PayPal? Conbase embrace bitcoin bitcoin wallet bitcoin exchange in real time

PayPal? Conbase embrace bitcoin bitcoin wallet bitcoin exchange in real time

Since August 2014, PayPal with full investment of $800 million acquisition of Braintree has been in the past several years, now online and mobile payment platform, Braintree is launching the real name authentication one-stop payment function, and Braintree is the integration of bitcoin payment.

Braintree’s head of marketing, BillReady said, the current user using the mobile device for payment is still far below the number of times they use on the desktop computer. Because the input or to enter credit card information is more complicated on mobile devices. Ready said,

“More than half of the current e-commerce shopping experience on mobile devices, but the purchase of only the occurrence of 10~15% in intelligent mobile phone.”

But after several months of testing, Braintree created a new payment scheme, the people connected to the real name authentication through online payment companies through a simple and convenient application, thus simplifying the repeated input of consumer username and password.

Introduction to Ready,

“We can make electronic shopping in a large number of mobile phone, the most important is that bitcoin exchange Coinbase Braintree cooperation with YCombinator and AndreessenHorowitz support, provide bitcoin payment function for the user.”

“This is the first step toward embracing bitcoin PayPal.” Ready said, Braintree is the development platform of PayPal wholly acquired new functions, their support for bitcoin payments.

It is understood that the new Braintree will be launched in the next few months, the integrated Braintree software development kit developers can use bitcoin payment added to each payment in intelligent mobile phone users. This is bitcoin wallet and a commercial payment processing platform Paypal recently achieved progress.

Coinbase CEO BrianArmstrong said.

“We have a lot of developers told us that they would love to add bitcoin payment. But Braintree will handle all bitcoin payment.”

“If Braintree support businesses choose to enable bitcoin payment, they will need a Coinbase bitcoin wallet. The application will support real-time exchange, which means that merchants do not have to deal directly with bitcoin, and instant conversion between statutory and bitcoin currency exchange rate.”

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