Poland’s largest online ordering site Pyszne.pl into bitcoin payment page

Poland’s largest online ordering site Pyszne.pl into bitcoin payment page

According to foreign media reports, as Poland’s largest online ordering website Pyszne.pl, now all in order to accept bitcoin payments, the site is the largest network of restaurants, there are about 5062 positions and 883000 active customers.

In 2016, the Pyszne.pl report said there were about 883000 active customers, 4 million 300 thousand orders, average orders for 9.55 euros. Cooperation with 5062 restaurants including pizza, sushi, kebabs, dumplings and other dishes, all these restaurants offer delivery service.

In 2014, Takeaway.com has acquired Pyszne.pl, Pyszne.pl is the world’s largest online food ordering site of. Takeaway.com is headquartered in Amsterdam, covering 10 countries, with 28800 restaurants, 8 million 900 thousand active customers.

Pyszne.pl is the fastest growing brand of Takeaway.com, Poland is also the only brand, in 2016 Pyszne.pl growth rate of 150% per year.

Takeaway.com in November 2013 by Bitpay accepted bitcoin, Takeaway.com acquisition of Pyszne.pl in 2014.

Pyszne.pl recently announced that from the beginning of this month to accept bitcoin by Bitpay, in addition to bitcoin, customers can also use other options to pay credit card, online transfer, Sofort, Paypal, Pyszne.pl mobile phone users can also use the AndroidPay application.

The official responsible person said, the use of bitcoin payment without transaction costs. But Pyszne.pl pointed out that users must have their own bitcoin wallet to use this option.

Compared to 6%, in Pyszne.pl using a credit card or Paypal consumer costs, the use of Banconnect/MisterCash for 1 euros. If the order is cancelled before the treatment, and the use of bitcoin payment is only available in IBAN bank account issued a refund.

Pyszne.pl said: “these costs include all bank charges for online payment, and added that for these options and the payment processing costs incurred.”

Pyszne.pl responsible person said: “if the user use bitcoin payment orders but the order was canceled, then the refund will be paid in euros to the user, because the original bitcoin your payment has been converted to the euro.

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