Pineapple Fund continue to donate millions of dollars in bitcoins to charity

Pineapple Fund continue to donate millions of dollars in bitcoins to charity


PineappleFund InternetArchive to donate $one million to other valuable charities also receive millions of dollars, bitcoin charity is getting better and better.

This is the season of donation. It is time to help people more unfortunate people in the year to provide clothing, food, money, or even a warm bed. Bitcoin charity has begun, “Pine” to create the anonymous PineappleFund recently announced a donation to some good institutions, including InternetArchive and PencilsofPromise.


Bitcoin do good

PineappleFund there is not a long time, but has done a lot of good things. The fund’s founder began very early bitcoin mining, he decided to hold their wise. Now bitcoin prices have soared, his life is better for it, he hopes to help those people doing important work.

Pine was founded in PineappleFund when said:

“I have money to spend. Life goals, purpose and motivation of my wealth or riches has nothing to do with millions of. So I do not the same thing: most of my bitcoin donations to charity”.

Recently the beneficiary

One of the advantages is right and so cryptocurrencies decision-making rests in the hands of individuals. So if one wants to use encryption currency do powerful thing, they can be done immediately. Do not need to have endless government bureaucracy or unnecessary and overelaborate formalities.

“Great! In an open world lifetime gift. PineappleFund donated $one million to the bitcoin @internetarchive. We moved, we will try to protect our digital world. Thank you, look forward to #pineapplefund 2018!

InternetArchive (@internetarchive) 2017/12/24

The Fund recently several large donations. Efforts to create a nonprofit digital library, providing public knowledge of InternetArchive and get as much as $one million. PencilsofPromise for developing countries to build schools, increasing educational opportunities, also received a $one million donation.

Is committed to reducing the waste GreenStepsTennessee PineappleFund $100 thousand. The other three agencies were given the fund donated $one million bitcoin (Charity:Water: provide safe and clean water for developing countries (MonaFoundation), support women’s education, against global poverty (NewStory), poor community, break the vicious spiral of family subsistence level).

To pay tribute to the donated millions of dollars to bitcoin Pine and his fund. The expansion of economic freedom will give each other up, success in the crypto currency industry who also made great contributions to charity.

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