The world’s first government ICO: Estonia or issuing national tokens

nnnWhen Estonia is committed to the development of the chain has been a period of time, and its plan is also progressing smoothly, has now stood in the European block chain revolution cusp. Recently, the country has successfully implemented the e-Residency scheme, and now the government is considering how to issue money to its electronic citizens or the first government-initiated ICO project. If the citizens of the world can pass the magic of this technology and become a citizen of other countries, then perhaps the currency can also be liberated through this technology.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nEstonia’s block chain plan has been very smooth progress, has now stood in the European block chain revolution cusp. The country has successfully launched the e-Residency scheme, and now the government is considering how to provide money to its electronic citizens.n
nIn a report on the proposal, quoted Vitalik Buterin as saying:n
nn”The ICO within the e-residence rights ecosystem will establish a strong incentive between the e-citizens and the funds, which goes beyond the economic dimension and makes the e-citizen feel more like a community because They have a lot of things to work together. “n
nnThe story does not list too much detail, but the idea seems simple. In addition, the idea encourages people to become electronic citizens, so that they can freely use the international currency. It is noteworthy, however, that the eHR program has so far been not questioned by the international government or organization. According to a blog post about the subject:n
nn”It is now possible to create a position-independent company that is now the main ‘product’ that promotes the development of the eHR program, and even if we do not mention that, we are still likely to achieve substantial growth rates (especially in the fast-growing numbers Nomadic ‘community) while addressing one of the most important issues facing our world, that is, how to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from entrepreneurial activity and growing e – commerce activities.n
nnNow, suppose anyone in the world can settle down in Estonia, create a business, and then be able to use the government issued the digital currency on the business of the business transactions. Of course, this currency can also be used to pay the country’s minimum tax burden. The local industry will be encouraged, especially for those who want to create business, buy real estate business and other foreigners industry.n
nThe whole matter raises the question of when other countries will begin to compete with Estonia in the real estate sector of the block chain kingdom. There are many islands want to enter the 21st century, so that the global participation of participants and their mutual benefit – which makes people think.TK domain name, which people around the world are free access to top-level domain name, but also from small Island country to buy domain name.n
nAnother important argument is that when digital citizens become normal, it is easier to achieve global KYC compliance. As for Estonian electronic citizens, they can selectively share information with the institutions they need to verify the identity of those who want to do business or invest.n
nThe private sector is investing in products and services for e-citizens, and is excited about the fact that the secure digital identity provided by the electronic right of abode can achieve easier KYC and guidance, making the eCommon community a new online service Very attractive consumer market.n
nIn general, the Estonian plan is very exciting for block-chain enthusiasts who want to start a business or just simply when the curious revolution really begins. If the citizens of the world can pass the magic of this technology and become a citizen of other countries, then perhaps the currency can also be liberated through this technology.n

Block chain of AOL moments


Reporter: pencil boxn

The popularity of the Internetn
nMost of the people around the age of 30 witness one of the most significant changes in human history: the widespread use of the Internet. The Internet has changed the nature of our interaction, communication, and work. It provides the possibility of instant delivery of information on a global scale and breaks cultural differences while eliminating the barriers to communication caused by geographical limitations. Accessibility improves human rights, helps to maintain social democracy, and is invaluable in promoting the formation of new business models and improving productivity.n
nAlthough the impact of the Internet today on people’s lives is everywhere, but in its initial stage by the public acceptance process is very slow.n

nHyTelNet circa 1993n
nIn 1993, the HyTelNet command line tool (pictured) was the most popular way of connecting the Internet to the public. Now seemingly complex procedures at the time was an innovation of the user experience. After 24 years of uninterrupted development, only from 1969 Arpanet (the predecessor of the Internet) to HyTelNet leap. But based on HytelNet common user experience technology limitations, so that by 1993 only a few people can use the Internet, and only 130 sites.n
nBetween 1993 and 1995 there were many new technical support, including 14.4K fast demodulators and graphics-based operating systems such as Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. These tools have developed a more pleasant user interface, improve the user experience, and thus the possibility of large-scale Internet access.n

nAOL circa 1995n
nAt this time, AOL’s marketing strategy has so far been considered one of the greatest marketing tools, positioning AOL as the dominant force for Internet service provider ISPs. AOL began to produce AOL installation CD and mail to everyone. For a long time,n
nMore than half of the world’s CDs are marked with AOL.n

nAOL Trial CD

How the block chain will prevent events like “Uber civil strife”

nnnStroke: Benchmark Capital and Uber’s former chief executive officer Travis Kalanick’s lawsuit has recently become the focus, also led to the digital currency and block chain experts to think about this event. They believe that the digital currency is conducive to preventing the occurrence of similar things, because it can make the shares of private companies to become the same, as the listed companies, as the parties to bring convenience and benefits.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe solicitation of private companies’ equity in digital and block chains will make private companies backed by venture capital more like listed companies in the future.n
nThese have a profound impact on the venture capitalists and the culture of the fast-growing private companies they support.n
nInvestor Benchmark Capital sues Uber’s former chief executive, Travis Kalanick, as one of the most important news in the technology industry. If Kalanick wins the lawsuit, then Uber’s $ 68 billion jumper may continue to exist as a private company. If Benchmark forces it to set up a more independent board, then Uber may accelerate the pace of IPO.n
nAnd the block chain will make a similar situation almost no longer happen.n
nThe reason is as follows:n
nAvoid liquidity trapsn
nI recently discussed with David Sacks that the rise of digital money would lead to “quota” of non-current and liquid assets.n
nAt present, investors are mainly through VC companies to invest in start-up companies. You have to give the money to the company for 10-12 years. You trust them to invest in their own start-up companies (such as Uber). You hope that the future through this investment to obtain a good profit return. But this investment can not be realized. In the next ten years, you can not use the money to deal with some urgent needs. Because the money became VC company.n
nIn the future, almost any private investment – from a limited partner in VC’s investment to house mortgages – can be “meta-currency” and traded.n
nThis means that the real-time value of a private company will be made public, and everyone can see and possibly trade through the block chain. People can own the investment, their own decision in six months or a year later to sell it.n
nIn turn, as for private companies that sell shares – including direct selling of shares directly to venture capitalists or allowing employees to sell shares in secondary markets, their valuations will no longer be determined by only a small number of investors.n
nThe shares of these companies will be “tois” and fluctuate every day in the chain chain, as listed companies in the stock market to see their own value is changing.n
nUber, for example, has a final valuation of $ 68 billion, which is determined by investors, founders and the board of directors. Since then, the company has suffered a series of scandals, litigation and management changes. However, its valuation will remain at $ 68 billion before the next sale of the stock, about 4.5 times the current valuation of Snapchat. A report by The Information shows that its potential investor, SoftBank, is seeking to buy the company for $ 40 billion to $ 45 billion.n
nHowever, once Uber’s private stock is tipped, its valuation will be changed according to the transaction price, which can be seen by all employees, investors and external observers.n
nThis will immediately change the behavior of private companies. Leaders such as Benchmark, and Bill Gurley, former board of directors of Uber, will be able to easily sell their shares as they wish, without waiting for an IPO.n
nThis will allow all private company CEOs to follow market-driven rules.n
nIf Uber’s valuation fell from $ 68 billion to $ 45 billion over six months, would it have an impact on the company’s board of directors and management? I guess it will force a bigger leadership change earlier.n
nUber board member Arianna Huffington whether to support Kalanick or Gurley will become irrelevant. If Uber’s valuation fell by $ 23 billion within six months, the board would urgently need to take corrective action to raise the valuation to the previous level.n
n”Wall Street investors are short-sighted and greedy, and the technology world is focused on long-term development and internal communication, allowing companies to mature slowly.” But Wall Street has made a more accurate assessment of the company’s valuation because of It is a more in-depth market, with more participants. But this accuracy does not allow the company to avoid the problems it will soon face.n
nThis will not prevent the establishment of large companies and their full potential. Jeff Bezos is one of the great founders of the technology world, and Amazon has been a public market since 1997 and has been continuously encouraged by its higher share price in the market.n
nBitcoin will make all private companies a listed company in the future, which is beneficial to all.n

San Francisco, the “castle” of the number of residents have become Bitcoin millionaire

nnThe Crypto Castle is close to the residential area of ​​Silicon Valley, which is a ubiquitous block chain and an encrypted currency atmosphere. People who live there must read the encrypted currency magazine Distributed. People who live in the inside are not all engaged in the relevant industry, but they can say the benefits of encrypted money. Many are entrepreneurs in the field, technology research and encrypted currency investment is divided into very strong.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nCrypto Castle (encrypted money castle) on the surface like a young bit coin investor’s brotherhood.n
nNot everyone living here is engaged in the work of Bitcoin, but everyone can tell you the benefits of Bitcoin. Some entrepreneurs live just because they need a free space.n
nIn 2015, Gardner surveyed the city to find a place where his business company Augur could live and work at the same time. When he was in the Silicon Valley half an hour by car from the high-end community found three-storey residential, to pay a $ 20,000 rental deposit. Then Crypto Castle was born.n

nGardner said that after the house became “the industry’s cool cause of the apron”. Most residents living in the bunkers and guests just 20 years old.n
n”I do not think you can stay here for two hours without being encouraged.” 2013 single price of 200 US dollars when the purchase of Bitcoin, his personal net asset value on the explosive growth.n

nVivian Ford, director of operations for Comma, a car-driving company, has invested in Bitcoin in the field, calling it “the best investment I’ve ever had.”n

nAnother roommate Alex Voto in the United States Palo Alto Institute for the Future (Institute for the Future) operational research laboratory. He predicts that Bitcoin may affect social, economic and political fields.n

nWalk around the house, you can understand that this is not an ordinary residential area.n

nAnyone who wants to be a resident must read the current issue of the encrypted currency magazine “Distributed”. The front door has a pile of magazines.n

nThe refrigerator has encrypted currency-related stickers, such as the Medal of Honor.n
nThe kitchen has two kinds of drinks: Soylent (a meal supported by venture capital) and a variety of alcoholic beverages.n
nSome tenants say that living in so many passionate technical workers may make people feel tired. Ford recalls the experience of a Saturday’s running back by a colleague’s speech.n

nUntil 2016, he served the company Comma in the basement office. Silicon Valley prodigy, founder George Hotz made his first autopilot in the garage.n


nHotz also lives in the closet. He said, “there is no balance between work and life.”n

nAaron Power-Bearden, a stock trader and a special currency enthusiast, likes to chat with the roommate in the living room late at night.n

nn”Basically about finance”.n
nnA tenant told me that the last time he was here, a resident gave him a hot dog. “Two months later, I found him the co-founder of Oculus.”n

nIn Crypto Castle, no one needs a distance to find smart people like-minded.n
nCrypto Castle is higher than the most expensive rental market in China. Tenants share monthly rent. Gardner guess now this place is worth $ 3 million.n
nOver the past few years, Gardner has invested most of the savings and listed companies in the encrypted currency. Revenue subsidizes the cost of living.n
nn”My life contribution to encryption assets and block chain technology, earn more money than I think can earn more than once.”n

Why the block chain alone can not solve the privacy problem

nnnIn the event of a social network or a government act, more and more common people are worried about their privacy, personal information being stolen, and personal events are being watched. In this case, many people believe that the centralization of the block chain to provide a solution to the problem, but need to recognize the point is that although the block chain platform in the protection of privacy has advantages, but only by the technology Still can not fully meet the security needs. How to solve the problem of privacy still need further study.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nProtecting privacy is one of the main features of block-chain technology to attract users.n
nIn addition to its decentralized nature and anyone can view the transaction or data transmission capacity in the block chain, encrypted communication can prevent third parties from interfering with the sending of information under the technology.n
nProtecting privacy costs highn
nOver the past decade, privacy has become the world’s ordinary people to discuss the most topics in life. According to Jason Cassidy, co-founder of Helium, Edward Snowden’s secretive behavior convinced us that we lived in such an era – “Some people are willing to sacrifice their freedom for a safer environment, People ‘s privacy is getting less and less.n
nCassidy told Cointelegraph that the emergence of encrypted security money shifted power from government and banking institutions to the masses.n
nHe pointed out that Bitcoin is anonymous, providing users with some elements of privacy and financial freedom. There are now more privacy-centric currencies, such as Monroe, which are increasingly popular with their ability to provide economic freedom.n
nCassidy said:n
nn”The government monitors civic communications under the guise of terrorism, and many people realize that it is only an excuse for the government to take advantage of this situation and thus completely control civic activities, and they do not solve the problem of terrorism from the root cause, but hope Weakening the system to make the whole world more dangerous.n
nMore and more concerned about privacyn
nSecurity Communications Application Obsidian CEO Peter McClory told Cointelegraph that people are increasingly concerned about whether their activities on the Internet are safe.n
nHe points out that the reason is that billions of people are increasingly shifting their professional, financial and personal lives into the digital world.n
nHowever, they experienced more of the shortcomings of this approach, such as the account was black, personal information and digital assets were stolen and released.n
nMcClory pointed out that people have begun to ask who is in control of their facebook or Google this large-scale center of the information on the platform, who can use information to do what they can not do, whether these companies are committed to protecting their privacy.n
nIn addition, many people are deeply disturbed by the behavior of the government to monitor online communication because it is often illegal and far beyond the needs of law enforcement.n
nTherefore, people began to express their own mind is what kind of privacy.n
nThe block chain itself is not private enoughn
nUnlike the general point of view, McClory pointed out that the block chain will not automatically solve this problem.n
nHe said:n
nn”In general, the communication platform to include security, ease of use and operator trustworthiness. Some communication platforms with excellent security – SIP, WhatsApp, Wire, etc., and provide people with a trusted tool , Which makes privacy a compelling feature of the platform, but they are limited by the reliance on the centrality, and the management and access to business profits are obsolete and different from the block chain platform of Obsidian.n
nnMcClory continues to explain that the block chain alone can not solve the problem, pointing out that only in the case of all loopholes in order to protect privacy.n
nHowever, a block-based platform has a great advantage because the responsibility for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the network that transmits the message is related to the financial interests of many individuals, rather than the central organization that treats users as products or data.n
nWhich makes them more difficult to check, manipulate and shut down, but also makes the digital life of large-scale data mining becomes impossible.n

There are three ways to change the game experience of the block chain technology

nnnIn recent years, the global game market has maintained a double-digit growth momentum. But its biggest growth is from the hand market and other segments, and block chain this new technology has the potential to fundamentally subvert the game market, providing new opportunities for development. Decentraland project leader Ariel Meilich from the subversion of the traditional game company to support the game cross-platform experience, giving players more power these three aspects of how the chain chain technology will permanently change the game industry.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe global gaming market has maintained double-digit growth in recent years, with revenue reaching $ 91 billion last year. SuperData Research calls it “the largest year in the global digital gaming market and gaming media.”n
nAnd the biggest growth or from hand travel and other market segments, the new technology has the potential to fundamentally subvert the game market, providing new opportunities for development. It can be said that the block chain of this technology has the greatest long-term potential.n
nThe following is the block chain technology to permanently change the game industry in the future of the three ways.n
n1. Block chain will subvert the traditional game companyn
nThe block chain is known for its ability to bring centering to a number of industries, pushing the power of the center to the consumer itself. The block chain will also bring the same changes to the gaming industry.n
nFrom the company has the content of the game world to the user’s own platform, it will have a huge impact.n
nFor example, the current gamers have a dedicated gatekeeper (central enough) to determine the price, tax, review the user, control the content and profit through its data. With a decentralized platform, consumers will be able to engage in social and trading directly without the involvement of middlemen. This will allow gamers to have more control and flexibility in the gaming experience.n
n2. Block chain will achieve cross-platform game supportn
nCross-platform support will be affected as long as the game content is created on a centralized platform (ie, owned by a single organization). For example, Facebook can easily prevent the game content developed for Spaces VR from running on a platform other than Oculus (also owned by it).n
nBy reducing the ability of consumers or developers to use multiple platforms, game companies limit the development of the community. The block-chain technology to support the center of the platform will also provide gamers and developers with their true desire for the function: full control. Only in this way can the user get the best gaming experience.n
n”If I were a game publisher, I would think more about community, point-to-point connectivity, and feature networks and create more connectivity,” said Chris Vollmer, a global entertainment and media business strategist at PricewaterhouseCoopers, told VentureBeat last year. Although Vollmer is talking about the game industry in general, the experience achieved by the block chain can bring the creativity he thinks necessary.n
n3. Block chain will give players the power to bringn
nThe centralized entity (usually a company) controls the game experience to bring a few questions:n
nnControl Rules – Artists, Developers, and Consumers are limited to goods and services approved by the owner of the trading platform. This has produced a virtual black market in many digital worlds, reportedly worth more than $ 6 billion.n
nControl the transaction – the user can not get the full value of the operation due to the existence of transaction costs. For example, Second Life charges a 5% fee for any merchandise between its users.n
nControl Access – Centrally platform operators can at any time decide to deny any user access to their platform.n
nControl the game world currency – for the game world currency, the user of a single entity to determine the practice of monetary policy there is no way, the impact of the value of their ownership of the future behavior of almost no insight.n
nnIf you do well, the block chain game will be able to eliminate these restrictions, so that players can more control of their experience. For example, FirstBlood let the gaming players participate in the competition, and use the chain of chains in the smart contract and the eager to win the award. The game world we build from our team – Dedentraland, is a block-based VR platform owned by its users (not owned by a single company). And Blockchainga is developing games that can freely trade digital goods in the chain of public blocks outside the game.n
nAs other sectors are carrying out the chain chain revolution, the block chain will take time to mature. This is still a new technology, especially for the game industry. But when the subversion comes, its influence will be ubiquitous and will change ownership, control, and user experience. All of which will make the game industry as always exciting.n
nAriel Meilich is the project leader for Decentraland. Previously, he was the founder of Charles River Ventures’ coin currency analyst, Big Data Corp. Benchrise. Prior to entering the technology field, he spent two years at the National Institutes of Health as a researcher, responsible for the implementation of human decision-making neuroscience research, while operating a for Amazon and General Electric customers such as BPO institutions.n

Thousands of colleges and universities: IBM to fill the block chain job vacancies great plan

nnnRampage Comments: Block chain industry professionals scarcity has been plagued by the development of the industry, so there are already a lot of relevant personnel training programs have been launched. As a global technology giant, although IBM has set up a related project, recently with a number of universities, set up some allowances, design block chain courses, and other projects. The company’s resources open to a thousand colleges and universities, including cloud platform and block chain sandbox use rights. At the same time also launched a venture business incubator project, as well as some technical application test project.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock chain industry there are staffing problems: simply speaking, vacant posts too much, block chain professionals too little.n
nNow, in order to meet the rapidly increasing demand, IBM has worked with Baruch College, Fordham University, University of Arkansas, University at Buffalo and the University of British Columbia to set up some allowances, design block chain courses, and other projects.n
nIn addition, IBM has added some block-chain resources to its IBM Academic Initiative, which has opened up the resources of the global technology giants to 1,000 universities.n
nHowever, although the scope is unique, but IBM’s new project is only one of the global block chain industry talent training program.n
nIBM Blockchain General Manager Marie Wieck Description of the project beta test results:n
nn”We’ve got some very, very positive response.”n
nPractical learningn
nWieck also revealed how the project will take advantage of IBM technology.n
nFirst of all, the company’s first proprietary distributed book technology IBM Blockchain Platform (IBM block chain platform) will enter the university curriculum for students to use.n
nMoreover, the university participating in the project will receive IBM Cloud’s half-year access, and IBM Blockchain cloud platform sandbox access.n
nAnd how such technology will be used by graduate students has become increasingly clear.n
nAnnounced that the project at the same time, IBM officially launched the IBM Blockchain Platform, which is with Wal-Mart and other large companies to cooperate in the food supply chain alliance project; announced to invest in Hyperledger Fabric (super books) based on the construction of the first start-up company accelerator Then

Everyone can have their own “gold reserves”, HelloGold project tomorrow in ICOAGE open lock


Reporter: pencil boxn
nnPeople’s desire for gold is not the gold itself, but the pursuit of freedom and interest – Ralph Waldo Emersonn
nnWhatever the reason, it is clear that the world’s demand for safe-haven assets is growing. And the process of the most important flow of funds, is to buy gold or to foreign currency as the representative of the digital currency. Currently on the Internet, has been more and more articles to discuss gold and digital currency which is more worthwhile to have. However, ordinary people really have the opportunity to buy gold as their own safe-haven funds? We will first come to discuss such a problem.n
nGold as a hedging tooln
nAs Marx’s famous saying, “gold and silver is not natural money, money is gold and silver”, gold itself has a very limited intrinsic value. More precisely, it has some value, but not enough to make up for the price you and I pay for it. Yes, it is beautiful. People (especially women) tend to like it. Its nature is not eroded by time, has little reaction to all body chemicals, and is a very good electrical conductor. Therefore, it is used in the electronics industry, medical equipment, dental and other fields … … but in the final analysis, we pay the amount of gold per gram is much higher than the actual value of gold, assuming it is only used to make jewelry, teeth Fill and other things.n
nSo why is gold so now worth? Because most people around the world agree that it is a good hedging tool, for example as a currency. People have made gold as money in thousands of years ago. why? Mainly for two reasons:n
nn1) gold is very rare, which means that no one can easily increase the gold flown
n2) The nature and appearance of gold does not change over time.n
nnGold has been accepted as a hedging tool for a long time, but it is not always the case. Although gold had been mined in ancient times, it was not until 700 BC that we saw gold being the first record of the Lydia businessmen as money. But once they made this standard, the Persians and the Greeks quickly took the same approach. Then the Romans, the Chinese, until the whole Eurasian continent put gold (and some other precious metals) as currency in the country and between countries. This creates the third reason why gold has become the preferred hedge instrument: it is widely accepted around the world, and has a very long record.n
nGold and currencyn
nHowever, gold is not the best currency. Storing, moving and getting a small amount of gold is very expensive. It is softer, so it is not suitable for everyday use. It is easy to be forged, ordinary people difficult to identify the authenticity. More importantly, its value volatility is not within the government’s control, hampering the state’s policies, making the government unable to start in the economic downturn, so that economic and social problems can not be resolved. The results, briefly, the government after years of research found that the legal currency can better achieve the usefulness of money and purpose.n
nThe legal currency is of course the currency we use today. It has great advantages. Although many people say that we will never return to the golden support of every dollar, but the legal currency only we in a complete national system can be strong. When people no longer trust the government or the state system … the market will return to the most original gold.n
nEven for the most stable countries. The figure below shows what happened for 100 years. The dollar is so, let alone talk about other currencies?n

nsource: www.macrotrends.netn
nSo, “Why did you choose gold?” The answer is: “Because it protects your savings in times of recession!” Most people know.n
nOrdinary people can choose gold hedge it?n
nHowever, little is known about the fact that the above knowledge has nothing to do with most of us, because so far only the top of the pyramid “1%” of high-income earners can buy gold at an affordable price. The problem is that gold is an expensive commodity, and the cost of dealing with gold trading is also very high. When the buyer wants to buy a smaller number, such as 1 gram of gold, the buyer will be attached to the current price of gold (ie, spot price) 20% additional fee. And when we want to sell, we may have to lose 5-15% of the spot price. This means that for a small amount of gold holders, only when the price of gold rose 25%, can protect the capital.n
nSo on the other side of the debate, is it more suitable as a safe-haven asset than gold?n
nGold and encrypted currencyn
nFor the block pencil readers, they naturally may ask: “Why use gold instead of bit coins or other encrypted currency to provide better scarcity, value transparency and uniformity?” This is a very interesting question The Gold still has some technical advantages. For example, the market price of gold is more stable than the market price of Bitcoin. This is because the amount of gold produced per year is less than the amount of bitcoels created in the same period, which is calculated as a percentage of the total stock. In contrast, gold has a true, broad and universal acceptance, gold can become a better asset is the fundamental reason for it in more than two thousand years has been accepted by the majority of the market. It has a strong position in the culture and thinking of global civilization. Experiencing war, depression, famine and technological turmoil, the status of gold is not only surviving, and even more vigorous development. There is nothing to beat the deep-rooted acceptance. So, the conclusion is simple, we should save some of our savings in the form of gold. This is not to collect gold itself, but because gold has the ability to maintain freedom and independence status, not the impact of political and economic crisis.n
nHowever, with the views of many investors, gold and encrypted currency is not the relationship between the right and wrong. In addition to being able to configure both at the same time, there are projects that provide a link between the new gold and the digital encryption currency, and one of the HelloGold projects from Malaysia.n
nHelloGold, let the reserve gold democratizen
nWe have already said that in the past only the rich have the ability to buy gold to “insurance”, the situation has changed. Now we can save gold through the bank (before making sure to be fully allocated gold) and the gold support account such as HelloGold described below, as well as the gold encryption token that will be launched in the near futuren
nHelloGold is a digital and democratized gold decentralized financial Pratt u0026 Whitney platform that enables consumers in the mass market to participate in investment-level gold-based micro-savings through mobile mobile applications (Android and iOS). The mobile platform’s trading threshold is as low as $ 0.25. The gold purchased by the user from the platform can be used for savings, secured loans, and donated to others, and the user has direct ownership of the purchased gold. We store the full amount of gold in the Singapore vault, and the customer can cash all of these gold as solid gold bars, gold coins or cash. HelloGold not only provides users with a financial choice to better maintain and distract wealth, but also provides users with short-term financing options with guaranteed savings as gold.n
nThe HelloGold project is scheduled to begin in November 2015. The project team said it had planned and prepared a corresponding smart contract, but the HelloGold team then found that it was not possible to develop very specific product specifications because it was a real product and should be constantly changing and changing in line with the needs of the customer. As a result, the project site temporarily abandoned the use of smart contracts, turned to the use of Android and iOS mobile phone applications to establish the most simple and feasible products, which also use the core central network service system (Ruby), the administrator platform and multi- Go) micro service.n
nIn addition to helping ordinary people to buy trace amounts of gold, HelloGold also provides further extension services. For example, the team realized that many Malaysians were unable to obtain a loan, so they often pawn or collateral to obtain funds. So, HelloGold and AEON credit (AEON credit), so that customers can account for the gold as a guarantee, access to affordable loans. This agreement guarantees that the guaranteed gold will be fully released when the loan is fully closed; and when the customer is unable to perform all the repayment, the customer may redeem part of the gold.n
nAt present, HelloGold has built a fairly stable product. In the past few months, the project has begun to get the attention of the market, there are a lot of repeat customers.n
nAlthough there are mature applications, but HelloGold has not forgotten to adjust its smart contract to keep up with the progress of product iteration. The good news is that HelloGold will review and complete the prototypes on the block chain by the end of 2017.n
nBased on the design, HelloGold is a consumer application designed for the public who does not understand the technology. Based on the Data Assurance Act, it builds on private chain chains to maintain customer privacy.n
nWhen the prototype product is ripe, the team will build a bridge that allows gold to be transferred between the HelloGold product account and the GBT token created by the HelloGold Foundation. In simple terms, HelloGold users can convert their gold savings to ERC20 tokens, which in turn can convert their tokens into tradable gold deposits.n
nHelloGold’s core central network service system (Ruby) has been proven to be compatible with API, management platform and secondary service (Go) micro services. The team will use the Go server to pass the signed transactions to the geth node or peer node on the private etherfront network. After that, HelloGold will customize the data provisioning system (oracle), so that the public network and private network transactions can be easily carried out.n
nThe use of block chain gold trading, to ensure that ordinary people get the rights of high-quality assets, it sounds is not very interesting?n
nRecently, the HelloGold project is about to start its first batch of ICO, interested readers can go to the project official website or ICO platform to understand the further situation.n

Bugu opening: on the ICO, you should know the two things

nnnThe author of this article is Bugu co-founder David, was former Chinese and British freelance translator, small ants overseas market manager, FourierPR co-founder.n
nnAuthor: Davidn
nThe author of this article is Bugu co-founder David, was former Chinese and British freelance translator, small ants overseas market manager, FourierPR co-founder.n
nLast year in June, the author is still in Chengdu for the VB developers do interpreter (VB Chinese is very slippery), everyone on the ether square hard bifurcation of things quarreling, I also suggested that friends 140 high flesh. Unexpectedly, from the second half of the First Blood, Wings and other projects began, ICO began to blossom everywhere, the price of Taiyuan has already stood 300 dollars.n
nWhy at that time no one knows that the etherra Square has such a big power?n
nThe information gap between the coins is so obvious that these long-term public information is no one concerned about or accept the letter, as we in this industry, information barriers still exist.n
nTo know that most of the information in Github, in the various projects in the community ah.n
nThe author then made the Fourier from the big brother, from Gnosis to BAT, from Status to Bancor, from Decentraland to Bodhi, and today the vast majority of domestic ICOs are passing on our hands and passing knowledge and information to the community a member of. We are also fortunate to be one of the most stable contributors of pencils.n
nHowever, the transmission of knowledge is not gentle, we found that most of the community members of the project content itself only accounted for about 20% of his attention, the vast majority of community participants, especially since the summer of the new, 80 % Of the problem focused onn
nn[Coin structure]n
n【Major Investor / Consultant】n
n【Exit channel and time】n
nValuation and pricen
nnThis has to make people dumbfounding, but in the rapid development of such a chain of industries, we should not go to tangled everything “should be how”, but should fully respect the community members of the demands. Bugu is such a platform, we use CryptoEconomy way, so that members of the community to be answered, the information flow, but also for the entire industry continue to provide higher value.n
nBugu can be understood as three levels, at the first level, that is, our first iteration, he is a strict sense of value discovery platform (predict the market), Bugu does not predict presidential elections or agricultural drought Is only concerned about the block chain tokens of the primary market and secondary market performance.n

nTherefore, it should be noted that, Bugu in the real application layer, rather than Bodhi / day count as the platform layer, there is no practical sense of the competitive relationship.n
nAt the same time, Bugu’s economic incentive mechanism and the traditional forecast market has a significant difference, that is, the error will not be punishable penalty.n
nThis is not only to remove the “gaming” policy risk, but also to achieve more accurate prediction, the user once there is no loss of token of the risk, there is no guess “most people options” psychological pressure, Willing to express their true thoughts: so that the output can reflect the real situation of the market forecast.n
nI think we will certainly ask, this way, who will provide a steady stream of user incentives? Let me sell off, next time again Syria.n
nWhat is more commendable is that Bugu’s work on market data collection is actually crowded into community members, so community members are bound to take into account the fact that most people will express their true ideas, and the real idea is based on the project itself Value judgments, it will force the community members to really learn to understand the meaning of each block chain project, rather than the surface of the “speculators thinking.”n
nBlock chain technology, or encryption economics, gives us the greatest inspiration is to use a smart incentive model to promote and guide people to move in one direction, spontaneously generate value. With this awareness, it is difficult for you to endure a clear dislocation, flawed or anti-human incentive model. The meaning of the center is probably so.n
nI hope the next time you can “pinch”.n
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China has become the world’s top financial and technological power

nnnIn the global financial technology competition increasingly fierce situation, China’s performance is very prominent, has occupied a leading position in the field. The emergence of the financial and technological revolution in China has a number of reasons, this article on the theme of the analysis, so that people more deeply understand why China needs this revolution and why it can make great progress in China. China’s current momentum suggests that it will continue to lead the development of global financial technology in the future.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe world’s major financial and innovation centers are competing to become the “World Financial Technology Center”, in this regard, China is not only behind, even beyond the New York, Silicon Valley and London and other major cities. Many people even claim that China’s Pearl River Delta cities are becoming “new Silicon Valley”. Although this comparison may not be entirely appropriate, it is not unfounded. China’s unique place is that it has a number of financial and innovation centers, for China’s financial science and technology ecosystem to provide different but complementary value. Shenzhen is the seat of Tencent headquarters, Hangzhou has Alibaba, Shanghai is the national financial center, and Beijing has a number of the country’s largest start-up companies and venture capital companies, which are for the ecosystem to provide a different but beneficial features.n
nSo where does China’s financial science and technology revolution come from? Why is this revolution swept in China so much, so fast?n
nA large number of people do not have financial servicesn
nFirst of all, China’s large population needs have not been met. As China’s capital market structure is relatively new, many of the Western countries left in China is no longer exist. In addition, China’s major banks are state-owned enterprises (ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of China). They mainly provide loans to large state-owned enterprises, making most of the population – especially small and medium-sized enterprises – without access to appropriate channels for loans and credit. Here is where the Chinese technology giants – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT) play a role. China’s smartphone penetration is comparable to that of Europe, but contact with the local banking system is similar to that of other developing countries (approximately 20% of the total loans). China’s technology companies are already ready to use financial technology applications to serve these groups.n

nChina Internet popularityn
nAnother driving force in the emergence of financial and technological revolution in China is the large number of Internet and smartphone users. China has more than 700 million Internet users, more than twice the total population of the United States. From the perspective of Chinese consumers using mobile phones to pay for mobile payments (thanks to WeChat and Alipay), financial technology applications in China’s adoption rate will be much higher than other countries. For example, 40% of consumers in China use non-traditional payment methods (such as Alipay), while Singapore’s ratio is only 4%. This will not stop at the time of payment, but also to insurance technology, and the use of financial technology and wealth management platform.n

nChina e – commercen
nAlibaba’s Taobao and Lynx and Jingdong Mall and other major business platform allows people to quickly and easily electronic payment, which can use financial technology applications (such as Alipay) to complete. This not only creates opportunities for the payment of financial technology, but also creates opportunities for loans, insurance, investment and wealth management. China’s financial technology companies have made use of China’s e-commerce trends, the use of e-commerce, communications, search, social media and other Internet services to provide customers with personalized experience, new services and operational efficiency.n
nSome of China’s more advanced financial institutions have launched their own digital and financial technology platforms, including e-commerce, electronic payments, online loans and financial services. In addition, the old institutions in cooperation with early financial technology companies or the use of its technical services in the past failed to get the service of consumers. This is not possible if there is no user and business information and online banking functions for large e-business participants.n
nChina’s block chain and digital currency situationn
nIn the past, the block chain in China is only the academic and research institutions of concern, but this situation has changed. China has emerged some chain-chain alliances and organizations, among which China’s Distributed General Ledger Basic Agreements Alliance, the Financial Block Chain Alliance (Shenzhen) and Qianhai International Chain Chain Alliance have pioneered the best block-chain practice in some industries The In addition, China’s emerging chain of chains and digital currency participants, such as NEO and Bitshares, are also gradually turning into a leader in the field of encryption.n
nAlthough Bitcoin is still in the gray area of ​​law in China, it is indisputable that China is a world leader in Bitcoin mining. China’s mining pool controls more than 70% of the coin network, and many mining companies will use the cheapest power and real estate advantages of China’s poorest western region.n
nIn addition, the Chinese government has begun to focus on the exploration of block-chain technology, and even began to test and explore the block in the social management of the use cases, and seek to yuan the yuan.n
nfuture development n
nIt is not surprising that China is the world’s leading country in financial technology. It has the world’s largest population, the Internet and mobile phone popularity and utilization are high, is expected in the next few years to continue to maintain the leading position in the field of financial technology.n