Project Zero season, bitcoin admission ten nine hard cash stupid!

We first analyze the basic concept of USDT, all USDT is the day of admission, which shows a very serious problem, that is all USDT and stability are not sufficient reserve currency, that is to say is not fulfilled.

Even if you think the tax can be fulfilled, regulators in any country in the world are fools? A president of tax evasion will be back for ten years, ordinary people will not necessarily be directional mining, but fundamentally USDT large-scale cash and circulation is not realistic .

So now the currency circle is a bubble in support of another bubble, When USDT became the “tulip bubble” or “flower drum”, when the night dreams is the real bottom!

Through the study found, USDT Ju Zhuang bitcoin cost between 4700~6000USDT , and is constantly diluted cost; that is to say USDT has shrunk by nearly 50% in the super case, in the absence of any dollar and asset endorsement case, if simple to bitcoin and digital asset endorsement, USDT fundamentals by 50%; and several times after the super, obviously the actual reserve position at around 20%, that is to say your USDT value may be only between $1~2, of course, as long as the USDT will also want to continue playing, we must always take money to support USDT, until the day that USDT capital pool depletion; or bitcoin re cross 6000USDT, resulting in the book comprehensive revitalize, from this point of view USDT and bitcoin is just a rope on the boat Plainly; USDT is playing the contract leverage, both player and referee; cash can come in the game, if not for large-scale cash admission!

The market reaction to these days, bitcoin one-way start, most copycat coins follow up, it is extremely irrational behavior; bear a comprehensive broad this is the “dump”, but after the real bull market logic should be bitcoin solo 80%, with the wind up copycat currency; if the copycat currency “dump” led directly to the carrying amount of the market value through bitcoin transfer to the cash market, thus forming a further disc pressure and selling.

The long term, or to wait for the most consumption projects die so far, you know thousands of projects all the staff wages, eat every meal, every plane, sit up every hotel, every meeting, hits every advertisement is really white gold friends of the silver coins; and they will not earn a penny, the global currency in nearly 50 million friends feed 5W practitioners overhead, essentially can not afford the cost of currency; if not, go to the center of the circle to the company, is to get out of the spring!

Should not blindly follow the trend, except for bitcoin!

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