Quantum Computing with Block Chains, Mapping Industry Future

nnnRush when comment: Ten years ago, the emergence of GPS has changed the world of our lives, while changing the mapping industry. And now the rapid development of 2017, quantum computing and block chain technology these emerging technologies once again become popular technology, and some people guess that these two technologies will be like GPS to bring some earth-shattering changes. Perhaps the emergence of these two technologies makes it difficult for us to see their impact on the mapping industry, but a new generation of young surveyors will eventually adapt to these new things, and to show us everything.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThis article was first published in The American Surveyor magazine.n
nTen years ago, the US government introduced a global navigation satellite positioning system – that is, what we know now GPS. I remember that I had attended a seminar to describe this amazing technology and speculated that it would be applied to mapping activities.n
nThe main purpose of GPS is as a navigation system, but in view of its precise positioning ability, some futuristic thinkers think it can be applied to the surveying and mapping industry, not only for the use of survey technicians, but also for land surveyors. For plain geographers who are familiar with chains and cables, this is something like Buck Rogers in the movie, which is highly theoretical.n
nIn the early days of the first satellite constellation Block 1 from 1978 to 1985, our own ACSM futurists (such as Larry Hothem) explained to us how GPS will change our world.n
nSince then, a total of 70 satellite launch into the system, there are 32 satellite orbit on the good run. Private practice surveyor GPS has also been ubiquitous; the rest has become history.n
nAnd now the rapid progress to 2017, as quantum computing and block chain technology such a new thing is being discussed in a curiosity, and have speculated that these technologies may be some earth-shattering discovery of the beginning, like GPS again The same.n
nQuantum mechanics is a branch of theoretical physics that seems to contradict all the theories of classical physics on which computer technology is based. We understand the quantum flexibility theory, string theory and quantum fluctuations as well as the new D-wave computer. A writer called it “can change the world’s black box”, can be faster to deal with a lot of unheard of data.n
nFor this example, we are concerned with dealing with the “Internet of Things” generated by the so-called large data challenges. In the future smart city (theoretically), tens of thousands of sensors will collect millions of data for municipal administration, from traffic control to voting mode. It is said that only the amazing achievements of quantum processing can handle information overload.n
nBlock-chain technology is also inferior, for our potential applications is also the same magic. The block chain is described as an electronic digital auditing system in the cloud. And one of the expected applications – in addition to Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies – is a virtual cloud land inventory that can be kept in any location and record, and has the perfect accuracy and security. Many of the commission commission have added block-chain technology to their field of study.n
nIn the 1980s, we were concerned and curious about a technology that might or might not be related to the mapping industry. But with the development of the global satellite navigation and positioning system, we can see that the measurement results (a topic of great concern to us) was part of its commitment.n
nWith quantum mechanics and block-chain technology, it may be harder to see how the field of mapping will be affected.n
nBut please pay attention: our new generation of skilled young surveyors will see these effects, and be able to adapt to all new things, as if we have to adapt to the use of digital computers and GPS. In some places, perhaps the young version of Larry Hothem will explain everything to our other people.n

Poloniex and Bitfinex will stop business in Washington

nnIn the wake of Senate Act No. 5031, both digital currency exchanges Bitfinex and Poloniex have announced that they will cease operations in Washington State because the bill requires that all currency exchanges in Washington, including virtual currency operators, Permit to operate. Bitfinex and Poloniex believe that this regulation is not conducive to its effective service to customers. But some want to operate in Washington, the exchange has been in accordance with the provisions of the approval.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMajor digital currency exchanges Bitfinex and Poloniex announced at the end of March and July 2017, respectively, that they would cease operations in Washington State after Senate No. 5031 or the Uniform Monetary Service Act was enacted.n
nHowever, despite the new regulation to begin, some digital currency exchanges still want to do business in the state.n
nGemini is one of them, the exchange has been approved and licensed, can operate in the state, allowing its customers in Washington to buy and sell virtual currency.n
nThe transaction is subject to permission to operaten
nThe bill aims to regulate the country’s currency exchanges, including virtual currency operators.n
nPoloniex and Bitfinex said the new rules do not seem to support their goals so that they can not effectively serve customers.n
nBitfinex March is present at the time of execution.n
nnImportant: Americans are not allowed to fund financing on our website. In addition, residents of New York and Washington State are prohibited from accessing funds or transactions on our website. “n
nnPoloniex’s announcement on its website is as follows:n
nn”After careful consideration of the financial services regulations of the Washington Financial Services Department, Poloniex will suspend the Washington account to create a separate account until the Washington account customers will receive an email that will guide you to step down your business.”n
nnUnder the Act, any entity or individual who wishes to operate a digital currency exchange in that state should apply for a license and sign a contract with a third party auditor to monitor and inspect its system to ensure its transparency and completeness.n
nThe exchange should also issue bonds, the amount of which is based on the amount of currency traded on the previous year.n
nThe new bill provides that:n
nn”In a business model that represents a virtual currency for others, the applicant must provide a third party security audit of all electronic information and data systems acceptable to the person in charge.”n

Block chain business company Bitfury application for electronic design patent

nnIn the application for the electronic design of the patent, the application only mentioned the patented technology in the use of Bitcoar mining applications. And the application is the end of last year’s patent project follow-up project, the company has received four patents.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nPublic file disclosure, venture capital investment in the block chain venture company Bitfury in the application for electronic design related patents.n
nThe Patent and Trademark Office published the “Layouts of transmission gates and related systems and techniques” application on July 27th, belonging to Bitfury Group Limited, Georgetown, Kentucky , Bitfury Chief Technology Officer Valery Nebesny is the only inventor.n
nThe patent itself is primarily a transfer gate, also known as an analog switch circuit, allowing the activated electronic signal to pass through a point. The document shows that the application covers the wiring design and its methodology.n
nWhen describing the possible use of the patent, the application refers only to bitmember mining. Bitfury is one of the developers of the global bitmap mining chip, according to available network data, over the past 24 hours to dig out about 6% of the transaction block.n
nnIn some cases, the multiple transmission gates referred to herein can be integrated into any suitable device, including but not limited to microprocessors, LCD screens, LED screens, televisions, mobile electronic devices (such as laptop computers, tablet, smart Mobile phone smart watches, etc.), computers (such as servers, desktop computers, etc.), bit coin mining equipment, and so on.n
nnPublic records show that this is Bitfury’s patented follow-up application in December last year. Bitfury has now obtained four patents.n

Bitcoin Cash: Why is it necessary to bifurcate the Bitcoin block chain?

nnnAfter a few years of discussion, Bitcoar expansion seems to be finally settled, but no matter what the final plan, there will always be some users are not satisfied with the results. Code optimization isolation test (SegWit) has been optimized to the development of today’s Segwit2x proposal, and the activation of the program is only a few steps away. But another group said it will be on August 1 from Bitcoin, to create a new currency called Bitcoin Cash. So what is Bitcoin Cash? How is it separated from Bitcoin? What kind of support has been received? This article will answer you one by one.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nBitcoin expansion dispute seems to have finally settled, but there are still some users are not satisfied with the results.n
nAfter a few years of discussion, it may have been expected that at least some people will eventually get nothing. The expansion proposal Segwit2x combines the two code changes proposed – code optimization isolation test (SegWit) and block chain capacity increase to solve this problem, but this expansion proposal is still controversial.n
nToday, there are only a few steps away from Bitcoin’s activation of SegWit, but some Bitcoin users are still not satisfied with this result.n
nOther people who initially supported the Segwit2x proposal seemed to have lost confidence in the final expansion of the block capacity, and they are now building their own version of the bitcores to keep their fate in their own hands – and in a short period of time Within the realization.n
nAugust 1, exactly at 12:20 pm UTC time, the group said they would be out of Bitcoin, creating a new encrypted currency called Bitcoin Cash.n
nCalin Culianu is a developer who has contributed code to Bitcoin Cash’s implementation, and he does not like SegWit and thinks that everyone else has the same feeling.n
nCulianu told CoinDesk:n
nn”If the Segwit2x protocol fails to implement the 2x part (which is perfectly reasonable and possible), then it will only be the basic SegWit and no 2x, and many miners are likely to support Bitcoin Cash.”n
nWhat is Bitcoin Cash?n
nSo what’s it? How is it separated from Bitcoin?n
nThere are two notable major changes:n
nnIt increases the block chain capacity to 8MB.n
nIt removes SegWit, and SegWit this code change may be activated at the end of August in the bitcoin block chain.n
nnSome people (including some supporters of the project) called Bitcoin Cash “cottage”, and this term usually refers to the bifurcation of the software, which creates a brand new encrypted currency and has its own market.n
nIn fact, the current price of the encrypted currency in the already open futures market is $ 461, which means that its price is 18% of the current price of $ 2068.n
nHowever, unlike other cottage coins, Bitcoin Cash’s trading history is the same as the history of bitcoins – at least until the bifurcation is so. Thus, if Bitcoin Cash is out of bitcoin, the user will have a bit currency above the two block chains.n
nAnother difference is that the project said it will support a variety of software implementation, it is not surprising, because it has been accused of Bitcoin Core software in Bitcoin network is too dominant.n
nBitcoinABC is the first software to implement the Bitcoin Cash protocol, but its goal is still to support multiple software implementations.n
nCulianu said Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Classic and other implementations aimed at expanding the block capacity of Bitcoin are working to develop a software version that is compatible with Bitcoin Cash.n
nThe software may already be ready to greet the August 1 bifurcation or may not.n
nWho is involved?n
nSo far, most Bitcoin companies, mines, users, and Bitcoin developers seem to be interested in this job. However, there are some enthusiastic supporters.n
nLocated in Beijing, the mining company ViaBTC has nearly 4% of the bitcover, which is the primary leader of the counterweight bifurcation.n
nThe company also operates an exchange that became the first exchange to list the encrypted currency and plans to launch a new mine pool specifically for Bitcoin Cash.n
nWhen asked if he thinks Segwit2x will implement its road map, the company ‘s CEO, Yang Haibo, replied, “I am skeptical.n
nIn addition, Bitcoin Cash has attracted support from developers who want to expand the capacity of blocks, as well as developers of other proposals such as Bitcoin Classic and Bitcoin Unlimited.n
nHowever, it is true that people who are not involved are really more surprising.n
nEven supporters (including mining company Bitcoin.com and the continent) seem to be hesitant about whether or not to support the project. Now, they are still committed to the controversial expansion proposal Segwit2x.n
nThe mining company bit on the mainland even inspired Bitcoin Cash. However, the company said they only plan to make a change under certain conditions. However, the company may support both Segwit2x and Bitcoin Cash in the future.n
nIn the PSA statement, Bitcoin.com said it would allow miners in its pool to choose whether to dig Bitcoin Cash Token BCC.n
nNevertheless, the mine will still be excavated on the Segwit2x chain, but it indicates that if the SegWit block capacity expansion is expected to occur in the next three months or so, it will immediately transfer all of the company’s resources To only support Bitcoin Cash. “n
nWait, but why?n
nThere are several reasons why users and mines want to get out of Bitcoin:n
nThese users want to increase the quota chain capacity parameters of the bitcoin and assume that the future of the encrypted currency depends on this.n
nSegWit is likely to be activated soon, and some users want to avoid this feature.n
nSegwit2x block capacity increase in the chain may eventually fall.n
nConceptual and technical reasons are also associated with the user’s dialogue to show it.n
nWhen CoinDesk asks what BitcoinABC’s goal is, Culianu replied:n
nn”In order to save Bitcoin, we want to expand the Bitcoin so that Bitcoin will not die, and the Bitcoin itself is already sick and dying.”n
nWhat’s the difference?n
nMany other efforts over the past few years have shown that they can be separated from the bitcores if they get enough support from those who operate the computer that protects the network. But so far, no group has actually implemented the plan.n
nBitcoin Cash may be unique because it explicitly sets the deadline for dividing the bit currency into two, and it is less than a week away from this deadline.n
nIf the miners and the user did bifurcation, this indicates that the first time there will be a encrypted currency separated from the bit currency, but also with a bit currency trading history.n
nAs with past attempts, it is like using a new bit of coin to replace the bitcoets that are being used today. Bitcoin Cash is the same, but it seems more willing to wait to see if the user is joining.n
nAnd it is called Bitcoin, ViaBTC and some of China’s bit coins company signed an agreement to mark it as “competitive currency”, rather than “real” bit currency.n
nThis move may make the bifurcation faster, because in the past, the exchange has been very confused about how to deal with bifurcation.n
nWhat’s next?n
nIf the new encrypted currency is separated from the peer-to-peer network, it will be a precedent. So, some users are curious to see what happens.n
nHowever, without the strong support of miners and users, it may not have much impact on the main network.n
nHowever, if the lower part of Segwit2x is lost, it may be worth a visit. At that time, there may be more supporters.n
nFor example, Culianu summed up an optimistic view:n
nn”I’m intuitive to think that Bitcoin Cash may make everyone stunned. A few months later it becomes actually a bitcover that is not entirely impossible. Larger 8 MB block capacity is very attractive.”n

Interview with Delphy founder Wang Bo: block chain and the market can predict what kind of spark


Reporter: pencil leadn

As the first regional chain forecast market, Delphy has been widely concerned since its release, its sponsor is the former co-founder Wang Bo, investors, including distributed capital such as professional investment institutions.n
nHowever, whether it is to predict the market or the chain of blocks, I believe that for most people is a new concept, then the combination of these two cutting-edge ideas and technology in the end can hit what kind of spark, today we Delphy founder Wang Bo conducted an exclusive interview.n
nQ: How to simply understand the forecast market, what is the principle?n
nnWang Bo: In fact, the market is predicted to vote in the way to predict the future, where you vote on behalf of your attitude on this attitude, how much you vote on behalf of your confidence in the occurrence of this result. In essence, the predictive market can help transform the knowledge and experience of the public into wisdom.n
nIf scientific terms are explained, the forecast market is based on market principles to collect the confidence and judgment of the parties involved in the same transaction, resulting in a prediction of the future outcome of the event. We can compare the forecast market with the stock market, which is pricing the expected future earnings of the stock, which is pricing the expected results for future events.n
nPredict the market is not just a simple vote so simple, behind it has a profound economic theory. In general, there are two theoretical support to predict the operation of the market. One is the Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis (ECMH) and the other is the Hayek Hypothesis.n
nThese assumptions explain the integration of information through the collection, the market price can accurately reflect the probability of occurrence of future results. According to ECMH, the capital market is the most effective and real-time way to reflect the information of individual stocks and the entire stock market, while Hayeke assumes that market prices are an effective means of collecting discrete information, even if people are on their own environment and counterparty The knowledge is limited and the market is still valid.n
nnQ: What are the ways to predict the market, compared to other ways to predict the market?n
nnWang Bo: There are two main methods of scientific prediction, one is the use of statistical and mathematical models to predict, the other is the use of machine learning and data mining to predict. In essence, are to occupy more information, resources.n
nCompared to the other two forecasting methods, the forecasting market can be said to have three major advantages: first, it can efficiently collect diverse and scattered information; secondly, it provides an effective and transparent incentive mechanism to obtain real and relevant information; At the same time, it provides near-real-time information update mechanisms that make manipulation of the results quite difficult.n
nnQ: What are the current forecasting market, the existing forecast market what kind of pain points, with the block chain to solve these pain points have any advantage?n
nnWang Bo: Although the domestic forecast market is still a blank, but foreign has already done this in-depth exploration and try. For example, HP Labs and the California Institute of Technology co-chaired a three-year forecast of the market experiment, the results of more than 75% of the forecast than Hewlett-Packard’s official forecast to be accurate. For example, the US Department of Defense has published a “policy analysis market” to predict US foreign policy. At the same time, Google has done the corresponding internal forecast market, forecast product release date, the number of Gmail users.n
nWhile there are so many attempts, the centrally predicted market is still facing a lot of problems. First of all, the central platform is facing the biggest problem is not self-evident innocence, the platform is suspected to manipulate the market leaving the user suffered losses. And the block chain data across the board consensus, can not be tampered with each user to participate on an equal footing, common decision-making, exempt from the central organization to manipulate the suspect;n
nSecond, strict financial regulation limits the size of the market and the expansion of the size of the transaction, but the value of the market needs to be diverse and sufficient participation to reflect. The centrality of the structure provides global liquidity for the forecast market, where everyone can make independent decisions, and the predictors are no longer confined to the topic of traditional forecasting market discussions. Global users can ask questions about any questions based on their own interests and prediction. Built-in tokens incentives for the rapid expansion of user groups to provide incentives;n
nIn addition, the center of the server there is the possibility of security risks and operational errors, and based on the block chain forecast market built-in digital currency and smart contracts, to ensure the implementation of automation and financial security, the user in the chain chain platform Every time on the participation are more secure, convenient, low cost.n
nnQ: What is the current foreign sector chain forecast market projects, the development of how?n
nnWang Bo: block chain plus forecast the application of the market in foreign countries have long been a case. At present, there are Augur and Gnosis abroad, the two market capitalization rankings in the top of the encrypted currency. Augur currently has a market capitalization of $ 280 million. Gnosis raised $ 12 million in 5% of the previous coins, with a current market value of $ 360 million.n
nIn fact, Delphy team in 2014 began to study the market forecast, and investment in augur and gnosis and other ICO, we have had two projects on the depth of the study.n
nThe first explorer of this field is Truthcoin, a pioneer in predicting the theory and application of the market, but its products never come out. After Augur appeared on the basis of the building, and successfully achieved ICO, financing more than 500 million dollars, but after more than two years of development, Augur has always stayed at the Demo level. As for Gnosis, we understand that, although its successful implementation of the ICO, but now more than two years to develop, has not been able to launch Demo, to the third quarter of next year will have mobile applications.n
nnQ: What are the unique advantages of Delphy over these predictive market applications?n
nWang Bo: Compared with the predecessors, Delphy has a great advantage, mainly there will be four points:n1) for mobile and born: Delphy platform release, suitable for Delphy iOS

Reshaping British National Health Service System with Block Chain


Translation: pencil leadn

nThe National Health Service (NHS) is a British traditional institution responsible for 65 million civic medical services. Although it is a model for universal health, the system is challenging: bureaucracy, system backwardness, medical failure, internal political debate, and administrative burdens. These challenges are common in the system and reduce the health of citizens.n
nThe aging of the population and the overall lack of medical care began to show that the need to carefully consider the changes, while the domestic medical care will not be placed in the risk.n
nNHS Consultant Anesthesiologist Stewart Southey has some ideas. Southey is an electronic medical and block chain observer who brings value to new medical digital fields using his own medical practice and strategic consulting background. He tells his own future views and expectations of the system.n
nHow do you start to focus on medical and technical crossingsn
nAs an anesthesiologist, I have been concerned about medical technology, the medical business is also very enthusiastic. After the end of the MBA program. I decided to explore the new medical service model. The existing model is out of date, unsustainable, and the annual cost is rising.n
nHow do you encounter block chain technology?n
nI explored a number of new technologies, including wearing equipment, electronic medical records, medical point diagnosis, and then occasionally see Don Tapscott in the TED to do the block chain speech.n
nI also read Eric Topol’s book “The Patient Will See You Now”, his medical digitalization and democratization idea is the same as me. The block chain achieves the above goal by making the medicine more transparent and giving the patient more initiative. Its economic benefits are also amazing.n
nHow do you think the UK will use block-chain technology?n
nThe UK government is currently investigating multiple block chains, but the loan size is still very early. NHS is the perfect example of the applicability of this technology, and I am sure that a large number of start-up companies want to join soon.n
nThe use of block chains is manifested in many ways. At present no one can solve the problem of electronic medical record interoperability, but MIT’s MedRec and many other institutions through the block chain technology to show the potential.n
nAuthentication and supply chain management are also potential applications, and block-based prescribing can improve transparency, reliability and medical service tracking.n
nWhat areas do you think will change?n
nIBM Institute for Business Value found nine areas where change and transformation may occur, 9/11 medical institutions plan 2018 investment in medical device data integration, case, clinical trial record, adverse event safety monitoring, drug and treatment Compliance, regulatory compliance, claims management, contract management.n
nWhich countries are the medical sector leader in the application of block chain technology?n
nEstonia is a good example, with more than one million cases saved on the chain. NMC Health, the largest private health care provider in the UAE, has announced a test of Guardtime’s KSI block-chain technology with domestic telecom service provider Du.n
nDoes the medical field have other new block-chain solutions?n
nFake drugs are a major problem in the pharmaceutical industry. iSolve, Blockverify, Chronicled and other start-up companies involved in the chain chain and pharmaceutical supply chain projects.n
nGem, Capital One, Philips and other large organizations to explore the block chain technology, the technology may change the insurance industry.n
nWhat are the main barriers to the use of block chain technology in the medical field?n
nSubstantial changes or substitutes for legacy systems may pose a challenge. But also need to increase the confidence of the block chain in order to eliminate control, security and privacy concerns. Of course, the shift to a distributed network will be an important leap.n
nWhat new trends will you expect in the next 12 to 18 months?n
nI predict that cases of medical supply chain management and insurance claims will be the first biggest goal of change. I personally hope that the ultimate and most cost-effective medical service model will be achieved so that patients can believe in cases and prescriptions. I especially hope that can reduce fraud, to achieve automated management, so that medical expenses directly used to improve health and health conditions and treatment, rather than being wasted.n

The Monetary Authority of Singapore clarifies the regulatory position on Singapore’s digital tokens

nnnThe Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) today clarified its position on the initial digital tokens issue, the ICO’s regulatory position. The HKMA said that if the digital tokens constitute a regulated product in the Securities and Futures Act, the sale or issue of such a digital tokens in Singapore will be subject to the supervision of the Monetary Authority. However, the size of the digital tokens is very different, so whether its issuance or sale falls within the scope of supervision requires a specific case-specific analysis. Therefore, the HKMA recommends that the issuer, the intermediary and the trading platform seek legal advice separately.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nOn August 1, 2017, the Singapore-Monetary Authority (MAS) today showed that if the digital tokens constitute a regulated product in the Securities and Futures Act (Chapter 289) (SFA) Singapore’s offering or distribution will be subject to the supervision of the Monetary Authority. The number of financing methods for Singapore’s initial digital currency (or tokens) issuance (ICO) has increased in recent days before the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has made this statement, and the attendance of the HKMA has shown that regulation position.n
n2: Digital tokens are a form of expression that is protected by encryption and can generate benefits or perform specific functions on behalf of the token holder. Virtual currency is a specific form of digital tokens, usually used as a trading medium, accounting unit or value storage means.n
n3: ICO is vulnerable to the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing (ML / TF) due to the anonymous nature of such transactions and the ease of raising large amounts of funds in a short period of time. The media report on March 13, 2014 shows that although the virtual currency itself is not regulated, the intermediary of the virtual currency will be regulated by ML / TF risk. The HKMA is currently assessing how to regulate the ML / TF risks associated with activities involving digital tokens, which do not only function only as virtual currency.n
n4: The HKMA’s position on the regulation of virtual currency is similar to that of most jurisdictions. However, the HKMA has also noted that the function of digital tokens has evolved beyond what is now only as a virtual currency. For example, a digital token may represent ownership or security interest in the issuer’s assets or property. Thus, such tokens may be treated as shares or units in the SFA collective investment scheme. The digital tokens may also represent the debts owed by the issuer and may be treated as a corporate bond based on SFA.n
n5: If the digital tokens are defined in SFA, unless the exemption is granted, the issuer of these tokens must submit the prospectus and register with the HKMA before issuing such tokens. Unless otherwise exempted, the issuers or intermediaries of these tokens will also be subject to the licensing requirements of the SFA and Financial Adviser Act (Cap. 110), as well as the application of anti-money laundering and the fight against the financing of terrorism. In addition, the platform that facilitates such surrogate transactions must also be approved or approved by the HKMA under SFA to become an approved exchange or an approved market operator.n

Reuters: Euroclear and Paxos block chain gold settlement cooperation ended

nnnStorms: Belgian settlement provider Euroclear and Paxos, a US start-up company, have worked together to develop a block-chain settlement system for the London gold market. At present, the two sides announced that their cooperation has ended, but will continue to develop in their own areas.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nEuroclear, a Belgian settlement provider, and Paxos, a US-based startup, announced on July 27 that the partnership between the two sides to develop chain-chain services for the London gold market has ended.n
nIts collaboration was announced in June 2016 to develop a new system to solve the London gold problem using Pakos’ block-chain technology.n
nEuroclear is one of the world’s largest clearing houses, and Christine Vanormelingen, head of communications and investment relations, said in an interview that it will no longer work with Paxos.n
nshe says:n
nn”Not all of the cooperation with the start – up companies are terminated, it is only part of the development of innovation strategy.We are still committed to the London gold market to provide solutions.n
nnPaxos evolved from itBit, and according to its statement, even if it is no longer working with Euroclear, Paxos will continue to develop its platform that is expected to be launched by 2018.n
nThe joint system was previously tested by at least 16 market participants, including Citigroup, Societe Generale, Fortune Scotland and INTL FCStone.n
nThe project aims to reduce the capital intensity of unallocated gold settlements for banks and other market participants by using block-chain technology.n
nThe block chain initially appeared as a system that supports digital currency bitcoin, which is a distributed transaction book that is maintained by a computer network on the Internet without the need for trusted third parties.n
nFinancial institutions are investing large sums in this area and working with global start-ups to test whether the technology can be used to simplify some tedious processes such as securities settlement.n
nEuroclear and Paxos are one of the most ambitious projects. While Wall Street is still excited about the block chain, the technology has not yet achieved large-scale deployment in mainstream financial markets, and skeptical people think its potential may be overstated.n
nSupporters say the technology is still in its infancy, and its main challenge in financial markets is to make large organizations agree to dramatically change their processes.n

“Fortune”: Compared with VC, ICO can raise more funds for Bitcoin start-up companies

nnnRaiders comment: ICO as a new type of co-ordination has been in just a few months swept the entire chain industry chain. Relevant data show that the traditional VC in the past 8 years for the block chain start-up companies to raise 1.7 billion US dollars of funds, and ICO only raised funds for this year to reach $ 1.3 billion, which fully proved ICO more than VC For these emerging companies to bring the necessary funds for development. While it is unclear how ICO will develop in the future, the huge financing advantages it shows can not be ignored.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA few months ago, when the first tokens (ICO) emerged as a new way of financing a start-up company, people were wondering if this way of digital money would subvert or replace traditional venture capital firms.n
nNow, there is no doubt that ICO this unregulated financing (companies can sell their own digital currency or tokens to investors) has been ahead, at least in the chain chain industry is the case.n
nUp to now, the company raised funds through the ICO this year is nearly four times the amount of venture capital. According to PitchBook’s latest data: So far, ICO has raised nearly $ 1.3 billion for the chain chain startups in 2017, compared with $ 358 million in traditional venture capital inflows.n
nIt should be noted that the venture capital is still very popular among the chain chain companies. According to CBInsights, the previous quarter was the best quarter of the chain and bitcover VC financing, more than doubled from the first quarter, up 89% year-on-year.n
nHowever, ICO grew faster, and the funds raised this year were nearly six times that of last year.n
nIn line with this trend, the ICO’s financing that emerged a few months ago will bring more money to the previous chain than any previous VC investment, according to PitchBook, who has been in the past eight years To a total investment of 1.7 billion US dollars.n
nEven the ICO entrepreneurs are surprised by their whirlwind swept trend.n
nAt a panel discussion hosted by BlockchainDriven last Thursday, Morgan Hill, an investor at Attis Capital, announced that he will set up a digital currency hedge fund company called AxionV in August. Unlike MetaStable, AxionV, which has recently secured funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital, hedge fund startups. Hill said AxionV will conduct ICO, the target financing amount of 30 million US dollars, and then use the funds to invest in other ICO.n
nHe also referred to a hedge fund manager in London, pointing out that the manager is planning to carry out an ICO that puts the entire Koran on the Internet, using the emerging digital money to reward people who digitize the text. “My first thought was that it was crazy,” Hill said.n
nBut he later accepted the idea and admitted that “religion is a very important message”, the project “does provide great value.”n

Bit Bank Exchange BTC-e: FBI controls our wallet

nnnBBC-e said FBI control the wallet where the domain name, into its data center, leading to service interruption. The Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed an allegation against the exchange for anti-money laundering laws. At present, the exchange began to operate less chance, so the exchange decided not to re-open the service at the end of August, will be returned from September 1, the customer funds.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTroubled encrypted currency exchange BTC-e said the transaction was stopped because “FBI agents into their data center.”n
nIn the BitcoinTalk Monday article, has been closed for nearly a week of BTC-e said that six days has been seeking the answer from the host service providers.n
nThe article also said that last week because of money laundering charges allegedly arrested in Greece, the Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik “never took charge” of such services.n
n”Future updates include a variety of ways to restore services and how to regain control of our reserves.” The FBI controls the domain name of the wallet.n
nn”If we can not reopen the service by the end of August, we will return the funds from September 1.”n
nnThe Securities and Exchange Commission last week announced that BTC-e will be fined $ 110 million for ignoring anti-money laundering laws.n
nThe information on the previous push indicates that the normal service will be restored by August 6, but now it seems unlikely.n
nn”In the next week or two, we will evaluate and publish the amount of funds that the FBI has mastered and the amount of money that can be returned to the consumer.”n