Purse bitcoin technical extension block release test network

Purse bitcoin technical extension block release test network

This week the bitcoin expansion argument adds new members, Purse developer team announced the launch of start-up test network, to test the blockchain solution expansion expansion block (extensionblocks).

In a blog post published earlier this month, Purse proposed the extension block idea behind the new technology, but the test network will allow users to post on GitHub and working code to communicate each other.

So far, the launch test network seems to have been inspired to attract its early supporters to take this kind of scheme, separate block capacity and network consensus rules, which in essence makes the peer in the network can be in line with their own version of the cap on block capacity.

For example, the chief executive of BitPay StephenPair announced that his company will participate in the technical evaluation of the test network, and support the future implementation of this idea, but this depends on the test results of the.

Wrote a post on the release of the Medium in Pair:

“If the test network subject to review, we may support the activation in the main line.”

For those who did not always pay attention to the solution of the people, extended block supporters think that is a way to expand the network capacity, and it is very attractive to the current expansion debate any party in the camp, so as to form a consensus between the developers had been in disagreement with mine pool.

However, it did not form a general support for the extended block.

BitcoinCore developer LukeDashjr in the initial bitcoin developer mailing list posts on the Purse team extended block specification, said the assessment of the proposal would “create a number of additional technical debt”.

The early January extended block proposal author JohnsonLau also warns against security risks that may arise:

Lau wrote in an email to bitcoin developer mailing list: “logically, if SegWit is not safe, this BIP will only get worse.”

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