President Zhou Xiaochuan again block chain and digital currency

President Zhou Xiaochuan again block chain and digital currency


In March 11th, the five meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress, the press center held a press conference, governor Zhou Xiaochuan, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China Yi Gang, vice president and director of the State Administration of foreign exchange, Pan Gongsheng, vice president Fan Yifei was invited to the “financial reform and development related issues answered reporters’ questions.

It is worth noting that, in this conference, President Zhou Xiaochuan also talked about the digital currency and block chain, he said:

“The central bank believes that the development of science and technology may cause great change of future payments, the central bank encourages financial development of science and technology. Digital currency, block chain technology will impact not easy to predict. In the development process problems, the need for standardization.”

Before Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank to issue the digital currency to answer a series of questions. According to President Zhou Xiaochuan’s description, digital currency issued by the central bank should have these characteristics:

One is to provide convenience and security.

The two is to protect the privacy and the maintenance of social order and the fight against illegal and criminal acts of balance, especially for money laundering and terrorism and other criminal acts to retain the necessary containment.

The three is to have to run and conduction of monetary policy effectively.

The four is to retain control of monetary sovereignty, digital currency is freely convertible, but also controlled convertibility.

Also worth mentioning is that a few days ago during the NPC and CPPCC deputies frequently mentioned bitcoin and underlying technology.

Zhou Xuedong: the Central Bank of China bitcoin trading platform should be inclusive and temporarily banned

In March 6th, proposed the National People’s Congress, the people’s Bank of Chinese director of business management department Zhou Xuedong, on the domestic bitcoin trading platform should be inclusive and temporarily banned, leaving a period of observation, but in the short term must be clear of bitcoin trading platform, the red line supervision, strict supervision.

In the long term it is important to investigate the long-term supervision mechanism.” Zhou Xuedong said that the need to study the bitcoin virtual currency and other financial attributes and product attributes, properties of bitcoin trading platform, to explore the introduction of the national level of bitcoin trading platform management pilot policy, licensing or filing of a qualified pilot trading platform. At the same time, strengthen the supervision cooperation mechanism, strengthen self-discipline, build bitcoin exchange credit system.

CPPCC member Wo Weidong: suggestions of reasonable supervision bitcoin, to promote their healthy development

The afternoon of March 7th, Shanghai Huiyin (Group) Limited company chairman Wo Weidong said in a speech voice, should be placed under the legal framework of bitcoin, to promote its healthy development. Wo Weidong said that after the recent central bank to intensify supervision on bitcoin trading platform, the effect of the nature of bitcoin, suppress the market bubble, while the risk of social capital, also obtained the preliminary control.

However, wo Wei Dong believes that to achieve the above-mentioned results at the same time, also to observe related issues. “At present, significantly reduced the volume Chinese bitcoin, trading volume fell to Chinese main trading platform to the original 1%.” And correspondingly, before this, the trading volume in more than 90% have occurred in the China. Because after China occupy the trading volume in the Highlands, so “there is no doubt that bitcoin has the global pricing, bitcoin and block chain industry, has enough power and influence of words.”

Wo Weidong said, for bitcoin blockchain, this new thing, the world powers are actively exploring, therefore can not simply deny and abandon. He suggested that the Internet into bitcoin financial supervision, appropriate supervision strategy.

“To the appropriate regulatory strategy to control risk at the same time, the real innovation, innovation, innovation.”

Bitcoin compared to gold, the stock value very little, but the underlying application block chain bitcoin to attract a lot of attention. Because of the block chain technology to obtain official recognition, the global market in the study of block chain technology and digital currency feasibility, Chinese central bank in the open recruitment of personnel, the practice of digital currency, in such a context, that countries will hold a more tolerant attitude to the bitcoin industry.

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