The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

Editor’s note: This article from the Babbitt information (ID:bitcoin8btc), author: Helen, the daily planet unauthorized release.

Along with the market to bear, bear the brunt of mine circle. Machine and electricity are unavoidable expenditure, they built up the walls and the cost decreasing currency price, together constitute a bureau of a life-and-death matter Tetris game, with the most intuitive and brutal way of shifting investors’ nerves.

Mine circle chiefs avatar scripts at a current situation:

 The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

Mine circle is the oldest ethnic encrypted digital currency, bitcoin together with birth, growth and development, now the past ten years, has developed into a complete ecosystem in the lower reaches of the industrial chain. If the stock market is the national economic indicator, so mine circle is the encrypted digital currency market compass.

This paper is divided into three parts, the first will be briefly reviewed under the mine ecosystem and constitute the basic logic, then in-depth analysis of the status of mine circle under the market downturn to survive, finally come to listen to the voice of mine circle chiefs, opposite the crisis with the machine, how to identify their own position, to survive the winter? Let’s find out.

Basic knowledge of 1 block chain mine ecological circle

What is the 1. mining?

For mining from the perspectives of cognition, need to look at, one is the technical level, the second is the economic level.

From a technical point of view, mining is through the hardware operation process of brute force.

The core block chain is to solve the problem of double pay, all digital currency is a mutual verification of the public accounting system, and the essence is in the mining right for accounting. By calculating the random number list under a block, when the random number with block requirements, namely the competition to account right, that is the process of mining.

From the angle of economy, mining the essence is a kind of arbitrage.

Mining is the essence of a set of arbitrage, what is good? Mining is the necessary hardware, hardware flawed production cycle, but the price is fluctuating moment. This leads to difficulty in ore and price does not match the stage, so set is the difficulty and the price difference.

What are the roles of 2. mine ecosystem?

It is because of these two dimensions are different, the former is derived and its chip industry, the effort in the iterative update of hardware, the latter focus on economic accounts, for cheaper electricity pennies. Generally speaking, there are four main roles are in mine ecosystem, chip, mine, mine, mine pool.

Is the core chip machine: machine manufacturers to design the integrated circuit of a particular algorithm, and then by the chip manufacturers in accordance with the mask design package of ASIC chip.

– machine is the necessary equipment for mining machine: ASIC chip manufacturers will be entrusted to the factory or self making packaging machine, made of foreign sales of finished products.

Mine is mine – placed place: cost drive area to low price ore miners, constantly looking for low-cost electricity and construction of new mines, scientific and fine management, to ensure the benefits of mining.

Mine is pool will be combined to obtain stable operation force: Mining revenue mechanism is to submit the miners mine pool, pool for mining income, different currencies need different ore pool.

In mine circle, and its top chip manufacturers in the food chain, the technology monopoly market; the ore mine owners pool, followed by controlling the price Hanlaobaoshou, while the miners in the seller’s market, located in the bottom of the double cost to bear the loss and high cost of hardware.

In the current market, whether the role of the situation change? After several years of development of the mine circle, now what is the situation?

Under the current situation of mining industry 2 market downturn

“The situation is still relatively easy mining circle, compared with the traditional industry in terms of input and output is relatively high, even in a bear market, the annual 30%-40% still can be guaranteed, but the increasingly fierce competition.” The founder of F2pool Cobo, co-founder of God fish said this wallet.

1, the chip and the mills

From the beginning of the CPU mining, GPU mining, the evolution of today ASIC (professional mining machine) era, 2013 years of Avalon production of the first bitcoin ASIC machine using the 110Nm technology, and we are familiar with today’s mills have evolved to 7Nm process.

Under the economic incentives of bitcoin, ore ring for the past 5 years, fast through the course of 30 years, the semiconductor industry 20 chip iteration. As the mine circle of the upstream industry, chip and ore field also eroded the whole mine circle 60%-70% profit.

The history of the development of machine we should how many have heard, not detailed here, the simple review can browse.

 The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

(source: quasi whale Research Institute)

After several years of development, and the birth of the chip mill field a number of companies, the formation of competitive pattern. These companies are listed as the representative of the following figure:

 The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

The chip and the mining machine industry has the following several major trends:

One is with the rapid development of digital encryption currency market in 2017, more and more traditional chip giant into the industry, this new ASIC professional manufacturers machine 15, the number of card machine manufacturers more, so the future there may be more and more kinds of mills.

The two is to expand the mining currency, rapid fluctuations in currency price in 2017, the industry has a greater capacity, and the new incoming chip manufacturers is difficult to compete with the giants in the bitcoin mining, then turned to the study of small currency mining chip algorithm, so its algorithm species increased significantly, from the comparison the limitations of BTC, LTC, Dash, ETH, ETN, ZEC to expand the currency SC, DCR, PASC, Mona and other dozens of dollars, in the short term, these new mills have super high yield.

The three is its intense competition between manufacturers, more intense. The manufacturers through constant iteration to calculate force machine, upgrade against competitive products, leading to its not maintain long-term high income, ore prices continued to fall, 2017 year bitcoin miner high price of 2 million yuan, and today is generally only 400 yuan price, a huge decline.

The card machine over the past two years, very moist in some currency, or even a month will be able to go back to the. But now the card currency algorithm constantly ASIC, lead to graphics machine and other living space has been eroded step by step, the value of the card machine down.

2, mine pool

 The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

As shown, pool number increasing, showing explosive growth, the competition is more and more serious. According to statistics, the number of the foreign service pool in 300+, the overall trend, general layout of multi currency pool service, single ore pool decreased gradually.

Good change is brought about by competition, mine pool service more and more transparent and humanization. In the past a long time, the miners is settled mining revenue generated, and now more and more pool, began to return, the currency theory public pool fees, revenue models and other information, guarantee the maximum benefits of the miners.

Of course, in this area, there are also many pits, false propaganda by It is often seen. word games and game data. Coin printing co-founder Zhu weight pointed out the two common mistakes: one is too high is not equal to high income, sometimes only show high, rather than an actual force, many businesses to + invalid finally force was calculated, which show the stress seems to be very high. Two is the low fees trap pool costs between 0.7%-1.5%, ignoring the cost of low fee is not reasonable, there are black box operation.

3, mine

Who declined to be Name mine Lord Babbitt tells the story behind the mine.

First of all, in fact, is the excess of power resources, many parts of the country 50% units after the completion of the task of generating rationing, are not started. Although the price is by the national grid unified guidance, but in some areas there is independent of the sale of electricity rights, such as Xinjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, some cities and counties.

This makes the business field formed two types of legal and illegal.

The so-called legal, is based on high-tech data or education is the name of the registered companies, acquisition site, building a room, through legal channels and local government to get the required industrial electricity price, and compliance payment.

The so-called illegal, is not registered in any company may, in the barren hills and the local power plant a private agreement, also known as the black field. The price will be cheaper than the market price, but not very strong stability. In theory, all the electricity can be in the national grid and southern power grid monitoring, so as to check must be shut down. And it is difficult to meet the demand of large scale mine, is also at most small 3, 4000 Taiwan ore mines secretly engage in.

Secondly, people engage in mines can be subdivided into 3 types:

It is the organization, they have a large volume of funds, to look for special maintenance, mills are their own, the power source is basically through formal channels, only possible through the relationship to get slightly lower than the market price.

The second is the middleman, mine owners can not find a suitable price will go to middlemen, brokers responsible for all the preparatory work fix, including factories and take power, specific operation of middlemen do mine, only have power more resources, make the difference in the.

The third is the mine owners, they are mainly responsible for the operation, but in fact most of mine is not mine owners, they need to be from the hands of its retail. Is the price of risk arbitrage, middlemen, mine owners, retail got are different prices, to know the difference of every penny of electricity, electricity consumption in a large volume of mine are huge expenditure. The mine owners can get the 3 hair once the price to count, for 4W of the electricity consumption per hour, a month is 8 million, a year of electricity is a million.

Of course, this is only the domestic situation, some countries overseas, due to some special reasons, even the existence of zero tariff, here will not go into details.

“3 hair 8 is generally the price, this figure has been adjusted downwards. Why electricity has been reduced? Because the miners and mine are two separate groups, the miners moved, for mine is not sell electricity loss. But the limit is 3 hair 5, less than this figure, as your own machine received a dig.” Coin printing co-founder Zhu Fa said.

3 Mining bear survival guide, need or opportunity?

Through the above, we believe that for the whole mine ecosystem has a clear understanding, then we combine the recent market, to talk about the specific impact of miners and coping strategies.

For the miners, there are now three heavy crisis, a dry season is coming, the rise in electricity costs. The two is a new generation machine. The third is the price fluctuations in the old mill did not return. God fish said several miners Chinese relatively large, the average loss in 1 million dollars this year.

One of the miners to provide data show: the expenditure model for what M3 mill, buy machine costs 2100*4900=1029W, electricity cost of 269W – L; return dug to 31.2 BTC, with 31500 of the currency price, return 255.78W; not labor costs, loss of over 10 million.

The shutdown is not possible, can only be sold on the pounds “

 The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

(source: f2pool)

This is the recent ore rumors circle of a joke, the first half of the sentence is a joke, it is true that the second half of the sentence. It is understood that the old mill now because the output is electricity, has been reduced to the point where the bulk sale of 70 yuan a pound. CEO Pan Pengcheng is a mining world, advise the miners: “while there is little value, and I advise entrant miners friends quickly put the old equipment to sell, if a little late, it is not sold on the pounds, that is kg and tons.”

Cellular vehicle sales director Deng Mingyue also address him, did not sell the mill! But she also said: “in the country has to shut down the machine, M3+, T9, in fact, to some countries, the Middle East zero price, the cycle is relatively short. This is the secondary market development direction of mine this child.”

Mills sold another said the shutdown or shutdown. “When mining electricity was larger than the output, we can only choose to shut down, or to seek cheaper electricity costs, there is no doubt that this is one of the economic accounts.” God said the fish.

“The market is not understand the risk of investor education”

 The ecological circle of winter mine: gold mining or shutdown sold on the pounds?

(source: money printing)

The figure shows is based on 0.4 yuan / kWh tariff revenue and its reference, we can see that the core problem is the price level. With the 2017 high market prices, a large number of miners passed into the rapid increase of the resources, but in the winter, how will they survive?

“The market in education do not understand the risk of investors, this round of accelerated decline has not led to more mine owners out of the market, it should be said that the future will be at least 5% of the investors bear, will fall in the circle of mine clearing risk consciousness weak investor.” COO Yu Yang said the sea mine.

“I also agree with this round of decline will cause small miners off the tide, will cause all vehicle manufacturers shipped difficult problem, but also give the industry a wake-up call. Cut chives traditional seller’s market has ended, a new round of competition will enter into what stage? How to ensure the interests of users and win-win? The war has just begun.” The panda and its co-founder Yang Xiao said.

For lower prices, this is certainly the most direct way is to reduce the cost. But in addition, there are also some economic means to avoid risks.

Mining is the essence of arbitrage, remember to use financial instruments to hedge.”

For the miners, maintain sufficient cash flow is commendable, in this case, most of the miners facing liquidity problems to pay electricity. We gradually realize that not only rely on hoard coins for the winter, hoard coins and currency speculation are gambling, because you don’t know what time the bull market will come, can take in the past. As a mature investor, we should invest in certain things, as far as possible to improve their survival rate. At present, can be used to hedge financial instruments include: a hedging tool for currency price; the second is the principal currency credit institutions; the third is to lock the purchase price is.

The founder of F2pool, said “God fish pond to realize mining is the essence of arbitrage, we need to use financial tools for exposure to become smaller. Such as the use of hedging behavior, to reduce the risk.”

Dragon pool founder Zhao Yingguang said: you can use money to loan principal currency lending institutions at the right time to sell out of money. This process does not need to raise funds to redeem, only need to pay a certain fee money lending institutions. In this way, one is to solve the liquidity of your reality; two is the best time in a period of time choose to sell the currency; the three is to avoid the passive zapan, favorable in the industry. Now there are some institutions for the operator to do hedging, such as to lock the price to buy you the next month is.”

“Bear is the golden period of mining, please enjoy this time.”

Although the currency price fell to the miners brought funds the actual problems, but the basic logic earn coins, the bull market bear market currency speculation has not changed, in fact, more ore pool are not so anxious, from their position, revealed more is facing a rare opportunity to delight.

God fish said: “I have experienced more cattle bear, is a very classic words to you,” the bear earn coins, the bull market to make money. ” We stick to the principle of the line, after a period of time that the bear at the bottom, we control the risk, it is a very good opportunity to dig, dig this round up bitcoin, enjoy this time. These days is the history of the largest bitcoin is withdrawal time, mining is actually very precious time, if we can control the cost and risk, this is bitcoin mining rare golden period.”

Bear make money, then dig what money? Bitcoin is the currency? At present, small currency gains seem more high. Letter pool operators responsible person Zhou Peng said: “dig down small currency there is some short-term benefits, but the long term, or to dig bitcoin safer.”

“The fastest 3 months will hit bottom, the latest not more than six months”

For the duration of the bear market, mine circle chiefs seem generally more optimistic, the founder of F2pool, God gives the fish pond in the first half of the expected, the sea will be mine COO Yu Yang also said that the currency fell faster than expected, but the bull market may come earlier.

Coin printing co-founder Zhu weight more optimistic, he said: “the fastest three months will hit bottom, the latest not more than six months. We can get this round of the bear market bottom. But to fully recover, reach the next round of the bull market peak, may take 2-5 years, a reference on CBBC is such a cycle. I think this is a worldwide public really come into contact with the digital currency to invest in this area, so may bear longer, cut more miserable, but if cut off in advance to the bull market. So the danger is the chance, don’t be too pessimistic.”

Let us bear a lot of people downhearted, relive Nakamoto and “six Arhats” story

Editor’s note: This article from the vernacular block chain (ID:hellobtc), author: hellobtc, authorized to release the daily planet.

1 2009 3, UK Times newspaper published an article titled: Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks (“finance ministers in the bank the next round of emergency the edge of the cliff”). At that time, the shadow of the financial crisis has not yet dispersed, governments are wary of dealing with economic issues. Just in the past more than a year, can be described as thrilling.

This began in the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis, and gradually evolved into a global financial crisis, even after the great depression in 1929 is considered to be the most serious economic crisis. In order to save the crisis, governments will have to come to the rescue.

9 2008 28, US Treasury Secretary Paulson proposed 7000 billion bailout; 10 month 30 day, the Japanese government announced a total of 26.9 trillion yen ($2730 billion) stimulus package; 11 9 April, Chinese government introduced 10 measures to expand the scale of investment of 4 trillion yuan in need, to promote the growth of the European countries and other countries; favorable economic stimulus intensive introduction.

The bailout money where? The answer is: india. The printing presses have started to print all. All financial institutions pay for greed.

The Cong and Adam Back 01

At that time, there are also many people criticize the people to pay the way, people began to move to change this situation, Nakamoto is one.

In 2008, Nakamoto bitcoin began writing paper.

At first he sent the mail to the British cryptographer Adam Back, asked some questions about Hashcash. Adam Back recommended another cryptographer David to him (Wei Dai) and his B-money. After Nakamoto on B-money August 22nd, sent a message to David.

(mail idea: read your papers on the B-money, I am very interested in. I’m going to publish a paper, this thesis put your ideas develop into a complete and feasible system. Adam Back noticed the similarities between our two papers, then introduce your website to me. )

In this email, we can see the prototype that Nakamoto bitcoin white paper. However, that is not called bitcoin, but “electronic cash” (Electronic Cash).

This message has not attracted the attention of David, he simply replied that he would see.

In August, Nakamoto registered with the, and the protection of registered, is not registered for this domain has been registered by others. It seems that he is ready.

The Cong and Hal Fanny 02

2008 years 10 months 31 days, Nakamoto published a 9 page white paper “bitcoin bitcoin: electronic cash system with a point to point”.

See bitcoin white paper, Hal Fanny very excited, he immediately made contact with the Cong. After years of Hal Fanny recalls: “he (Nakamoto) seems to be the more I detest the world and its ways, idealism.”

However, only the white paper is not enough, Nakamoto should he the idea become a white paper. The product manager is Nakamoto bitcoin, bitcoin is the programmer. The next few months, Nakamoto busy implementation of the bitcoin system.

In January 3, 2009, Nakamoto dug block creation. He 18:15:05 (GMT) dug up the first 50 bitcoin. Bitcoin was born.

Nakamoto So on the day of the times the title of an article written into the creation block (the article mentioned at the beginning of the Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks).

In January 9th, the first edition of the bitcoin client, v0.1 release.

The client after the release, Hal Fanny immediately download it down, Nakamoto sent him 10 bitcoin bitcoin, completed the history of the first transaction, the time fixed in the January 12, 2009.

January 12, 2009
Nakamoto So sent Hal Fanny 10 coins

A few days later, Nakamoto Hal Fanny received several e-mails, to discuss technical issues. Usually Hal Fanny Nakamoto So reaction to Bug, let the Cong repair. Hal Fanny also tried.

In this way, bitcoin began in a small group of cypherpunks, spread quietly.

Martti Malmi and 03 in the Cong

2009, then at Helsinki Polytechnic University read the second grade Martti Malmi found The year 5 month, he gave Nakamoto email wrote: “I would like to help with Bitcoin if there s something I can do (” I want to help the bitcoin, what if there is something that I can do it).”

In fact, in connection with Nakamoto before Martti in the online published an article about the bitcoin article. The Martti message is still attached to his article link. Nakamoto read his article, and gave him back to the message: you understand bitcoin is completely correct. Not long after the Cong let Martti “help”, where he used his computer to run bitcoin program.

While still in College Martti can’t help Nakamoto to write code, but he can still write. Just then the bitcoin website need to write some bitcoin introduced materials to solve new problems, for example, adorable, “bitcoin is safe” “why use a bit?” Etc..

Then, Nakamoto suggested Martti write something. Nakamoto So said to Martti in the mail: “I don’t like writing, I better programming level”. Two days later, Martti Nakamoto did not live up to expectations, write a long article, seven basic questions of bitcoin. Nakamoto looked very love, then give Martti full permissions, allowing him to bitcoin website to make any changes.

In an e-mail to Martti, Nakamoto said he noticed that someone had called “currency bitcoin encryption (Cryptocurrency), then the Cong asked:” maybe we said bitcoin can use the word. You love this word?” (Nakamoto is quite lovely.)

The Cong and Laszlo Hanyecz 04

In 2010, bitcoin gradually began to expand the influence.

In May 22nd, Florida Laszlo Hanyecz programmers spend ten thousand bitcoin bought two pizzas, became the first real pen bitcoin trading history, the two pizza became the most expensive pizza. To commemorate this day, May 22nd is also known informally as the “bitcoin pizza day”.

In fact, Laszlo Hanyecz also had contact with nakamoto. In 2010, Laszlo and Hanyecz began to dig bitcoin. Of course, as a programmer he was not satisfied with this, he would like to do something for the bitcoin development. He gave Nakamoto email, expresses his ideas, Nakamoto Satoshiya agrees. Subsequently, Nakamoto sent him to let him go to complete some tasks.

However, according to the Laszlo Hanyecz memory, the whole process is more weird (weird)”. Laszlo Hanyecz recalls: “I think bitcoin is great, I want to get involved, but I do have a job, but Nakamoto will send an email to me directly,” said you can modify the Bug? ” “Can you do this?”.” Laszlo Hanyecz the development of bitcoin as a sideline, part-time, and Nakamoto So put him as a full-time employee.

“He (Nakamoto) said,” we have the Bug, we need to repair them. “I thought we?? We are not a team, okay.”

But Nakamoto is not love Laszlo Hanyecz spend too much time in the mining.

The Cong and Gavin Andresen 05

In 2010, Gavin Andresen InfoWorld first contact with bitcoin, then conquered by it.

In June 12th, Gavin Andresen Nakamoto issued the letter to BitcoinTalk, with Nakamoto made contact.

Gavin Andresen is an experienced programmer, gradually involved in the development of bitcoin, and obtained Nakamoto enough trust, slowly to perform more programming tasks. Later, Nakamoto exit, Gavin Andresen took over the development of bitcoin.

In 2010, along with the increasing popularity of bitcoin, bitcoin transactions demand began to increase. A lot of things happened during this period:

2 6, Bitcoin Market was established, it is the first bitcoin exchange.
7 17, Mentougou.
In November 6th, bitcoin market capitalization of $1 million.
In December 16th, the first Slushpool starts running out of mine pool mining block.
In December 3rd, someone in a posting to BitcoinTalk for WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks) contact, hope that WikiLeaks can use bitcoin. In this regard, expressed concern about Nakamoto replies, he replies: “I have to appeal to Wikileaks, do not use bitcoin. Bitcoin is a very small community”. Nakamoto So believes that bitcoin needs to develop slowly, gradually become strong.
In December 11th, the post again, said: “Wikileaks has to poke the hornet’s nest, a wave of wasps in coming to us.”
In December 12th, Nakamoto published last post retreat in BitcoinTalk, and did not appear again.

Nakamoto So’s last post keynote:
Add a DoS attack, remove the security mode

In fact, this is not the Nakamoto made his last appearance, three years after it was revealed in 2014 he also once, this behind us again.

Mike Hearn and 06 in the Cong

After 2010 years 12 months 12 days, he and others kept e-mailing. Including Mike Hearn. (in fact, early in the 2009 years 4 months, Mike Hearn gave Nakamoto email asking questions about bitcoin. After repeated contact, Mike Hearn obtained Nakamoto trust gradually involved in the development of bitcoin in the past, they have been contacted by mail).

In April 20, 2011, Mike Hearn gave Nakamoto email. He said in a message: “I had a few other things on my mind (as always). One is, are you planning on rejoining the community at some point (eg for code reviews or is your), plan to permanently step back from the limelight? (I have something to ask a few. Yes, you will return to the bitcoin community to? For example, do code review, or are you going to permanently quit?)”

In April 23rd, Nakamoto replied: “I ve moved on to other things. It in good hands with Gavin s and everyone. (I have been transferred to other things. Bitcoin in Gavin’s hands and we do well. )”

From then on, no one can contact nakamoto.

07 Nakamoto last appeared

But surprisingly, after three years of stealth, Nakamoto appeared in March 7, 2014, P2P Foundation, sent a message: I’m not Dorian Nakamoto. When the whole world is looking at Nakamoto, Newsweek issued a document that they found Nakamoto So, now American engineer Dorian Nakamoto.

From now 4 years, Nakamoto never appeared.

The identity of the 08 in the mystery of Cong

After Nakamoto So retired, did not hinder the development of bitcoin. He took the initiative to the development of Andresen, led by his bitcoin development.

With the gradual increase of effect of bitcoin, a high price, people are increasingly curious: who is Nakamoto So? Although Nakamoto So and many people have e-mail contact, but he never mentioned his private life, where he lived, what all not to mention.

If someone asked these questions, he never answers, so everyone on the little Nakamoto Soichi. Hackers, reporters, friends and other troops have been dispatched to search, nakamoto. This process is tortuous and bizarre, then simply say a few words.

Someone of his mail, find the location of the, using a variety of means, until now, have not found nakamoto.

Of course, during this period, there are all kinds of speculation, some people think that Hal Fanny is in the Cong, some people think that Saab is even Nick Nakamoto So, who claimed to be Nakamoto, of course, finally there is no sufficient evidence to confirm these views. Until 2018, who is in the Cong is still a mystery. For Nakamoto, we only know the following information:

A British newspaper he read (write the block content is the title of an article);

He claimed to be Japanese, but English is very fluent, he uses British English spelling, such as his “favour” (American English as “favor”); “colour” (American English as “color”); “grey” (American English as “gray”); “modernise” (Mei Shiying language “modernize”).

He meets the time in the United States in the online posting time.

So, there is speculation that he might be a British man living in the United states.

09 Nakamoto more cattle?

Nakamoto So’s cattle is reflected in two aspects:

The first point: hidden identity
In this Internet era, Nakamoto can completely hide their identity in the world, so many hackers, the reporter could not find him, showing his technique is how cattle!

The second point: bitcoin
As bitcoin Nakamoto’s invention, embodies the Nakamoto idea.

A few small episode, V (for God, is the creation of the etheric Fang V God) said in an article, when Nakamoto bitcoin design, avoid some pitfalls naturally or half unconsciously:

  • Bitcoin address is the public key hash value

Why bitcoin does not directly use the public key as the address? Also once again a hash operation? Is a waste? Using the public key hash has an advantage, if quantum computers appeared, quantum computer is still very difficult to crack the hash key, and quantum computer can be an easy job to do to break the public key. So, in theory, bitcoin is no need to worry about the quantum computer (at least to find a solution for our time).

  • 21 million of the total limit

Many people are wondering why the total bitcoin is 21 million, why not 31 million, not 210 million? It is 21 million. First of all, this number is far less than 64 times of 2 minus 1, which is the largest integer a computer which can be stored in standard integer, more than the value, value will return to zero as the odometer like. Secondly, there are a number of “cong” always try to lower the threshold smaller: you can use the floating-point format maximum integer possible. If the Cong then chose 210 million instead of 21 million of the value, in many languages programming than now will Ribet currency more trouble.

  • Elliptic curve encryption algorithm

Simply means that bitcoin does not use conventional encryption algorithm, but the use of the elliptic curve encryption algorithm Koblitz, from the U.S. National Security Bureau left in the encryption standard in the back door.

There is an interesting thing.

Nakamoto So registered account at the P2P Foundation forum, this is a discussion of P2P Technology Forum, Nakamoto in birthday is 1975 years 4 months 5 days.

Nakamoto So in the P2P Foundation home page

Ordinary people might think this is an ordinary day, but there is a bit of a doorway. In April 5, 1933, President Roosevelt signed the government decree 6102, the provisions of all U.S. citizens holding gold is illegal. The purpose of doing so is to let the United States debt devaluation against depression. A universal pay approach.

Until 1975, the president of the United States Ford signed a bill to legalize gold, US citizens can legally hold gold again. In fact, Ford is 74 signed the bill, Bill time is 1974 years 12 months 31 days, that is a citizen of the United States in 1975 years can legally hold gold again. A combination of 1975 and 4 5 April is not like a coincidence, is more like the Cong intentional.

In a word, although Nakamoto So disappeared, but he brought us bitcoin blockchain and. They not only subvert our perception of the traditional monetary system, but also reshaping every aspect of our lives.

Perhaps the future bitcoin can not really replace legal currency, but it brings the influence, brought to the center of the concept, will be rooted in the world. This is a social experiment perhaps has just begun……

Ethernet square than the highest point down 90%, will still face a greater risk of selling

 Ethernet square than the highest point down 90%, will still face a greater risk of selling

When we are waiting for the arrival of the bull market, bear market to 2.0. Since the 11 14 April so far, bitcoin has been plunged 33%, 9 days 36 billion market value evaporated. From the beginning of the highest price decline of 73%, the market value of the evaporation of 213 billion dollars. From the second to third after the fall of the etheric position since Fang 3 months of this year ushered in a wavelet rebound from 5 months has been in a state of fall. Now below $135, from the high down to 90%.

 Ethernet square than the highest point down 90%, will still face a greater risk of selling

On the one hand, in the bear market environment, using Ethernet technology project workshop the underlying currency less, while the ICO reduction projects, leading to the decrease in demand for Ethernet fang. On the other hand, this also with the aether square community has its own problems are not unrelated. Such as performance due to insufficient transaction congestion, fees are expensive, then to August upgrade delay, and EOS and other competing products are frequent, the cause of the etheric square below the 90%.

The performance is the lack of a little ether criticized by most of the public square. Last December the etheric cat game almost paralyzed the entire system in July this year, Fcoin has launched a “currency transaction digging” and “gem” the etheric Fang fee once again congestion, up to 1.5ETH (about 4374 yuan).

According to Fcoin, the currency rules of the gem cumulative recharge number ranking, digital asset recharge gem only supports ERC20, the project does not need a coin coin fee, only need to recharge amount, who charge more, who is the first to coin. This leads to a multi account recharge, brush volume behavior, resulting in the etheric Fang trading congestion. According to the Etherscan data, there are nearly more than 80 thousand Ethernet orders waiting to be processed. And since the transaction orders in line is still hovering at about 80 thousand.

 Ethernet square than the highest point down 90%, will still face a greater risk of selling

This greatly shaken the confidence of investors in the etheric fang.

In view of this phenomenon, V God said in August that it would will be announced Plasma (sub chain to chain report way to increase transaction throughput) as a new Ethernet square expansion project, to upgrade. However, due to the internal inconsistency on the upgrade program, has yet to upgrade. In the face of these difficulties, V God again and again in the public square on etheric vision for the future. In Prague in October 30th fourth Ethernet Fang developer conference, V God introduces Ethernet Fang future upgrading scheme. But from the view of currency price, we are not too much response, probably waiting for the arrival of the real upgrade. At the same time, but also to the public platform for the direction of the chain of EOS is because the DPOS mechanism, the Dapp number of users on the chain and its activity is higher than the etheric fang.

In addition, according to the rhythm of block BlockBeats saying the etheric Fang also faces potential risk, namely when the regulation comes, the project requirements forced to liquidate its assets to compensate investors, ETH will face a massive sell-off, then encrypted currency market will really come winter.

Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

Last week, a series of challenges bitcoin investors psychological defense.

Since December 2017, bitcoin fell from a peak of nearly $20 thousand, there was a period of stability in the range of 6000-7000 U.S. dollars. However, this stable over the past week was completely crushed, dropping continued since bitcoin exceeded $6000, fell below $4170, hit a 17 year low since October.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

The long-term holders began to evacuate

In a piece of some of the Starving people fill the land., psychological support has completely collapsed. Encryption currency investment consulting firm Onchain Capital founder said in the Twitter:

“Since this wave since the bear market, today is the first time I saw people began to evacuate, they sniff at downhearted about this technology, and this upsurge, vowed never to touch the encrypted currency, even the most daring [investors] are not talking……”

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

I’m afraid this is not his personal awareness. In the group of investors in 2017 Q1 buy bitcoin (when the price at $900-1300), now also began to evacuate. Digital currency exchange Genesis CEO Michael Moro recently said, “those who buy bitcoin [] in early 17 guy, this is the first time I saw them sell”, because “now the price close to the cost price of them”.

Of course, even now, the number of people at least $3000 profit margins, compared to those who later admission people have too much luck.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

Photo from

(with a more than 1 years of bitcoin bitcoin investors lose confidence, ready to leave)

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

2018: Global Investors disaster year

Since 2018, the whole circle of currency assets shrunk dramatically, a loss of eighty or ninety per cent, each day brings new fears. The coin ring is not worth it, but nobody told us where to go.

When you look at the global financial market will find that in 2018 for all asset levels who are not friendly for a year, and the number of money but is “one game”.

In the past couple of months, the United States FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) total market value dropped 1 trillion, the NASDAQ index since April 30 8 has fallen by 15%; oil prices have plummeted, from 10 month highs per barrel (equivalent to 119.2 liters) of oil fell $20 11; November 20, P 500 index 11 plate plate down, energy and technology were down to 3.5% and 2.4%.

Some time ago, the United States James Cordier (futures gangster has published “the complete guide” option) the near collapse of the public confession video online crazy pass. James Cordier in the recent U.S. natural gas prices suffered in the warehouse explosion, he was in charge of the options trading company by mail to inform investors that the company management account suffered a devastating loss.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

James Cordier in the video look dignified, repeatedly into silence

Futures gangster like this, not to mention the ordinary people. So, whether the investment encryption currency, or stocks, or the other, always remember that the investment can not exceed the scope of its affordable.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

The last hope

Finally, there is another voice, that this round of bitcoin fell just out of a group of speculators, the development of encryption currency is a good thing.

Encryption currency since birth, always with the hype and bubble shadow. As early as 2017 cryptocurrencies experts put forward the “Nakamoto cycle”, in this view, when bitcoin prices rise, people for money in encryption will improve, so there is more investment, which in turn drives the bitcoin prices.

But over the past year, investors from fanaticism to gradually break up and development in block chain industry is not good, the contrast of the enlightenment, not speculators real users. They just want to rely on bitcoin overnight, instead of the true faith to the center of the assets.

The encryption currency industry if these people as users, with their demand for the product, is tantamount to suicide. For this young industry, speculators might leave the industry means a cultural change.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

The status quo and dream block chain + game

Author: Crystal capital analyst Ben Rui

Part 1

Block chain game situation

1. present situation

At present, according to the network data can be found, the number of users of the blockchain has reached 30 million, the user base to block chain game to bring a lot of traffic, and promote the development of block chain technology. According to incomplete statistics, at present the blockchain game is about 417, a total of more than 230 thousand ETH and is currently involved in the transaction, the user is only about 110 thousand square blocks compared to Ethernet address, the user chain is large and growing, the tip of the iceberg, so the future is still a huge profit space.

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

According to the network data show that the current block chain game player active users increased steadily from the beginning of January February the average daily living about 2000, the steady growth of 4000-5000 in May to April, with the increase of the number of live, game, game player, activity will continue to grow.

In addition, tend to block chain gamers pay is very high, largely solved the problem of fund game industry users. “White paper” game industry chain in 2018, in which 110 thousand users, 27% users participated in the game to pay transaction flow of more than 1ETH more than 9500 users, accounting for a total of more than 8.5% households, while more than 100ETH 286.

Block chain game / pay a higher proportion of user transactions

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

Source: “2018 block chain game industry white paper”

But the current block chain in the early game, the segments are crazy to test the water phase, most of the game DAPP or imitation “cat” or “etheric state” encryption, short life cycle, the game experience is poor; and after April, before the game was not as good as DAPP output, but relatively more diverse gameplay.

But note that, according to the monitoring results of the game DAPP, day 500 will be able to become a popular game (now Nikkatsu is the highest with the cat and the etheric elf, but only about 500), it is hard to imagine in the traditional game. And, which is nearly 300 game day was 0, that is to say, most of the game is currently in No one shows any interest in the state. Therefore, the current block chain game is still in infancy, the status quo is relatively bad.

2, (1) bud development history

DMM, “my world” and other gaming platforms began to accept bitcoin and other virtual currency payment, after the development block chain game laid a foundation.

(2) November 2017, the cat became the first etheric phenomenon DAPP game

In November 2017, the etheric Fang launched the first block chain game, “cat ether”. The cat itself has Ethernet virtual currency function, without any central control, even if the AxiomZen studio accidentally closed, the cat will still continue to operate the etheric, is still holding an important asset in the hands of the game player. At the end of last year, the etheric cat once created a single day more than 14000 daily active address records, resulting in clogging the etheric fang.

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

Although the game from the point of view, the etheric cat is not a real game, may only be regarded as a Demo, or a creation inspired other future games, lack of game. But overall, the gameplay design etheric cat is relatively perfect, but also give people for DAPP in the etheric Fang landing confidence.

(3) in 2018 2-3, DAPP games into the high output stage

In 2018, the coin circle began to enter the market, the currency speculation cannot obtain the proceeds, DAPP game has become an opportunity to promote its rapid development. In 2-3 months, a daily average of about 5 games DAPP output, showing a spurt of development.

(4) in April 2018, DAPP entered the game impetuous period, uneven quality DAPP

Since 2018 2-3, a large number of game DAPP high, causing the game to DAPP is very active, on the quality of the control is uneven. So in April, there were a lot of Ponzi games, including one called “PoWH 3D” of the game became a Ponzi investment game list, contract balance reached 20000ETH at the beginning of April, the number of daily active also reached more than 3000 people. The play is nothing more than to buy tokens after fees, early game player to take risks, behind the game player to fill the early cost, or pyramid type pull more people into the pit. “PoWH 3D” attracted other clone game output, or the one called “Power of Bubble” DAPP is worth mentioning, in an open contract, about 227 ETH to go into the game player. If the “PoWH 3D” just after cutting in leek, so in the “Power of Bubble”, each game player is harvesting the leek.

In another game DAPP, doing so impetuous environment such as EtherGoo, the block chain innovation in gameplay, allowing the user to block chain game POND’S scam overgrown with some more confidence. EtherGoo is a semi placed hook style games, play is mainly placed + combat, through different ways to earn Goo coins and then converted into ETH. In April, the game has been in the daily live top, even now heat down, is still in the top 10. The other is similar to the “a” catch demon composite block chain game began to emerge.

Overall, the combination of online data and comments, the current block chain game DAPP in 1 growth stage of barbarism, I think at this stage is mainly the blockchain game to test the water, water is not large in the most experienced game company, so may play and game experience than the traditional center of the game, but you can see the large game companies and senior game player has gradually begun to choose the approach, such as Tencent, its first test block chain game “hide” demon “; the NetEase NetEase Lucky cat” and “blockchain game channel”; Baidu “dog” Ali “Magee Reitz; treasure” millet “encryption”; rabbit; 360 block “cat” and so on, but the gameplay is still in the early of the etheric cat as the prototype, the homogenization of serious, at present this is a traditional game of pain points, block chain game also need to solve the problem. From the point of view, the Internet giant enthusiasm high, with the heat and the block chain technology research and promotion, the future block chain gameplay and experience will be better.

3, business model

 The status quo and dream block chain + game The status quo and dream block chain + game Part 2

To solve the pain point block chain game

1, the traditional game of the demographic dividend disappeared, the blockchain is still in the bonus game user, and the user willingness to pay high

Before the analysis of the traditional games are mentioned, because the user base continues to expand, new user growth is slowing down, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, from the incremental market into the stock market. The future growth of the industry towards intensive operations, quality content and user payment habits. Therefore, the demographic dividend and user fees habits is an important part of the development of the game industry. The traditional game of dividend gradually disappear, the block chain is in the limelight Masamori era, the game into the blockchain can absorb a large number of potential users and the amount of dividends, considerable. In addition, compared with the block chain industry users in other industries have higher willingness to pay.

2, to break the traditional mode for customers, reduce the cost for the customer

How to make efficient economic for customers has been the focus of attention of the gaming industry. In addition to several major game companies such as Tencent, NetEase and other leaders, the new game was off the traditional need to pay greater costs for customers, even the old game was off the drainage, the cost is not low, the probability of the users are willing to pay is less than 5%, far lower than the probability of the blockchain user is willing to pay. In the block chain, in the same public chain game can realize mutual open chain data, direct drainage of users, the cost is low; even the different public chain of DAPP can also be drainage through mutual cooperation mode, to achieve strategic cooperation, the public can survive in the future after all chain no more than 5.

3, to break the single game Island benefits, to achieve interoperability between the game

Each game has a relatively closed its own ecosystem, and the ecosystem circulation within the limited by the center of the game operators responsible for supply, extremely easy to cause the props and additional value, and when the game player lose interest, incentives will lose the meaning of user retention, game player itself virtual currency recharge, also lost value. In the block chain, can through to the center of the implementation of the total value, save the payment items, get through the boundaries and the rest of the game, when the game player quit a game to another game, according to a certain proportion of direct virtual property exchange, of course, may provide some assurance game discount mechanism the interests of operators.

4, the protection of personal data privacy, data transparency

For users, the traditional game of a defect is a very important data and opaque data leakage.

First of all, the traditional game data opaque is very serious, mainly reflected in

(1) game company data fraud chaos, big companies pass the cost to the game player, small companies to deceive investors and advertisers;

(2) the game data fraud caused by big data in the game can not get the value of the depth of excavation;

(3) the game transaction data fraud, depending on the game company statements of a school.

Secondly, the traditional game has big loophole to protect the privacy of individual users, mainly reflected in the presence of malicious scalping game game player data, profit by game player data, especially now that many games under the protection of minors under the banner, requires the user to fill in the identity card and other relevant information to verify the privacy, including the game game player link to Alipay, need to recharge WeChat wallet payment, greatly increase the possibility of leakage of private information. The block chain just can solve this kind of problem, the block chain itself is relative to the traditional center of the Internet does not have the safety, can not be tampered with and transparency, in the case of asymmetric information, credit system through consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm to build the game environment, high stability and reliability of the data, even if the information leakage can also know the source, to help the future prevent this problem from the source.

5, reduce the ecological transaction costs within the game, virtual items belonging to determine

To establish and operate a game ecosystem, must meet with the transaction in the ecological circle. In the game industry, the general transactions including coupons trading, game currency transactions, account transactions, virtual items trading etc.. But because of the three party transactions are not symmetric information and completely transparent, due to high transaction costs, transaction property loss caused by the risk, the game can not determine the ownership of other virtual assets. Transparent, non tampering block itself has the characteristics such as chain can help solve many problems existing in the game, the game industry development to help better.

Part 3

Block to the game industry value chain

The 1 game, the ownership of assets and liquidity

In the block chain, once the game assets chain, all within the game game currency, virtual props can belong to the block chain address under that game player, game player to address all assets following the ownership and right of control. In addition, the blockchain project currently have a mobile wallet, can support the game inside the offline transaction, and the transaction confirmation of a short time, to ensure the transaction whenever and wherever possible. It is worth mentioning that the game assets can achieve cross project reuse of assets two times or in block chain technology transformation.

2, to get new users to reduce the cost, can achieve direct drainage

Block chain can be achieved by using existing drainage phenomenon game users, address and account, developers only need to provide certain incentives and reduce cost for passengers dropped.

3, improve the antagonistic relationship between game developers and game player.

In the traditional game, game developers and game player is on the opposite side, the conflict of interests is the relative. In the block chain, a consensus mechanism determines to take certain rules, when the super node is delivered to the faithful game player and KOL games, game player and game developers will likely benefit the interests of highly consistent, the game player will help game developers to maintain game operation and development, developers in order to extend the life cycle of the game; users get the game, promotion game, will also set up a reward mechanism to reward positive promotion and help game community operators Development Game player. In addition, the operation in the block on the chain of the game basically will not face the dilemma of outage.

4, the game mechanism is relatively transparent, link game developers and game player can get better

When the game operation in the block chain, game player can know the developers said is true, whether the content will truly honor the commitment, game player can view the past of hidden in the operation of the rules of the game in the center, really build a stronger bond of trust between the developer and the game player.

Part 4

Facing the challenge of the game chain block

1, game developers profit problem

The traditional game revenue is mainly through the lure game player game props, continue to buy lottery, help game developers to achieve its commercial value, and the original black box will block chain transparent rules, and enhances the circulation of virtual items, reduce a large part of the interests of developers. Combine the block chain itself, the main income is Gas block chain, game developers will be able to use transaction fees pumped into get enough profit and value? If only the transaction fees can not deduct the cost of game developers, or bring benefits, whether there are other possible ways of realization is still need to explore.

2, the ecological balance of the game

The balance of the traditional game is mainly through the center of the game company, adjusting the parameters and algorithms to achieve, after entering the game industry chain block, need to take into account the economic interaction in the whole chain, how to realize the design of game assets and token economic is also need to seriously consider the issue.

3, block chain infrastructure problems

Obviously, the block chain industry is still in the initial stage, the infrastructure is still in the exploratory stage, there is not a precise perfect public chain efficiently, while the DAPP is required to run in public on the chain, what are the future public chain can continue operating through the test of time, and the existing system does not support the endogenous public chain random number. But this is just a stage problem, some impact on the game DAPP, but also does not mean there is no game DAPP good will be born.

4, supporting tools and services

Because of the block chain game address account, any games need to support the purse to complete the transaction confirmation and information acquisition and block chain. At present, most of the wallet solutions are completed in the end “. The solution includes the most commonly used Metamask, and Chinese version of the rabbit hole (Clevergo), in addition to many mobile wallet to join Dapp Browser, let the game player can use in the wallet “version of Dapp, on behalf of the typical Trust Wallet, Toshi Cobo, including Imtoken, wallet, purse, wheat Buntoy and so on. If you want to develop native IOS or Android’s customer service to the center of the game, a lot of suffering, such as IOS, Android and secure payment system of distribution channels.

Part 5

Project analysis

1, analysis of industry chain

In the tide of the blockchain technology under the guidance of the game gradually began to create value in the block chain. The current development in the field of the game as long as the block chain around the aspects of the game, the basic chain and service providers, and to spread in other areas of the game industry chain.

3 main areas:

 The status quo and dream block chain + game

(1) the game distribution platform

The Abyss

The Abyss Destiny.Games is a company involved in the development of the game distribution platform, to provide various types of games and reduce their cost of publicity to the game player. This Abyss provides a multi-level incentive and referral system, let the game player by playing games, and other game player earning social recommendation. This reduces the cost in the traditional game developers on the platform of the huge publicity fee, the money through the block chain technology to the real interests of popular game player.


BitGuild game platform is designed to bring revolutionary change for the global gaming industry and the construction of the largest gaming community chain block. The BitGuild block chain will be sent to the game player of the game props in a digital wallet, let the game player game player has real props and trading of props, transfer of rights, the protection of the rights and interests of the great game player. BitGuild has been with the wave field (Tron) to establish a cooperative partnership. The game has a variety of excellent BitGuild and the implementation of the PLAT transaction log.

(2) game chain


Cocos-BCX is the production, management and trading platform game developers face to the center of application and digital assets. With digital content, asset management and transaction support system with the ecological integrity of the interactive experience and block chain mechanism of DApp and digital asset development environment and chain, enables developers to develop low cost, high efficiency, in the digital asset business model continued to gain Cocos-BCX for basic knowledge exchange community platform.

Provides LUA and JavaScript support Cocos in the chain system realization of internal random number and timing task, combined with transaction commissioned and immediate confirmation of the high throughput and confirm the performance, to support more types of games to run on the chain. Unlike some of the public in the chain, Cocos chain system is realized to the center asset trading interface homogeneous and non homogeneous, and the design of the “world view” and props expression, through the standard, the direct support of digital assets within the game to intermediary transactions and cross game.


Laya is a block chain game engine and ecological platform, has four core businesses, they are: technology leading game chain Laya.chain; specially adapted Laya block chain professional game engine laya.air, support 2D and 3D block chain game development; allows ordinary game player development zone block chain low threshold game platform game laya.maker; go to the center of the block chain content based on client laya.cbox entrance. Great developers convenient block chain game.

(3) gaming platform


Firstblood is a platform based on electronic athletics blockchain, game player can win over the other game player to get a reward. Firstblood has a global ranking of the arbitration system to the center of the war system, solve the event cheating and correctness of witness and jury to ensure the game results. Now support the connection Steam against DOTA2, PUBG and other games, let the game player to play while you earn. Firstblood is also working with MOLD, the National University Electronic Sports League, bitcoin business Purse, vigorously promote e-sports career.

Electronic PK Chain gaming chain

EPC use block chain technology combined with the technical characteristics of the block chain, the construction of a fair and open comprehensive electronic sports network. To solve the problem of trust and fairness of electronic sports industry problems, make the e-sports industry more fair, open and efficient. There is a perfect scheme equipped including EPC, electronic athletics program, quiz game live gift reward scheme, the contents of the output incentive schemes, user support scheme, unified use EPC token reward.

(4) distribution platform


Refereum is a block chain to the center of the social gaming promotion platform based on. In order to reduce the cost of promotion of the game, a game developer, flow open and transparent trading platform between the media and the game player. Refereum has been at a low price on a variety of games and Steam points of goods, more than ten million game player through the registration, recommendation, broadcast and other ways to obtain the RFR integral to get the real benefits. It can be transplanted to other areas of marketing, is very promising.


ALAX is the blockchain mobile game distribution platform, to inject fresh blood into the global game industry. The main solution is to pay and game player funds advanced developers. To reduce the exploitation of the traditional distributed game player and developers through the platform to the center, reduce their cost; to be familiar with the online payment / credit card cash to buy a prepaid card game player provides service; developers pay function to reduce the number of middlemen accelerating rate of capital return through the ALAX Android SDK.

(5) prop trading platform


DMarket is a block chain and intelligence contracts based on the global market. It can be virtual items for all on any platform game in the implementation of the sale transaction, evaluation function, and without any third-party. Game developers can connected with the DMarket to achieve the above functions, which will enhance the game itself value, income and game player game time. DOTA2 and CS:GO now support, game player through the Dmarket can take the time and effort and money you spend on these games into money or goods return.


Block chain game props Gameflip trading platform established by Gameflip company, the company has several years experience in trading virtual game props (non block chain), which runs a market with millions of users. The Gameflip block chain platform using the newly developed FLP token and other game player game player can make direct point-to-point (P2P) and the purchase and sale of game props, let the game player get great value from the hard earned game props. The freedom and safety of good liquidity and market are greatly encouraged to buy more of the game player game props, also let the game makers can get huge profits.

(6) block hardware chain


The platform system is one of the hard and soft GCS global ecological game entrance, aims to provide a decentralized and distributed CDN network game promotion for the majority of game makers and game player groups. BOX.WIN Game Store is a set of distribution, promotion, retention, community, with cash in one of the powerful game distribution channels, users can consume a variety of games and related services in Game Store.

Play off cloud

Play off cloud is a new generation of block chain sharing economic intelligent hardware official as “private cloud”, in addition to the cloud disk function, play off the clouds can play off to dig coins (later renamed the chain, g) is the thunder block chain products, because mining efficiency and upload bandwidth, long time online. And, the thunder download service can be the perfect combination, is currently the most widely used block chain of household hardware products the most practical.

2, a specific game project

(1) the existing block chain games available (mainstream game chain)

  • The etheric Fang (to name only on live DAPP)

 The status quo and dream block chain + game (2) the prospect of block chain game

At present, the block chain game to collect, to develop a simulation based, the core gameplay is monotonous, mainly have pets, and then through the transaction in exchange for more high-end more rare species.

Although the gap with the traditional gameplay game, but the game because of its ecological chain block inside the digital asset and chain assets mapping relationship with financial attributes, so it is necessary to consider the main two aspects in the chain block game, a user stickiness, is a profitable property, developers need to value scarcity passes design when creating a game, to make them better together, but also needs to design the game from the essence of the game is fun.

At present, the chain chain block game block attribute and game attribute ratio is relatively high, which leads to the deficiency of the game entertainment. [1] need to use block chain to help future games create a new play, fun game, attribute higher, this is the best game fusion and chain block. The Chinese, due to the flow of the game in the hands of the entrance of the 70% game manufacturers, Tencent and NetEase, but the two of the block chain game development real force yet.


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The best is the anti encrypted network vulnerability

 The best is the anti encrypted network vulnerability

The orange book (ID:chengpishu), the author: Ben Davidow, compiled: orangefans, the daily planet authorized forwarding.

On the night of the election, many Americans sitting at home watching TV news. While others turn off the TV, turn to open the Augur website, hoping to see some news of the election in the above. That night, the Augur point of the block chain prediction platform reached a new milepost of its own: Augur produced the first “sweepstakes” more than $one million market forecast, gambling is the theme of “the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, which party will win the victory.

This Duyue two sides of the amount of shares, stakes between two results to swing back and forth, along with the voting results more clear, more and more small price changes, until the last Democrat to win.

But at this time, is a dramatic scene……

A buyer to buy Augur on the thousands of dollars worth of money, in charge of the Republican side, and so on… What…? When the Democrats have to win, why would anyone to bet a Republican?

One explanation, there are many possible explanations, points out that the bet in the presence of bug. This bet is called “a political party which will be in the 2018 midterm elections after the control of the house?” – there is no specific instructions, “after the election, when it is””. The democratic party until the end date about gambling set before the actual control of Congress, the bet will expire on december.

This text on the loopholes, not a big problem in the center of the market forecast, the central mechanism has the right to interpret. But in the forecast to the center of the platform, this small problem may lead to disputes about gambling, delay the decision, at least in theory, a serious dispute may let the market “invalid”. But some people worry that this small problem of boring arguments, function and use will damage Augur.

But if the dispute is actually a good thing? If a protracted dispute, or even a fork, is a good thing for Augur?

In the “anti vulnerability”, Taleb studied when faced with uncertainty, pressure and confusion when something dies, some things will grow. The latter has anti vulnerability.

Think of the hydra. When someone cut off its head, it will become the two head. “Hurt” love hydra. Something resilient can withstand the pressure and impact; the anti fragile thing will benefit from.

The best encryption network vulnerability is anti biological. The encryption network more successful, attracting more malicious attackers honeypot. But this attack honeypot more power, the protection of stakeholders of the network is also bigger. No one person or party has the power to protect the encryption network, the fact that make everyone aware of the common responsibility, because each people who have token, with the success of the network encryption results do bind the interests of. In Augur, when a malicious attacker deliberately put money in the wrong belief, this behavior will only incite more good people to buy more money to gamble, competing with one another and correct belief.

There is another anti encryption network vulnerability method: bifurcation. In the best case, the bifurcation is an evolutionary force, it can continuously carry out experiments, in order to promote the survival of the fittest. As Fred Ehrsam said,

Mutation like biological organisms DNA allowed by natural selection through evolution, let us live in the strongest forked version of the case can be done in parallel multiple experiments.

Augur has its own version of “bifurcation”. If the community in a number of controversies, still unable to market results agree, then it will be split into multiple versions. In each of the different versions of the “universe”, Augur will have a token account, and this is an independent branch of books — what happened to record different results, such as a democratic party was eventually determined to win control of the house, the other one is the market is regarded as invalid.

The DAO hacker and subsequent events can be said only to strengthen the bifurcation, the etheric Fang and the community. Although the etheric Fang and Augur are two completely different communities, but because of the community if the Augur dispute caused by the final bifurcation, bifurcation will have similar before it and etheric Fang, are different between the ideal VS. purism: pragmatism. The etheric Fang purists do not want to return to The DAO stolen money, but purists don’t love because some words may be invalid market vulnerabilities.

However, as in the encryption economic mechanism of well-designed, pragmatism and bias of production will tend to be better than the purists. Why? Because the encrypted network has very important encryption of token assets, monetary value of its utility in proportion to rise, will naturally make the choice of production holders tend to bias in favor of pragmatism, not purists. In other words, they will choose the actual development path can make token become more useful, because people want to rise in the value of the token.

In the case of Augur, “useful” may mean “prediction”. You want to predict good market forecast things… But if the sacrifice accuracy will actually predict long-term impact?

If in this case, we can not solve these problems, it will mean the Augur will be divided into two universe, a Democratic victory, another is the market is considered to be “invalid” or Republican prevailed. Perhaps two of the universe and its corresponding token for the use of different scenes, or for different users, are valuable. But I think the more likely scenario is that a universe may thrive, another will be forgotten.

Therefore, although the Augur as a whole may be anti fragile, but this does not mean that each of its forked versions are available anti vulnerability. As Taleb wrote,

Some components within the system may need to be vulnerable, so in order to make the system have anti vulnerability.

Augur long dispute can achieve the following goals:

Let more people buy and invest in Augur token, and the market should be how to solve the hot debate.

Create and describe the bet “standards encourage better market.

A further incentive for Augur developers to accelerate the improvement of the dispute resolution process, they are working on things.

If in the unlikely case of bifurcation, can make different experiments, observe what kind of version will be more efficient, with productivity, and then test the bifurcation process.

The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

The headlines

BTC is the lowest in four months

According to bitinfocharts data, the BTC force is 38.765EH/s, the lowest in four months.

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

Digital currency

The top five science and Technology Week losses over trillion, more than cryptocurrencies maximum loss

The top five technology stocks FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) the market value of this Tuesday from a 52 week high price began to fall, fell more than $1 trillion, more than the entire market the biggest loss since the encrypted value since the highest point in history. According to CoinMarketCap data, since January this year, the market value of encryption currency hit a record high of $813 billion has lost $666 billion.

Block chain industry

Media: GPU weak demand led to ASUS, Gigabyte and other manufacturers sales decline

According to local media reports in Taiwan, the weak miners demand for GPU is the result of the motherboard and graphics card manufacturers (such as ASUS and Gigabyte) is one of the main factors of the decline in sales. The two companies are also expected to the first half of 2019, this situation will continue to have a negative impact on their profits. Insiders said, 2018 Gigabyte motherboard shipments expected from 12 million 600 thousand in 2017 fell to 12 million, the 2018 card shipments are expected to decline to 3 million 650 thousand, less than in 2017 1 million.

The Shenzhen stock exchange launched version through the system block chain technology based on “”

The day before, by the Shenzhen cultural property exchange, digital creative innovation and Development Center (cultural art copyright blockchain application base), revision of the cultural industry chain block + Technology Innovation Summit and the mall system of National Engineering Laboratory for large data Shenzhen culture exchange blockchain application center jointly organized the “(Chinese version through) that will be launched” held. At the show with block chain technology, how to solve the cultural art copyright tracing, Jian Zhen, right, that price and circulation problems, promote the development of the field of culture and art of the real economy.

The daily planet Odaily into the first settled in Shanghai block chain technology innovation and industrialization base of enterprises

In November 23rd, Shanghai block chain Technology Association Application Forum Opening Ceremony cum first Yangtze block chain technology, MinIPO CEO Odaily, the daily planet partner Yuan Jun said, “the daily planet Odaily became the first settled in Shanghai block chain technology innovation and industrialization base of enterprises. Odaily will block the daily planet oriented industry chain, in the policy under the supervision of service enterprise, for enterprise empowerment, provides media services, data services, financial services, business incubators and comprehensive technology services. At present, there are more than 50 enterprises settled in Shanghai technology innovation and industry chain block base.

Global policy

The India supreme court hearing of encryption currency postponed to next year in January

The India supreme court hearing on encryption monetary postponed to January 15, 2019. According to earlier reports, the Supreme Court of India in October 25th had asked the Central Bank of India in two weeks cryptocurrencies comment, the Supreme Court is hearing a series of petitions submitted by encryption currency exchange. At present, the Central Bank of India has not submitted to the court.

The French central bank does not support the tobacco shops selling bitcoin plan

11 21, the French Federation of tobacco F D rationdesBuralistes obtained from tobacco companies which sell bitcoin (BTC) license. However, in the announcement, the French central bank issued a statement denying any such support plan.

Changsha high tech Zone: give financial support to enterprises settled in block chain; building block industrial chain “unicorn” cultivation mechanism

Today Hunan Changsha blockchain Industrial Park in Changsha High-tech Zone Information Industrial Park to start listing, Changsha block chain incubator at the same time. “A number of policy” Changsha high tech Zone to promote the development of industry chain block release, to block chain industry well-known enterprises to move the headquarters of Changsha High-tech Zone, the high-tech zones approved by the CMC, 3 years since the financial support given to settle in the day, the maximum not more than 10 million yuan. Block chain enterprises increase efforts to cultivate support, establish the high block chain industrial district “unicorn” cultivation mechanism. The goal is to 2022, the introduction and cultivation of domestic chain block segments of the unicorn more than 5 enterprises, 10 enterprises above the unicorn, the introduction and cultivation of talents in the chain of more than 500 blocks.

China Institute of Electronics will be released “the standard of training technical personnel in Chinese blockchain recently”

In November 15th, China Institute of electronics of the “standard” training of technical personnel Chinese block chain of experts will be finalized. Chinese Institute of Electronics intends in November 28th to November 30th in the 2018 international blockchain conference officially released the “standard” training of technical personnel Chinese blockchain, marking the block chain and technical personnel to develop China standardization stage.

Figure – voice

Central bank vice governor Chen Yulu: this year, G20 will focus on financial assets and encryption technology

The morning of November 23rd, foreign ministry held a briefing for Chinese and foreign media. Chen Yulu, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China at the meeting this year, G20 will focus on financial assets and encryption technology. Chen Yulu said that China expects G20 to continue to actively promote and improve the international financial architecture, the International Monetary Fund to complete the fifteenth general review of quotas on time, strengthen the close coordination between IMF and regional financial arrangements.

The core bitcoin developer Jimmy Song: Ethernet square is the next YAHOO, prices will continue to fall

The core bitcoin developer Jimmy Song tweeted that the Ethernet square and YAHOO similar, is a part of the Internet bubble, the valuation is too crazy. He believes that the collapse of the Internet bubble makes the Internet technology company’s market value is reduced by 90%, and with the boom subsided, Ethernet square prices will continue to fall, because many people burst out.

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

BM: if the first 21 nodes have different conflicts of interest will reduce the possibility of collusion

The statement said in the EOS telegraph group BM am today, the node revenues decline, he believes that the development of some nodes can offset part of the cost of the sideline, if only rely on inflation income will lead to decline in enthusiasm for the work of nodes. In this regard, a member said: reduce the node dependence on income, it seems more likely to lead to conflicts of interest. BM retorted: if the first 21 nodes have different conflicts of interest, so they will reduce the possibility of collusion. Finally, BM mentioned that he has been in the work hard to bring new vitality to the EOSIO ecosystem.

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

The founder of CoinGeek: SEC is to investigate Kraken

CoinGeek, founder of BCH SV Calvin Ayre Kraken will return the supporters of “BCH” code for its rival BCH ABC’s decision. Ayre said the current prediction is that the ABC chain will collapse, BCH will still be Nakamoto (Satoshi Vision), this vision is most likely the hash result of the war. According to his recent receipt of documents in American criminal department and the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation to be launched, Kraken also ranked by the survey list. The promise of Ayre will be released next week on charges of alleged market manipulation evidence Kraken.

CEO Li Qiyuan: China bitcoin bitcoin prices will rise to $8 million

Twitter bitcoin China CEO Li Qiyuan has more than 80 thousand tweets, he said, the latest forecast price of bitcoin is $80 thousand. In the short term prices will fluctuate greatly, but in the long term, will rise to the price!

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

NetEase vice president Hu Zhipeng: in “ghost story”, “meteor butterfly sword” in the introduction of block chain technology

Recently, the NetEase vice president Hu Zhipeng said, at present, the NetEase has launched 3 block chain products, the next will be in the “ghost story”, “meteor butterfly sword” in the introduction of block chain technology, continue to try. He believes that the traditional online game has two problems, one is the game player, because the amount of brush to plug-in game currency is worthless; two is a gaming platform, released over the game coin game player caused dissatisfaction, nature is caused by the problem of trust. The block chain can achieve equality between it and the platform game game player, to construct the harmonious relationship, and to verify whether the relationship is reliable.

Yao: the central bank before the digital currency is needed in the future study of quantum currency

Study on the digital currency of the people’s Bank of China institute director Yao Qian said, in the future, the central bank also need to study quantum digital currency currency. Quantum money can solve the classic digital currency double most headaches. At the same time, the equivalent of the ideal quantum currency combines traditional currency (notes) and the advantages of classical digital currency, and avoid their disadvantages in nature. At present, can be part of the application of quantum technology to provide services for the design and implementation of digital currency

Li Xiaolai: the bear market, the most important thing is not angry

Lee to micro-blog said: in the bull market you forget the angry, remember? Bear market? In winter, the most important thing is not angry, not angry with others, don’t angry with myself. Don’t try to change others, also don’t be changed by others. The Be a machine when why why, working.

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

Jiang zall reply to users: BCH plus checkpoint hard after the bifurcation problem does not exist

Today, micro-blog said Jiang drow reply to users, you have to attack BCH and checkpoint (checkpoint) have a problem, need to have two conditions: 1. checkpoint BCH is unique? Is not the same, BTC has a lot of checkpoint, not only BTC, there are many coins. (soft and hard at the bifurcation bifurcation bifurcation, bifurcation, accident) check plus the node does not guarantee synchronization technology is wrong, all currency practices. The 2. checkpoint is BCH to count and add the battle? Not BCH, before the two bifurcation (UAHF and DDA) hard, with checkpoint. The two conditions are not established, the BCH technology in accordance with the Convention, all the money in accordance with the technical practice, your own screenshots of the BTC in accordance with the technical practices of your own screenshots of BCH two hard bifurcated, plus checkpoint in the hard fork, what’s the problem? The purpose of checkpoint is to prevent accidental chain bifurcation, including preventing attack accident bifurcation, attack is to fight against the checkpoint. The use of BCH as a widely used, including BTC also used technique against possible attacks (although CSW mouth never attack), what is wrong?

 The daily planet | BTC is a four month low of India; encryption currency hearing postponed; the central bank said the leadership of this year will focus on the problem of asset G20 encryption

The policy of weekly | ministry will block chain security technology included in the pilot project; Singapore Exchange Guidelines for ICO listed companies

 The policy of weekly | ministry will block chain security technology included in the pilot project; Singapore Exchange Guidelines for ICO listed companies

Since the beginning of this week, under the currency market sharply today once fell out of lows for the year.

In the end there is no national policy, combined with currency market policy. Good, a lot of policy initiatives in Singapore, some proposals on digital currency and block chain industry towards compliance with the direction of development, such as regulated by the Singapore exchange for planning the ICO listed company guidelines and submitted to Parliament in the monetary authority of Singapore Secretary of the “bill payment service”, subject to the provisions supervision of payment services including the encrypted digital currency service. In addition, some countries will continue to promote the development of encryption currency regulation draft, or is trying to regulate the industry behavior. For example, India’s Ministry of Finance said or next month announced its encryption currency supervision regulations. Fully discussing the UK financial conduct authority will be at the end of the year before the encryption of assets edge. The governor of Thailand’s central bank is given the complexity that encryption of the monetary system, the central bank may not issue a digital currency over the next three to five years. Bad money, media regulation also spread to the United States, some from the media due to the existence of false propaganda and fraud, is being more than one platform to clean up.

At home, there are a lot of good news, the Ministry of industry in the ongoing network security technology pilot demonstration projects recommended, including the block chain platform. High tech Zone in Changsha announced to give financial support, establish the blockchain industry “unicorn” cultivation mechanism of block chain enterprises.

Currency market

Bitcoin BTC reported 4435.9 days up and down -21.83%;

Ethernet ETH report within 126.89 days workshop price -29.67%;

XRP 0.42466 reported reboxetine currency rose fell -11.55%;

The above currency market data acquisition time is 17:40 on November 23, 2018.

 The policy of weekly | ministry will block chain security technology included in the pilot project; Singapore Exchange Guidelines for ICO listed companies

Source: website Chinese station

This week the focus

International Forum

A good news

The Singapore exchange for planning the ICO listed company guidelines

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has been the initial plan for the issuance of coins (ICO) listed companies to set up guidelines. The Singapore Exchange Supervision Bureau (SGX RegCo) CEO Tan Boon Gin stressed the obligation of supervision of Listed Companies in the ICO when there have been problems. As part of the process, intends to carry out ICO listed issuers will provide legal advice about digital tokens and the auditor opinions of ICO calculation treatment. The SGX will also provide the relevant to the listed issuer compliance issues list.

Singapore “payment service” bill submitted to parliament, involving encryption currency payment services

Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of education Wang Yequan on behalf of the monetary authority of Singapore (MAS) director Shandaman, will “pay the bill submitted to parliament” service. “The bill includes provisions by token payment regulation services digital payment service. The draft of which is defined as “the purchase or sale of digital payment tokens (usually called encryption currency), or allows people to exchange platform of digital payment tokens in singapore”. It is reported that “the bill will expand the scope of the regulation of payment services, and authorized payment service MAS to the following risks and pay attention to the supervision: 1. money laundering and the financing of terrorism (ML/TF); 2. due to insolvency and less capital loss of consumer or merchant; 3. fragmentation and interoperability the technology and network risk limit; 4. At the same time, the draft also contains two parallel regulatory framework: Specifies the framework of the 1. major payment system; licensing framework 2. payment service providers.

The president of the International Business Forum urged Islamic countries using encryption currency system

International Business Forum (IBF) President Erol Yarar urged Islamic countries to adopt a common currency system encryption. He said that one of the key IBF for the next meeting will be using the block chain technology and encryption technology as a financial currency in the Middle East and almost all Muslim countries, a crypto currency system will be created for Islamic countries between international trade, this is the need to address the problem.

South Korea tried to use block chain technology to create “electronic government intelligence”

Yesterday, the South Korean public administration and Security Department announced plans to build a “smart government roadmap” and the central and local government agencies, using the block chain, such as artificial intelligence and big data technology, electronic government to set up a “smart”. According to the official announcement of 18 March 11, the Ministry said the government will set up a consultative body within the scope of the discussion, the implementation plan of intelligent government roadmap.

Venezuela: international experts on oil money must give

The Venezuelan government said it had held the international block chain technology and encryption currency consulting seminar in Caracas, from China, Luxemburg, Russia, Spain and Mexico experts attended the meeting, and the state backed oil money “Petro” comment. The office of the president of the Spanish reference block chain research organization Spa.Block.Institute Llus Mas Luque as saying the responsible person said, “on behalf of the Petro oil money to the traditional financial system’s victory”.

The Singapore authorities for block chain practitioners to provide seed capital

In order to block chain ecosystem development in Singapore, information communication media development authority of Singapore (IMDA) is to provide seed money for the blockchain industry participants, to develop special interests, connecting block chain solutions provider and other related service provider platform.

Second, steadily

India media: the Ministry of finance or in 12 month announced its encryption currency draft regulations

The media Quartz said, a group of the Ministry of finance of India (founded in 2017) will be announced on December in a “virtual currency bill framework using distributed technology and the use of digital currency books in India in the financial system, clarify its use and asset position in the transaction number. It is reported that Subhash Chandra Garg is the person in charge of the drafting of virtual currency policy financial group, said earlier that the implementation of relevant laws and regulations before March 2019. The team meeting is scheduled for December and January 2019 this year.

UK financial conduct authority will clarify the supervision of gray edge encryption before the end of the year”

The UK financial conduct authority (FCA) competition strategy and executive director Christopher Woolard said, it is necessary to clarify the existing encryption gray edge within the scope of regulation “”. FCA before the end of this year will have the edge encryption assets for consultation, the Ministry of Finance on whether to transfer the edge of subsequent consultations.

Thailand’s central bank governor: central bank will not issue a digital currency over the next three to five years

Thailand’s central bank governor Veerathai Santiprabhob said, “in the next three to five years cash is converted to a digital currency situation. This is because the central bank to create a digital currency (CBDC) process is not easy, because of the complexity of the monetary system and is very time-consuming.”

The tax agency issued encryption currency transaction report

According to Japanese media news agency reported, the tax agency released annual transaction report today, the report summarizes the results of encryption currency trading exchange issued domestic users, and announced the report will be sent to the hands of each person before the end of January next year. This will greatly simplify the income calculation process, and improve the convenience of tax.

Third, regulatory upgrades

Media: recently the U.S. currency media by large-scale titles

Because of the existence of false propaganda and fraud, many foreign single plate cleaning, shouting from the media are also being multiple platforms. 11 2, the theme of the crypto currency to subscribe to the news podcast Off the apple chain was removed from the iTunes store, for this discussion a large amount of 11 6, apple 10 to restore the podcast; June 26, block chain analyst Xavi Medium account has been closed.

The United States Alabama Securities Commission against encryption currency fraud

The United States Alabama Securities Commission (Alabama Securities Commission) chief lawyer Greg Bordenkircher said, has played a leading role in the continuing fight against American encryption currency fraud, has closed 9 advertising business in alabama. So far, regulators in South Carolina, Colorado and Texas also check suspicious ICO.

Domestic plate

MIIT: to carry out the project of network security technology application demonstration recommend work, including block chain platform

The general office of the Ministry issued a notice regarding the development of network security technology pilot demonstration project recommendation, demonstration projects focus on guiding direction including but not limited to network security, network security, network security monitoring and early warning, emergency response network security detection and evaluation of new technologies and new application security. The safety of new technologies and new applications, including security for cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, the next generation network (5G and IPv6), a new application platform or system networking, car networking and other new technology security.

Vice mayor of Hangzhou Chen Weiqiang: Hangzhou will build the first city of digital economy

Today in the new economy 2018 block chain summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou City Vice Mayor Chen Weiqiang said, Hangzhou introduced the first city to create digital economy plan, accelerate economic restructuring, the implementation of the digital economy plan 1. He said that in the future Hangzhou will promote technological innovation chain based on the block, promotes development of books, distributed artificial intelligence technology.

Changsha high tech Zone: give financial support to enterprises settled in block chain; building block industrial chain “unicorn” cultivation mechanism

Today Hunan Changsha blockchain Industrial Park in Changsha High-tech Zone Information Industrial Park to start listing, Changsha block chain incubator at the same time. “A number of policy” Changsha high tech Zone to promote the development of industry chain block release, to block chain industry well-known enterprises to move the headquarters of Changsha High-tech Zone, the high-tech zones approved by the CMC, 3 years since the financial support given to settle in the day, the maximum not more than 10 million yuan. Block chain enterprises increase efforts to cultivate support, establish the high block chain industrial district “unicorn” cultivation mechanism. The goal is to 2022, the introduction and cultivation of domestic chain block segments of the unicorn more than 5 enterprises, 10 enterprises above the unicorn, the introduction and cultivation of talents in the chain of more than 500 blocks.

China Institute of Electronics will be released “the standard of training technical personnel in Chinese blockchain recently”

11 15, China Institute of electronics of the “standard” training of technical personnel Chinese block chain of experts will be finalized. Chinese Institute of Electronics intends in November 28th to November 30th in the 2018 international blockchain conference officially released the “standard” training of technical personnel Chinese blockchain, marking the block chain and technical personnel to develop China standardization stage.

If China prices fell, bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion really is not what happened!

The well-known financial commentator Deng Jiang

In 2018, the “fall down” has become the main melody of all markets, foreign exchange, commodities, from the stock market, almost all of the market are down. If 2018 is what the most frustrated market, I think bitcoin is not.

Over the past year, bitcoin value fell to nearly 77%, bitcoin market capitalization from 2017 highs 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan evaporation.

The bear market, investors go bankrupt, suffered heavy losses, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Mine are sold by catty.

But in any case, bitcoin fell influence on us is still relatively small, after all, currency speculation is a large family of miners, is one of the few people, ordinary people participation is not high. But if prices fall, the effect will be almost all China people.

Some people say that the gross China real estate is $65 trillion, a total of more than three of the United States and Europe, we shall not go to prove the authenticity of the data, visual sense, Chinese property market volume is no less than any market, a huge base, no doubt.

I remember once in the textbooks have seen similar expressions, the “Plaza Agreement” signed, the Japanese real estate value is four times the United States, a Tokyo can buy the whole United states. Then the result, we all know, housing prices back to the source, it also confirms the principle of Marx’s law of value in economics.

If Chinese prices fell 1%, there are more than 1.6 trillion yuan, with Chinese property than that of bitcoin crash is really not what happened.

Just recently, investors seem to hear the voice of the housing market began to collapse. All mortgage rates have loose, average interest rate by 5 percentage points, and the Guangzhou Shenzhen four City lending accelerated, the interest rate to float downward, lending accelerated, there are indications that are undoubtedly lifts the crumbling property market, the market demand is slowing down, waiting for the “new leek” admission.

If prices really fell, for us, is probably not a good thing

First of all, the real estate market involves us in all aspects of the national economy, including financial and banking, commodities, building materials and other industries, once prices fall, will lead to slow investment, economic stall, decline in business efficiency. Which is why we feel right now, businesses are sluggish, wages, bonuses have declined.

Second, a large part of real estate constitutes the wealth of the family, if the family wealth, will lead to personal consumption tends to decrease. Consumer demand will further decline lead to atrophy of the national economy. Economic stall, decline in business efficiency, also means that wages and bonuses will decline.

Finally, because most people are buying from bank loans, equivalent to add leverage. If house prices fall, once personal income fell, not from the mortgage, the whole family will go bankrupt, ten years of savings may disappear overnight, just as the US subprime mortgage crisis.

So, keep prices stable is the best possible way

Bitcoin fell 32%, but industry insiders predict 2019 rose to $20 thousand

The global encrypted payment processing company BitPay chief commercial officer Singer said, bitcoin (BTC) will be at the end of 2019 $15000 to $20000.

At present, the market generally bearish bitcoin bitcoin value this month fell more than 32%-.

Singer said, to the end of 2019, large institutional investors to enter the field may make bitcoin prices as high as $15000 to $20000.