Princeton University launched a new bitcoin textbook

Princeton University launched a new bitcoin textbook

The people of bitcoin blockchain and education is the most important factors to promote the development of encryption currency. The United States Pulis Washington University recommended a new book about these topics, called “bitcoin currency and encryption technology: a comprehensive introduction”.

A book about bitcoin and its technical education books

In recent years, many books are written about bitcoin and its basic technology. Some people love bitcoin may have read these books such as “master bitcoin”, “crypto currency era”, “digital gold”.

All of these books have one thing in common: they all began to explain from the point of view of technology. If education propaganda, it is hard to understand the lack of technical understanding of the person. For example, “BitcoinforDummies” this book has done a good job in this respect. At the same time bitcoin and encryption technology: a comprehensive introduction of money “is a must read books.

This is a book about bitcoin and its technology books, anyone can easily read it. Princeton, Standford, a professor at the University of Maryland, the students completed the book. Readers include students to science and technology entrepreneurs, researchers to software developers, they will have to knowledge from this book.

Princeton books to clarify the misunderstanding

There are a lot of problems involving bitcoin and its work principle. For example, “to the center”, “the term consensus” is important, but few people understand their true meaning. Princeton University, this book will talk about the history of bitcoin. In addition to the internal operation of block chain technology bitcoin also focus on the attention. Interestingly, this book has a chapter related to the policy and regulatory bitcoin problems.

The so-called “anonymity is another hot topic is connected with bitcoin”. Encryption currency in the beginning is not anonymous, it shows the characteristics of kana. This is two completely different things, this book hopes to give readers some inspiration to understand these differences.

Princeton University, this book and other books in different places it is also used for video content. This book’s authors for each chapter to create an incidental video address instruction. At the same time, the book also has a large collection of programming assignments and slides. In addition this book can also be used in the Coursera (free online courses large public projects, founded by American professor of computer science Stanford University two) online course.

Want to get the book lovers can through the Princeton University store to make a reservation. This book is a hardcover version and electronic version of the two versions available. The deluxe edition is a little more expensive, it costs $49.5. This book international buyers want it to pay 37.95 pounds. Unfortunately, this book does not use bitcoin payment. Because Princeton University shop currently only accept credit card payment.

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