Private aircraft has tickets can be purchased with bitcoin, Star Jets announced to accept bitcoin payments

Private aircraft has tickets can be purchased with bitcoin, Star Jets announced to accept bitcoin payments


Star international limited liability company is now accepting payment of private flying pay with bitcoin. According to an article in the economic times, the advanced defense technology company is wholly owned subsidiary of the company, all the advantages of using star Jet customers can use the company jet.

In addition, the customer has more than 5000 aircraft in China, there are around 15 thousand aircraft. Allow bitcoin trading company may now open up a new realm of possibilities for the company, there will also be new customers.

Bitcoin is more and more accepted

The company’s chief executive officer RickySitomer said bitcoin is becoming a more popular means of payment, their company will not be involved. He explained:

Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly accepted means of payment, we want our customers the flexibility to pay through the media.”

The company also announced that they are removing the stop sign on the stock. Part of the reason they do this is the company name changed to “star international company”.

In addition to accept bitcoin, these measures seem to improve the company’s profitability, and to maintain their competitiveness in the digital era.

Aviation adoption of bitcoin

Overall, in the aviation industry or commercial flight not many large participants begin to accept bitcoin. However, this appears to be changing. According to reports, in May this year, Japan Airlines Peach Airlines started to accept bitcoin payments.

“Bitcoin in popularity and trading in Japan have been booming, because the country in April this year will be a digital currency as a legal means of payment. Now, one of Japan’s largest airlines Peach airline company announced that it will become the first to accept bitcoin Japan airlines.

As for private aircraft company, Star Airlines is one of the few companies that accept bitcoin. Prior to this, the British begin to accept the message. I hope more and more private airlines to allow customers to use digital currency.

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