Professor Zhang Shousheng in my eyes: scientific genius and innovation pioneer

The physics achievement of Professor Zhang Shousheng is eternal. Professor Zhang Shousheng of the new spirit of curiosity and exploration is eternal.

 Professor Zhang Shousheng in my eyes: scientific genius and innovation pioneer




I first know Professor Zhang Shousheng is in a WeChat group, then we discuss the angel particles debate whether Professor Zhang will win a Nobel prize.


I am Affirmative, Professor Zhang received from the Franklin prize, the Barkley prize and the Dirac prize for quality, get the award before most people who get the Nobel prize, so I believe he can get the Nobel Prize for the future. Of course, some people think that his contribution in the breakdown of the areas around the top two or three, which belongs to the type can give, but also can not give. We may go abroad this generation at the beginning of 80s, there is a complex of the Nobel prize. Chen Ning Yang Li Zhengdao took a dozen years abroad Nobel, our generation policy abroad until now, there are nearly forty years, has not produced a total, hope to make a breakthrough. So subjective or hope to Professor Zhang was the Nobel prize.


Later, Professor Zhang led the Dan Hua fund activities in New York, invited me to go, but I just missed something. Always feel pity, because Professor Zhang’s funds actively investing in high-tech, is advocating the direction I support. Improve the industrial chain China enterprises, need the scientific and practical basis are connected, but scientists do cross-border investment, in fact, is not easy, facing a huge risk.




For 2018 years, and Professor Zhang have more intersection. At the beginning of 2018 I and New Oriental founder, the Yale alumni Mr. Qian Yongqiang together to visit Stanford University professor zhang. Professor Zhang is very enthusiastic, generous, cheerful, talkative, is mainly discussed about the chain block. Qian Yongqiang has been questioned on the block chain, that great bubble. I think there is more need to try to really understand, and. There is a lot of controversy blockchain technology, but Professor Zhang has been the blockchain industry banner, to give you the confidence and encouragement.


Professor Zhang talked about the block chain in mining is the entropy reduction behavior. At the same time stressed and anonymous to the center. I think from the perspective of the theory of financial chain block must accept supervision, accept supervision must be real name, real name or hidden, I also don’t think to the center of the block is the purpose of the chain. Although disagree, but talk, imperceptibly to the lunch time. We are all about, is said to have resigned from their respective meal Bureau.


I was about the alumni Chen Ping, interestingly, Chen Ping is also a professor Zhang investors, he was also invited Professor Zhang, we have lunch together. At that time, and his wife to attend Professor Zhang, some Chinese fund employees in dan. At about professor Wen Xiaogang MIT, is also a member of the American Academy of Barkley prize of physics, condensed. They both came out, too, Zhang Shousheng and Wen Xiaogang should be mainland students in physics, one of the characters in the direction of. Wen Xiaogang is also likely was the Nobel Prize.


Professor Zhang also asked the small leg in Shanghai fell, do not know how to restore. In a word the professor Zhang very sincere, broad knowledge, extraordinary talent, is a leader in the peer, not what setbacks. After the meal gave WeChat and about the blockchain article, I learned he was following his article, look at the issue from the article to the essence, he can learn a lot of things.


The summer in Shanghai, as executive director of the blockchain Application Research Center Dr. Wang Wei chaired, and have the pleasure of speaking with Professor zhang.


Professor Zhang believes that seeking confidence in mathematics, namely the legal code, should be the core block chain. I had no money for (passes) blockchain thought criticism. Perhaps the encryption currency is not accurate, better words should be encrypted by card. I don’t think it passes the block chain is a pool of stagnant water. There are three good passes, the first to bring incentive mechanism, to maintain the transaction; second, the global liquidity, the liquidity is very convenient; third passes through the price, to bring the information exchange and convergence. Everything passes are consistent with the financial economics to exchange information and complete market assets, the concept more fully. These three points make the blockchain use far more than a simple database.




The last time I saw Professor Zhang is in Silicon Valley in October this year, Lan Bo was the founder of our chain association in North America and about stable currency, just after I learned that Professor Zhang, Dan Basis such a stable currency investment projects, raised objections. Stable currency must have certain collateral, whether it is legal tender or digital currency or other collateral, otherwise is unable to complete just against. Basis algorithm the stable currency project will eventually become a Ponzi scheme. Professor Zhang also asked the progress of our project, exchange a. He looks very optimistic, did not feel any difference, actually did not expect to be.


I heard the news of Professor Zhang was in Shenzhen at the beginning of the capital market, that is an Internet joke, did not think of is true. Professor Zhang in the industry, giving employees great confidence. Because the field is relatively new, many practitioners are 90, very fierce, so many people are suspected to be a Ponzi scheme. Once in a group, some regulators said currency circles figure all is a liar, we will use this example to refute Professor Zhang, Professor Zhang, such people should be serious work. Professor Zhang has counterparts, we feel emboldened.


Although Zhang has been a professor of physics, but Professor Zhang to join the block chain or some origins. Professor Zhang’s research part relates to topological insulator phase transition. Usually the first-order phase refers to the phase change due to changes in the relationship between the thermal motion of molecules caused by the phase change process will have heat, potential function of first derivative is not zero. The topological ordering transition Zhang belongs to a second order phase transition. The potential function of the first order derivative is zero, but the two derivative is not zero. Without the heat release in the near absolute zero thermal motion is almost zero. But due to the quantum fluctuation, the relationship between the basic particle material from a rule change to another rule will also change, this time on the need of other variables in addition to temperature change, such as electric field, magnetic field or pressure. From which we can also see why Professor Zhang has a special liking for the block chain, but also emphasizes the change in entropy. Because the relationship between the basic particles in similar materials from a cooperative rules into another cooperative rule. The block chain consensus also represents an effect in the community collaborative, consensus on the conversion of different similar to a phase transition. Entropy is a measure of the degree of disorder, to maintain a consensus, the energy input needs of miners. But to maintain the decrease of entropy can also bring the information input through the use of the card through the information in the card or in the transaction completed. From this point can be seen without block chain passes the community, the community will become a zombie.


Professor Zhang Dan Hua fund, its original intention is the advanced science and technology to China, using Chinese huge market, Silicon Valley high-tech practical value, the Sino US double benefits. Professor Zhang is a theory of everybody, stand high and see far, cast AI, biological technology, block chain is the most cutting-edge technology. But this is also a great risk. High tech investment cycle is very long. Professor Zhang people from the mainland investors to China more. As the pace of development in recent decades, the rapid development China, but such a high rate is not sustainable. The rapid development of the mainland caused many investors expect relatively high, but compared to the U.S. investor shorter investment period. So do not necessarily match such high-tech investment style and the capital source of people’s expectations, will form a relatively large pressure on Professor zhang.




The professor Zhang’s accident, let me have some feeling. From the blockchain practitioner’s perspective, there are several recent difficulties. The first is the Sino US trade war environment, great pressure on individuals, especially in the high-tech direction of investment, will be a lot of attention. The second is a long interval high-tech investment risk, high-tech application needs long time accumulation and precipitation. With investors at this time is very important, prepare to have a long-term investment. Third is the latest encryption card through the blockchain price volatility, such as bitcoin from nearly twenty thousand to more than 3000, down about 85%, so the price falls, the fund will have a great impact on Dan hua. These points caused distress and anxiety, is unimaginable.


Professor Zhang Shousheng is a junior college students, 15 college, 32 year old Standford is a full professor, took in the Nobel prize of all physics prize. The death of Professor Zhang, a lot of people feel pity. He continued his research in physics, in accordance with the view of Professor Chen Ning Yang, the Nobel prize is sooner or later. After him, the 60 after this generation of Chinese scholars, was the Nobel Prize for physics Wen Xiao gang.


But the risk of investment in this industry, not a high IQ knowledge will smooth, super scientists economists such as Newton, Keynes and so a lot of money in the stock market. Cross-border investment, if there is no strong psychological ability, high short-term returns expected formation pressure will overwhelm people. I also want to take this call, investors on the entrepreneurial scientists for a little more time, give some tolerance.




Professor Zhang Shousheng is a outstanding genius in physics, history of physics and later would leave his name, there are always people who learn his topological insulator phase transition theory. As long as a person has remembered him, his spirit is not dead. Professor Zhang is also the pioneer blockchain, I hope to have a digital monetary unit named after Professor Zhang, in honor of his contribution to the blockchain. One day, when the block chain like Internet users can reach that level, we will remember Professor Zhang curiosity for new things, and the exploration and efforts.


Professor Zhang Shousheng through the ages! Professor Zhang’s thought and spirit in physics forever, forever in the block chain!

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