Quantum computing can solve problems or bitcoin mining center

Quantum computing can solve problems or bitcoin mining center


Bitcoin mining process consumes a lot of energy and adverse effects on the environment is a concern, especially for power consumption. But, the development of quantum computing research, to dramatically reduce energy consumption point the day and await for it.

Bitcoin mining and energy consumption

Around the bitcoin debate topic, in addition to the block size problem, and the mining of high energy consumption and environmental impact issues.

Is a service based bitcoin mining. No miners, the bitcoin network will fall apart. In the process of mining, the miners must be connected to the bitcoin network, and between the miners and node synchronization. The task is to verify the miner’s transaction, create and handle all the historical block, the block which is packaged into negotiation blockchain.

Each pack a block miners will receive 12.5 coins, as the work reward.

The miners work includes multiple SHA-256 hash calculation, need to consume a lot of energy to complete this task.

From the beginning of creation of the early bitcoin miners, in order to reduce energy consumption, try a variety of types of technology and hardware. For example, individual miners began using the central processor (CPU). After that, the miners have used the graphics processor (GPU), field programmable gate array (FPGA), application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

Although the use of new technology, every time increases the speed of operation, greatly improve the entire network of the work force, but the cost and energy consumption, the cost of these special hardware or let the individual mining unprofitable.

Therefore, mining industry gradually away from individual miners, toward the direction of industrial scale mining development center.

Energy consumption is the key

No matter how technology development, energy consumption is always a serious problem. “The establishment of mining center to the three big problems considered are: climate, power cost, network condition. In particular, you need a cold climate, which can reduce air conditioning costs. You need the power of cheap resources.” ArindNarayanan said.

Therefore, a lot of bitcoin mining companies in cold areas or national power relatively inexpensive to build data center. For example, bitcoin group, “power is the biggest cost of bitcoin mining process, in order to make the cost minimization, we seek to operate at low power cost countries. Low power is usually found in China, which is why the bitcoin group here.” Bitcoin group also operate in Iceland.

Quantum computation and bitcoin mining

At the same time with electron wave and particle characteristics

The object can exist in many places at the same time

The object in isolation can be maintained by remote connection. This feature is called quantum entanglement.

These features make quantum computing more secure, encrypted communication using quantum digital transactions can be completed instantly, it can solve the thorny problem of. In addition, quantum computation can reduce the calculation of energy consumption.

Paris Polytechnic University, F D raledeLausanne predicted that “with the help of quantum tunneling, quantum physics to 2017, will greatly reduce the energy consumption of the mobile phone and computer.”

“There is a hidden quantum tunneling in quantum mechanics wave coupling effect. The correct wavelength with the tunnel junction properly, can make the signal transmission speed than the speed of light, time reversal, “Anderson explained.

A new method to create a full range of Google is also in the exploration of quantum computer. Many people think that, because of advances in this aspect of Google, a quantum computer age is coming soon.

According to the MIT technology review report said, “Google researcher may quantum computer will be displayed in a really strong at the end of the year.”

Quantum computing will soon become a reality, it will reduce the bitcoin mining power consumption, beneficial to environmental protection. Of course, this will have an impact on mining revenue, more and more individuals to join in mining, this makes it to the extent of the center, these may all be Nakamoto expected.

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