market, is now considered to have died. Cobra said that bitcoin cash is one of the leaders of the lack of reliable field of its failure. In his view, long-term stability and development of the bitcoin makes it not necessary around a person or a group of developers. However, for bitcoin cash alternatives such as bitcoin, is not the case. These new tokens need a reliable team, able to lead the community in the right direction to consolidate project.

Cobra is a controversial character in the poem password. However, he never ceased to express their views. From the PoS (BTC) as bitcoin blockchain consensus algorithm to achieve, to support bitcoin cash, and then announced the demise of bitcoin, the idea of Cobra, no matter what seems contradictory, always has a solid base of support. For those who believe that “BSV is the real BCH”, Cobra in January 7th also dedicated a few words. He is the self proclaimed Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) Craig Wright (Craig Wright) of the project to promote the dissatisfied, this is obviously.

Cobra pessimism is not surprising. By the end of this year, he warned that bitcoin cash price is about to collapse, need to be replaced in the forefront of the project “incompetent leaders”.

Translation: Kunming plus

Source: ethereumworldnews

Grin explosion of red behind: while ETH Danian when challenging the dominance of bitcoin

In 2019 there is a new trend: the real challenge to the dominant industry. For example, a few days ago at the same time the three on-line social products, said appeared to challenge WeChat, “WeChat’s public relations department is so ashamed”.

This winter business year, precisely, is the winter of the Internet, assets in the winter, to really didn’t have much confidence.

No matter whether an operation means, or the real aspirations of overlord strength, 2019 will be an extraordinary year.

In the January 16th currency circle, Dante is behind the fort Junshi upgrade, the defection of the etheric Fang, the so-called new consensus seems to start a new division, the ETH is expected to better price from 1035 yuan, back to 2018 years ago, 830 yuan will hurt the hearts of many people.

It is said that this workshop upgrade some Ethernet attack vulnerabilities, it is suggested that internal surface upgrade core development team is not stable wrestling.

In the breakdown of the moment encryption currency, bitcoin is only relatively strong. Bifurcation of currency bitcoin cash (BCH) also declined in the ranks.

At the same time is January 16th, in the lead to ETH very upset when upgrading, Grin main line, and was the first pond dug mine, at the same time, Grin prices rose to $100.

Obviously, this brings fresh air to the mine in the circle, all filled the air, many miners began to go to the Grin mine, ready to develop a high-quality currency.

Behind the 1, Grin hit the red

These two days, all the coins ring, circle chiefs, miners, all is mine pool has been discussing this fresh Grin.

Grin is different with other ICO, it has its own network, and the underlying protocol is very special, on the one hand all the core member is anonymous, using the “Harry Potter” in the world of magic name. It is a protocol called Mimblewimble that, like “Harry Potter” in the spell as mysterious, this sense of mystery to the Grin, so many people have curiosity about Grin, which is one of the reasons for flourishing Grin.

Another aspect is the innovative Grin. Pay more attention to privacy protection, block size setting, packing time flexibility, multi-dimensional innovation so that we have greater expectations for Grin.

That is to say, in the new node, Grin may have a better scalability, can quickly realize the synchronized with the network, not only opened the privacy currency market demand, innovation in the transaction brings, to lower transaction costs.

This is a point or the main cause of Grin explosion of red.

2 and Grin features

Grin is a network, it is a few innovation, there is no way to ICO, the two is not a pre mining, three stripped the founder of reward, it can be said that this is a very controversial market pain points, Grin have successfully avoided.

For example, in order to protect the interests of the founder, the previous practice is to maintain the rights and interests of the founder of 10-20%, that is to say as long as the founder of the project done on-line, founder of financial freedom, the miner’s hard work, it is not fair, this time Grin did this one, that all the miners have a fair starting point. The fairness in everyone’s stress contest, suddenly detonated mine ring.

The miners on a digital currency, the power can not be ignored. The relative stability of the miners in the circle, from bitcoin take part, which may challenge the dominance of the bitcoin.

Bitcoin prices relatively stable, the main force is mining stress is relatively stable, so this time, the Grin may be true for the challenge of bitcoin and.

After all, the etheric Fang gene complex by ICO drag, and the goal of Grin anomaly is clear, this point to win many supporters.

Because the founder of no special rewards, so before the Grin income from all donations, a bit like the entrepreneurial process of ascetic, not only gain credibility, and fans with the spread of social media, has a group of supporters in North America, people feel the idealism with the Grin. (grinding one network, ID: Song Jian)

What is the price of bitcoin is still valuable, how will the future Public opinions are divergent.,?

What is the price of bitcoin is still valuable, how will the future Public opinions are divergent.,?

For the value of bitcoin, has been very controversial, many people believe that bitcoin prices, but he did not actually however some people think that the value of bitcoin since there are so many people recognized, so it has its value.

If bitcoin has its value in the end, in fact, for people to participate in bitcoin, bitcoin is certainly valuable, otherwise there will be so many people to participate in, but for people who do not participate in bitcoin, bitcoin even if its price is also high, there is no value.

Bitcoin existed for ten years, we can see its price, the way rose very fast, but the rise is very exaggerated, has the highest price to the price of $20 thousand, but after the bitcoin crazy end began to fall again, we can now see the bit the currency price has fallen to $more than 3000.

So the value of bitcoin come from? In fact, bitcoin itself is not a price, but with everyone involved in bitcoin, given a price of bitcoin, its price is gradually crazy, so in the end how crazy? We have seen the bitcoin when just came out, the price is very low, but now the price of bitcoin price to describe too much, in fact there is its true definition of bitcoin prices for each dig a bitcoin need how much power, so to balance the price of bitcoin. So, as a result we in the manufacturing sector which equal, is the need to spend much manpower and material resources to equal the value of a bitcoin, but now we have found out a bitcoin, need to spend money, has exceeded the price of bitcoin. And we see a lot of mining companies, because bitcoin fell due to bankruptcy, so in the future, bitcoin is able to continue his current price or even higher?

In fact, we can see the entire virtual digital currency inside the circle, now is the birth of digital currency more and more, so the digital currency can appear since their purpose is to become such bitcoin, so for the bitcoin impact and influence will be very large, why? Because their price is ten years before bitcoin, as long as really get attention, then they will be crazy to the top of the price rise, this is bitcoin, the definition of value over the years, as long as we have a consensus, then, can rise, can become valuable, similarly, on the other digital currency who go to see it, then all the digital currency bitcoin and have the same concept, then the impact on bitcoin, certainly is very large.

Someone asked me, do you think bitcoin will wind up? Here the liquidation is certainly possible, but in the future, he could not continue to go mad, because bitcoin price now is something that has been fried to not fry, anyone involved, bitcoin which is to make money by bitcoin, but reached a certain the degree, like we usually understand commodity speculation as such as real estate, noisy to a certain period of time, no one can go to bear, or accept his presence if his price will not be sustained, the formation of a bubble will collapse, it is the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

Then bitcoin is no exception, his future is certainly not a higher price, even reached a high price, not many people can have the ability to participate in, for the future of bitcoin, you have what kind of view? The comments make complaints about it!