Preston pish: the forecast that bitcoin (BTC) will reach $10 trillion in market value is too conservative

Investors and podcast Preston pysh said anyone predicting a $10 trillion market capitalization of bitcoin underestimated the leading cryptocurrency. In a new interview with saifedean ammous of the bitcoin standard podcast, bitcoin pysh predicted that the total market value of leading cryptocurrencies could eventually soar to more than $100 trillion. “I’ll tell you a lot. I think 10 trillion dollars is ridiculous. I think someone is saying that it will replace gold, and this is the final state. When we talk about the purchasing power of one of these coins (21 million), I think it’s about five to ten million dollars per coin. Such things. And I think it’s conservative. ” Guggenheim CIO: driven by mainstream adoption, bitcoin (BTC) may reach $400000. Former Canadian Prime Minister: BTC may become reserve currency Anthony pompliano: everyone in the encryption industry underestimates bitcoin (BTC). In the seemingly endless era of money printing, pysh points out that the scarcity of bitcoin is the main reason why he is so bullish. “When I look at why bitcoin won, I think it will drive trust in the future, which is something that cannot be manipulated. Everyone in the world today is looking around and saying that if someone touches it, it will be manipulated. So I think in the future, how people will look at it is that people can’t touch it, and no government entity can manipulate it, touch it or gain access to others. That’s where trust is

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