Policy | weekly Venezuela has become the world’s largest mobile phone market chain block chain block; the Ministry of selected digital security technology industry in ten directions; South Korea plans to increase the chain enterprises preferential tax

This week, the block chain and digital currency related favorable policies.

At home, the block chain selected digital security technology industry ten direction; Hunan Changsha government issued “on the block chain industry view”; Tianjin City, Guiyang city block chain intended to support a new generation of information technology industry.

Overseas, Japan’s financial services agency announced the annual activity report, the first mention of virtual currency related events; the South Korean government plans to block chain technology is added to the new growth development business, and increase the tax preference; Korea Science and Technology Ministry of Communications said that next year the blockchain public demonstration project will be expanded to two times this year; the new law of Russia the yearly ICO investment limit of $9000; the British and Australian tax authorities on how to encrypt personal assets tax issued guidance in the unrest in France against tax tax amendment crypto currency.

Currency market

Bitcoin BTC reported $3318.6 in 7 days, up and down -23.06%;

Reboxetine currency XRP reported $0.29761, within 7 days of decline up to -25.14%;

The etheric Fang ETH at $86.09, within 7 days of decline up to +34.71%;

The above currency market data acquisition time is 19:45 on December 14, 2018.

 Policy | weekly Venezuela has become the world's largest mobile phone market chain block chain block; the Ministry of selected digital security technology industry in ten directions; South Korea plans to increase the chain enterprises preferential tax

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This week the focus

Domestic plate

A good news

Block chain in digital security technology industry ten direction

According to the Ministry of information industry and the official news, December 15th, directed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Network Security Management Bureau, 2018 digital security ten hot contest conference jointly organized China Information Communication Research Institute, Chinese Institute of communications and China Internet association held in Chengdu. Artificial intelligence security industry, security industry chain block and artificial intelligence etc. in the chip industry.

Hunan Changsha government issued “on the block chain industry view”

Changsha municipal government office before the date of release “on the block chain industry view”, the next three years, Changsha will strengthen the core technology research, promote the development of construction industry, the typical demonstration and application of ecology, enhance risk control ability, brought together a group of block chain enterprises, gather a group of blockchain professionals, to create a number of innovation research and development platform, breakthroughs in key technologies, block chain to foster a batch of new industry chain based on block, building block chain industry influential country gathering and demonstration application base.

Two, steadily

Tianjin city to promote the application of regulations: support the development of big data block chain growth of a new generation of information technology industry

12 month 14 days, by the Seven meeting of the Standing Committee of Tianjin City, the seventeen people’s Congress of the “Tianjin to promote the development of big data application regulations” chapter four referred to in article thirty-two, the Tianjin municipal and District People’s government and relevant departments should promote the wide application of data in the service industry, to support the growth of cloud computing, mobile Internet, networking, block chain, a new generation of information technology industry, the development of e-commerce, data services and other emerging formats, accelerate the development of science and technology services, creative design of modern service industry.

Fuzhou is to formulate relevant and comprehensive experimental zone block chain economic action plan and support policies

In December 14th, the Fuzhou municipal government official said in the first block chain industry and International Entrepreneur Summit, Fuzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government is planning the construction of high standard block of Fuzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone economic chain, building block chain business incubator, pay close attention to the study of enterprise and talent introduction policies and measures to support the landing. Fuzhou is currently making the block chain development plan of action for 3 years, accelerating the development of the blockchain emerging industries, and strive to make Fuzhou in the forefront of the application in the blockchain aspects.

The vigorous development of digital economy to block chain as the core of the Guiyang national high tech Zone

12 month 18 days, Guiyang high tech Zone relevant responsible person said that the development of the big data, artificial intelligence, networking, block chain, quantum communication, mobile communication of Guiyang national hi tech Zone (5G), life science is the core of the digital economy and electronic information, electrical equipment, aerospace and other core the real economy, the ability to enhance the high-tech zone to participate in global competition, accelerate the formation of all-round opening up a new pattern, to create a powerful engine to lead Guiyang high quality development.

International Forum

A good news

The South Korean government plans to block chain technology is added to the new growth of R & D business departments, and increase tax incentives

In December 17th, the Korean government held an enlarged meeting of economic affairs, confirmed and published “2019 economic policy direction”. Which mentioned that the plan will be added to the block chain technology R & D department’s new business growth, and the tax credit rate will be higher than the general business of research and development. The government announced that it will promote the improvement of the financial system and all other possible policies and measures to enhance the economic vitality.

Brazil national economic and social development bank will be launched in January next year based on Fiat BNDES token

Brazil national economic and social development bank will launch BNDES tokens in January next year, the operation of tokens in the etheric Fang block chain, and Brazil’s 1:1 hook. The bank in the 2018 years in the trial of the stable currency, will be officially launched next year.

Malta’s first block chain banks to be established

Malta financial technology company RnF Finance Limited will build the first block chain Bank of the country, the business will focus on the block chain and artificial intelligence technology companies in the industry, the bank has received regulatory approval, is expected to start business in the middle of next year.

Venezuela has become the world’s largest mobile phone market encryption currency

Dash has recorded another milepost by the Venezuelan special environment to promote the sales of more than 66000 sets of KRIP mobile phone, the mobile phone is designed according to the special encryption currency Ecosystem Optimization Dash enhancements. According to the company, launched from August 2018 to now, the vast majority of equipment in Venezuela has sales, making it by far the world’s largest mobile phone market encryption currency. Because the country’s consumers and retailers will be more and more money as a solution to transaction encryption. Because there is no support for hard currency and inflation, Bolivar almost worthless.

Japan’s financial services agency announced the annual activity report, the first mention of virtual currency related events

Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) announced the 17 annual activity report “financial office a year”, describes the financial department in the period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 activities. Upon inquiry, the report is Japan’s first mentioned virtual currency related events. In the “future investment strategy”, expounds the main measures to promote innovation of financial department, such as the application of block chain technology. The number of virtual currency and other consulting counseling from the financial department, according to factors classification, there are 2799 common consultation (47%), the relevant administrative requirements of the 14433 (24%). In addition, the report also referred to the Coincheck virtual currency seminars, theft and the administrative punishment of domestic virtual currency exchange.

Swiss financial market supervisory institutions approved by the Swiss bank Dukascopy ICO issued FINMA

The Swiss bank Dukascopy 19 announced that it has become the first Swiss financial market regulators approved FINMA ICO Swiss bank.

Japan’s financial services agency will be approved as a registered Coincheck encryption currency exchange

The FSA said, based on the “capital settlement law”, will allow Coincheck to become a registered encryption currency exchange.

The South Korean Ministry of communication and information technology: the next block chain public demonstration project will expand to two times this year

In December 20th, South Korea’s science and Technology Ministry of Communications said that next year the blockchain public demonstration project will be expanded to two times this year, the project will also be promoting folk. The plan will promote the 12 project development (7 billion 200 million won), to ensure that the global competitiveness of block chain technology. In addition, it will also promote the block chain service model design and verification technology (PoC) support, block chain block chain business development needs, professional business (a total of 6 billion 200 million won) and supplier support.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute set up a new industry standard block chain technology research group

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has set up a new industry standard group (ISG), in cooperation with the private block chain system, provide the basis for the new service. 5 company is currently adding ISG Ericsson, HUAWEI, Intel, Telefonica and Vodafone (Telefonica). ETSI said, ISG will analyze the distributed books license (private blockchain) deployed in various industries and the needs of government agencies.

Two, advance

The new law will ICO a year Russia personal investment limit of $9000

Russian lawmakers have revised a crypto currency bill industry supervision. In its latest version, on the draft law to raise public provisions of the maximum amount of ordinary Russians will be allowed to invest in ICO projects per year to $9000.

The British tax agency issued a detailed guide to how to pay attention to tax on personal assets with encryption

The tax agency has just released a detailed guide to report special attention on how to tax has encrypted personal assets, but no overview companies hold tokens or commercial use tokens to tax. The report will be encrypted currency as assets rather than money. How to treat the tokens for tax purposes, depending on its purpose, but not its definition.

The Australian Taxation Office requires investors annual returns of public encryption

Australian regulators are formulating a set of laws, encryption currency or digital assets with effective supervision. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) also issued a warning to participate in encryption currency trading investors, the annual return from publicly available encryption in currency. Australia agreed to bitcoin and encryption currency as a property, rather than money. They think this is the property of the taxpayer, the responsibility for sale after July 2017 earnings figures of assets to pay capital gains tax.

The Chong Wa Dae of Korea spokesman: anti-corruption Secretary through the collection of virtual currency in the formulation of relevant policies

In December 18th, South Korea Chong Wa Dae spokesman Jin Yiqian said, “some of the media supervision in the process of developing Chong Wa Dae special class in the collection of data encryption monetary policy report” is a government check of civil personnel, which is inconsistent with the facts. Special supervision class members as anti-corruption Secretary Office of the executive secretary, according to the instructions to collect the virtual currency movements, illegal behavior and victimization, (speculative) overheating and the basic data required for the formulation of relevant policies, illegal acts related to the virtual currency in control, it is necessary for the loss of national policy. Because money is used as a means of encryption of various crimes, so many people worry about the victims. There are many reports of social leadership, some people involved in the ruling circle encryption currency trading.

The Bank of Israel appealed to the public to provide information for encryption currency supervision

The central bank (Bank of Israel) today called for the public to provide information for the coordination of virtual assets regulations. The central bank said, the team hope to follow Israel and overseas encryption currency development and evaluation, supervision will be applied to the technology of various uses and economic activities and financial markets. The team will collect data and information, in order to create a knowledge base on the subject for regulators and the public, and puts forward some suggestions for the development of ideal regulatory policies.

Three, regulatory upgrades

Japan’s financial services agency: at this stage there is the introduction of the necessary encryption monetary and financial derivatives trading

In December 14th, Japan’s financial services agency held the eleventh encrypted currency exchange seminars, and publish a crypto currency industry rules report. The fourth part of the report mentioned that in encrypted monetary and financial derivatives trading, is currently unable to see its positive social significance, so that at this stage there is no need to launch this type of transaction.

The French veto to tax tax amendment encryption currency

The French National Assembly rejected a series of currency traders and users in order to reduce the encryption tax tax amendment. The rejected proposal relates to the annual exemption from 305 euros ($347) increased to 5000 euros and 3000 euros; another amendment did not get support, allowing capital gains tax in the current system of securities and the same basis and conditions. Amendment to distinguish normal activity and to encrypt the user to bring the preferential tax activities was also rejected, a crypto currency capital loss related proposal was also rejected. In addition, the amendment of article 16A of the also rejected the proposed amendment, only when the money is to sell encryption and extract to the bank account of the tax, rather than according to the encryption, converted into the value of the currency exchange law to tax.

The International Center for strategic research report five is used to improve the policy measures of ecological chain block

In November 2018, the American International Strategy Research Center (CSIS) released “to achieve business and prosperity by block chain: 10 case, 10 problems and 5 solutions” report. The report details the blockchain 10 cases improved medical, manufacturing, transportation and agriculture and other fields, answered the block chain related 10 key problems, put forward five improved block chain ecological policy responses. The report also mentioned that the equity transactions start-ups blockchain also from 2013 50 pen 9800 risen to $2017 144 sum of 6.4 billion dollars, many top 500 companies and government agencies are in the application of block chain technology.

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