Professionals face hard bifurcation bitcoin price volatility caused by forecast

Professionals face hard bifurcation bitcoin price volatility caused by forecast

In the face of bitcoin bifurcation is probably most concerned about, if there is hard bifurcation, what is the effect of bitcoin price?

What is the price of bitcoin forecast: long term prices can be predicted, the short-term price cannot be predicted, some bitcoin professionals can only list the possible impact on the price of the volume. Hard bifurcation may lead to both supporters to the other side chain hit currency (for example bitcoin Jesus will put all the money to hit the Core chain), resulting in bitcoin prices.

The poll results support expansion of the currency more than Core dollars.

The futures price of bitcoin can be found in advance, suddenly delayed selling currency fluctuations, supporters of both sides will advance the game in the futures price.

Hard bifurcation may lead to some investors selling coins out

Long time hard bifurcation period, will be in the market panic caused by the slow release of hard branch. Chibidaigou may make bad, if the currency has obvious advantages in the bifurcation area before 3 years of stalemate expansion crisis has been resolved, currency price may rise.

For long-term investors, professionals suggested holding money does not move, wait until the dust settles. In the long term the price of bitcoin still will continue to rise.

Unless a party has particularly strong confidence and tendency, otherwise the industry suggested not to sell one currency, buy another currency. This behavior is to bet, you win others is good, you lose is to win others.

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