Paypal will use bitcoin payment, is good or bad?

Paypal will use bitcoin payment, is good or bad?


Soon after, you can use bitcoin in Paypal on pay. However, the payment limit very much — you have to live in North America, and the use is obliged to purchase digital goods.

In September 23rd, PayPal announced that it will work with BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin that several of the biggest bitcoin middlemen cooperation. Soon after, the use of PayPal buyers bitcoin can pay for goods online games, digital music like this.

PayPal parent company eBay CEOJohnDonahoe in an interview in June this year, bitcoin will play an important role in the future of PayPal, they must be in the digital electronic currency payment support.

It was widely reported in the media, and is regarded as the PayPal and eBay marks the overall combination of bitcoin.

Earlier this month, the mobile payment platform Braintree PayPal’s statement to accept bitcoin as a means of payment, such as payment, the use of Braintree mobile terminal applications will also be able to accept bitcoin payments. Perhaps soon, you can use Uber taxi bitcoin checkout.

These two messages for bitcoin is an important step. Since in a number of countries including Chinese ban bitcoin trading market has been less than ideal, has gradually lost its original often news momentum. Bitcoin can become a valuable currency, see whether it can have enough liquidity. By standard PayPal electronic payment acceptance is a major positive.

However, for PayPal, its acceptance of bitcoin a step very carefully. Different from the traditional PayPal to pay, now you can’t directly use bitcoin — all transactions in PayPal need to complete through the third party bitcoin middlemen. This means that it does not need to store any bitcoin on their own platform, but also directly to avoid the fluctuations in the value of bitcoin and legal risk.

From JohnDonahoe for bitcoin attitude, we are too far away from the full support of bitcoin PayPal not.

As an irreplaceable global payment platform, PayPal in the second quarter of 2014 turnover grew 5.8%. But too long to dominate in the field of electronic payment, it also faces many challenges such as the later, more and more people use the multi currency credit card, the global integration of visa and MasterCard, such as Alipay and competitor’s overseas expansion.

Embrace a truly global currency, for PayPal is a good thing, is a necessary step in order to survive.

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