Purse raised $1 million financing plan, a “secret bitcoin project”

Purse raised $1 million financing plan, a “secret bitcoin project”

Bitcoin e-commerce startups Purse raised $1 million in the latest round of financing.

The electronic commerce market funds run Purse will use the latest to raise new, not only to provide a substantial discount on Amazon customers who are willing to pay with bitcoin, a digital currency also allows customers to exchange with gift cards.

The company will use the official announcement to Tritium called “secret bitcoin project” advertising, said the project will “for consumers and partners to bring new value”.

Although Purse did not provide additional details, but before the sign that the company may seek to expand its e-commerce model. In November this year, Purse added new businesses on its platform, which means including Trezor and Ledger hardware wallet, products will be sold in the market discount platform.

The company raised $300 thousand in November, the number of financing, with the decrease of bitcoin consumption decreased. According to the report of the third quarter CoinDesk data, by the end of this year the number of bitcoin wallet and accept bitcoin businesses in the growth rate gradually slows down.

Corporate investors including StrongVentures, YangVentures and Plug&Play, individual investors including the chief executive of BTCC BobbyLee, owner of Bitcoin.com RogerVer, chief executive of FinalHash MarshallLong.

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