Peach aviation will open bitcoin booking channel at the end of the year

Peach aviation will open bitcoin booking channel at the end of the year

Budget airline company of Japan peach aviation at the end of this year will be put into the legitimate bitcoin payment payment. In addition, the company announced it will install bitcoin ATM airport in japan. This move will take its dominant position to encryption currency.

Other companies will follow as soon as possible?

Peach aviation is not the world’s first support bitcoin payment Airlines (AirBaltic first), but it is a relatively well-known Asian airlines. A lot of Chinese and South Korean passengers will choose the travel company.

Although the peach aviation has been said to accept bitcoin payments, but there are many airlines do not support digital currency. Peach aviation can be bitcoin payment as one of the official payment, mainly because the Japanese government has acknowledged the legitimacy of bitcoin, bitcoin is also very supportive.

Japan block chain

Bitcoin in Japan for a long time. Bitcoin is a protocol named SatoshiNakamoto Japanese creation. But it has not been confirmed.

In fact, as early as in May, many banks had invested in block chain technology. As AEON bank, Resona bank and Nomura bitcoin interest. This shows that regardless of technology or is bitcoin payment has been widely accepted.

With the rise of bitcoin in the world, Japan is the earliest country to accept bitcoin legitimacy is not surprising.

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