“Pyramid” the father of Yu Lingxiong: in the fortunate pregnant chain fell 99.99975% after the battles of STO

Editor’s note: This article is from a block chain (ID:yibenqkl), author: ratchet pizza, authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

The first half of 2018, China coin circle appeared a new celebrity — Yu Lingxiong.

He was known as the “pyramid” father, still peddled success course. In the hot, he reached the coin ring.

Less than half the time, Yu Lingxiong and its affiliates, has released nearly 10 kinds of digital currency, earned profits. All of them on-line trading in close relationship with Yu Lingxiong Vientiane exchange, also fell across the board, utterly routed.

The outside world that they are selling coins.

Now, Yu Lingxiong will look to the STO. While his STO products, is still in question was a flower drum pyramid game.

“Can be followed by a hot time, Yu Lingxiong is” the “circle of locusts fully deserve money.” One investor said.

STO 01 battles.

After ICO earned pours, and Yu Lingxiong watched the STO.

A block chain reporter found recently, Yu Lingxiong is promoting a STO flag MLM project, named “Kampuchea central financial group”.

Project book said, “the Central Bank of Kampuchea digital” under the 2018 establishment of the Kampuchea central financial group, Kampuchea national stable KHT digital currency will be issued, and the construction of ASEAN public payment chain AST.

Among them, KHT and gold anchor — each issue of 1 KHT, the project will reserve 1 dollars worth of gold. The public will “pay the ASEAN chain series” ASEAN currency market, the development of ASEAN industry STO.

Project book also said that the project by the Kampuchea KHT fund supervision. But a STO practitioners told reporters: “the blockchain STO stock issuance and similar government supervision by the securities and Exchange Commission, the fund will not supervision qualification.”

As early as March 2018, the National Bank of Kampuchea and the Kampuchea securities and Exchange Commission publicly said rumor, the government did not consider the support of national digital currency.

In addition, the project book also shows that Kampuchea’s central bank is the world’s first digital state approved and issued by the Bank of Digital Banking licence.

A block chain reporter to the Kampuchea central bank “translated into the official language of Kampuchea Khmer, search. The results showed that both in the Google search page, or in the National Bank of Kampuchea’s official website, not the bank information.

“Kampuchea national stable digital currency, ASEAN public payment chain, these concepts are to see the followers of Yu Lingxiong packaging. When you buy the KHT coins, you will find it or MLM properties.” Help Yu Lingxiong managed fund fund manager Wang Chuan said.

A block chain reporter obtained a copy of KHT’s marketing plan. It shows that KHT established a system of typical MLM algebra:

To get the KHT, must first become a member of this project, then have a qualification to the KHT foundation to buy assets, to become a partner.

A disciple of Yu Lingxiong, to become a member, the minimum threshold is 5 million “membership fee”.

According to the purchase of assets of the size of the package, the partner is divided into a partner and super partner (over $50 thousand), will leverage different.

A partner as an example. Suppose someone bought a $1000 package of assets, he will get 3.5 times leverage assets of $3500. Leveraged assets are frozen, according to the release rate of the daily 0.05%-0.5%, will be released to the assets current assets account.

“Pull the head” reward mechanism

If the user wants to increase the release rate of leveraged assets, we need to continue to recommend new, namely “pull the head”. If the couple bought a $1000 package of assets, home leveraged asset account will release 1000 $20%, or $200, to the current assets account home.

“Into the gold and lever and the daily release is static gains, pull the head and accelerating lever release is dynamic income. Two combined, forming a typical marketing mode.” Wang Chuan.

02 ICO Reaper

Before 2018, the relationship between Yu Lingxiong and the blockchain No. In early 2018, he reached the industry chain block. According to latitude 31 degrees reported earlier, he registered in Singapore Vientiane exchange.

Subsequently, Yu Lingxiong denied that he is the founder of Vientiane exchange, but admitted that he is “the original investors exchange vientiane”.

“Learning block chain, feeling behind an era!” In March 31, 2018, Yu Lingxiong wrote on micro-blog. A day later, he released a small video, for his release of “Spinach coin” (Wan Bobi) banner: “(spinach currency) can buy what time. Any time to buy, are low.”

This sentence is a lot of spinach coins investors as Yu Lingxiong publicly called single.

Just a few months, a series of the name “Yu Lingxiong” label digital currency, coins, Vientiane, Huang Jinlian, fortunate pregnant chain chain, spinach coins, was born.

In a currency speculation community, there are always people who publish the “Yu Department of money advertising. “Teacher Yu Lingxiong building, three months rose 100 times a year beyond bitcoin.” A fortunate pregnant chain shouted one writes advertising.

The most distinctive feature of the “Yu Department of coins”, the white paper is poorly designed, typesetting rough, fresh concrete application scenarios. But these currencies, almost without exception, only launched an exchange – Yu Lingxiong in Vientiane exchange.

In people’s mouth, the “Yu system coin”, became the only rise and not fall in the magic of investment goods.

Only rise myth, in the early days, perhaps from the “lock mechanism of Yu Department of coins”. Most of them are 5% month limited. Create a gimmick, let them control sold, rose by more than ten times, even a few times, but few people to obtain profits, in addition to Yu Lingxiong.

In the chain ring before Yu Lingxiong in the field with blockchain far, but in these two areas, he’s exactly the same way on the packaging.

“Investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, entrepreneur mentor leader”, this is Yu Lingxiong in the Baidu encyclopedia on the label.

According to Baidu encyclopedia and Yu Lingxiong party propaganda, Yu Lingxiong 19 years old from the business started, 23 year old became the vice president of marketing Chinese hundred enterprises “, 24 year old became the vice president of marketing for listed companies”, 25 year old has become the “three thousand big group” management executive.

However, the specific name of the three companies, it is a mystery.

The latitude 31 degrees reported in June 2018, Yu Lingxiong was born in Zhejiang in Ningbo Province, the students in the know almost broke the news after he graduated from junior high school dropout, early Chuangdang society.

Now, he is still in the Supreme People’s Court of dishonesty blacklist.

In foreign propaganda, the first title of Yu Lingxiong, is chairman of Cambodia trade association. But at 31 degrees north latitude disclosure, Kampuchea famous Chinese said, not heard of Yu Lingxiong, but also do not understand the established “Cambodia trade association”.

Open training courses, Yu Lingxiong is nearly ten years of the most well-known means of profit.

His training institutions, called Road business school”. In the official website, this is a “focus on the new business and new technology in the field of” training “evolution platform”, aims to create a new generation of business leaders”. But in the know, but Yu Lingxiong’s staff broke the news, his training institutions are facing small business owners.

The employee said, his day’s work, is to give the company a call, and by all means, to the boss’s personal phone. The so-called “various means, including camouflage express, security personnel, and even the tax authorities require the company staff, receptionist, secretary told the boss’s mobile phone number.

In the crowd, Yu Lingxiong is still a promotion called “boss wisdom” of the curriculum, three days charges 5000 yuan. After a block chain reporter consultation, Yu Lingxiong sent a course TA course, revealed the thick soup taste slogan: “into the” boss of wisdom “, you awaken the instinct of life, open by the secular wisdom shielding method.”

In the course of the promotional photos, there are a lot of photo with Yu Lingxiong celebrities, including Buffett, Jim Rogers, Jack, Welch, Zhang Ruimin, Zong Qinghou, Chen Lihua, and Prime Minister Hong Sen of Kampuchea.

But some people have heard of Yu Lingxiong course, but regrets. A direct selling brand in a city of northwest city manager Hu Wenchang told the reporters the blockchain, Yu Lingxiong’s speech was full of self praise and chicken soup, little dry cargo.

The training for rich MLM mechanism, audience psychology to create a myth, by Yu Lingxiong in the “promotion of Yu Department of coins”. But after a brief rise early, “Yu Department of money” can not get rid of the fate of collapse. Now, their holders suffered heavy losses:

Vientiane currency (CCEC), the highest price of 0.0014BTC, the 0.000078BTC price (about 2.17 yuan), down 94.5%.

Huambo coin (commonly known as the “Spinach coin”) CGK 0.0003BTC 0.000005BTC, the highest price, the price (about 0.13 yuan), down 98.3%.

Fortunate pregnant chain (XYCC), the highest price of 0.000209BTC, the 0.000004BTC price (about 0.11 yuan), down 98.1%.

The gold chain (GOLC), 1.2BTC had the highest bid in May 2018, now only 0.000003BTC (about 0.08 yuan), down 99.99975%.

It is worth mentioning that, since the mid 2018, bitcoin itself also appeared more than half of the decline. If in accordance with the actual currency valuation, these “Yu Department of coins” shrink, more terrible.

03 leek Kushui

In June this year, the old coins ring leek xuanhai, Yu Lingxiong in the Vientiane exchange, have bought nearly 100 thousand yuan coins of Huambo (CGK).

CGK is a public oriented gaming industry chain, therefore, in the currency of the CGK circle, was also known as the “currency of spinach”. Xuanhai clearly remember his first investment spinach coins, currency price is 5.3 yuan.

“After buying, basic has been dropped, never rose.” Xuan Hai said, “now the price of spinach coin only a dime, almost zero.”

Other “Yu Department of currency exchange and Vientiane trading in different spinach coins is digital currency only one Yu Lingxiong admitted involved. For the fortunate pregnant chain, chain of gold and other currencies, Yu Lingxiong should be clear, and there is no relationship between said.

But the truth is not so.

In the fortunate pregnant chain as an example, this is a so-called human gene can be stored, male infertility problem solving chain. According to the white paper, fortunate pregnant CEO chain named Chen Xia, worked in human assisted reproduction and other fields, has 18 years of experience and 10000 cases of reproductive success case”.

At the same time, Chen Xia is one of Yu Lingxiong’s “disciples”, and is the most senior “an agent”. The official website opened in Yu Lingxiong “business school”, the number of Chen Xia with “DS04-022”. The photo of her I was back in front, plastered with photos of babies in a row station.

Xuanhai witnessed Yu Lingxiong repeatedly called for single currency, spinach banner. However, as the currency price decline, Yu Lingxiong gradually began talking about the spinach coins, turn into the STO market.

After the arrival of the bear market, currency Telegram in spinach community, more and more investors complain. In order to avoid the rights of investors, the official currency of spinach Telegram group administrator, or even directly to the community disbanded.

Since then, there are investors in WeChat re established the spinach currency community, xuanhai among them.

“At least half of the people in the group to adults, but if Yu Lingxiong fell, our spinach is completely dead. Have such rights, what is the use?” Xuanhai ask.

He knows this is a hoax, but can not do anything.

“When a bear market, I have been in the circle of money. Yu Lingxiong than my coin circle is late, I have been cheated.” He said angrily.

The people around and block chain practitioners, and how to evaluate Yu Lingxiong?

“Financial, he knows a fart.” Wang Chuan said.

He thinks, bragging and brainwashing, Yu Lingxiong is a “talent”, but in finance, Yu Lingxiong is a layman.

Block chain industry practitioners Zheng Han also believes that Yu Lingxiong is a typical block chain.

In a speech, Yu Lingxiong told the impassioned believer, within 5 years, there will be no global stock exchange, only STO digital currency exchange; global entrepreneurs no longer issuing shares, all issued securitization tokens; bitcoin will rise to $1 million for a future.

The presence of followers of emotions, Yu Lingxiong was very enthusiastic to incite.

Zheng Han also watched the video, he found that Yu Lingxiong did not understand what is STO.

“Essentially, STO is a new way of financing, but it does not apply to all companies, it is impossible to replace the stock.” Zheng Han told a reporter “blockchain, what’s more, the government has banned STO China.”

The blockchain reporter also interviewed several other public chain responsible person, the answer is surprisingly consistent: “this person, I do not want to make any evaluation.” The mention of Yu Lingxiong, lest they are shunned.

“Coin circle locust” is the title, on Yu Lingxiong, is the image of.

Money is never a shortage of coins, air ring and the ambitious swindler. But now, less leek.

The currency market slump, the “coin circle locust”, also began to face “cut no cut” dilemma.

But in any case, they make a pot of gold. The industry, currency prices plunge, a leek screams, and what is the relationship between them?

Now, the locusts are look at fiercely as a tiger does a new outlet.

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