Raiden released a new product: the ether-square test network will appear more simple micro-payment

nRaiden network development staff introduced a new product, you can test the Internet in the ether square to achieve direct micro-payment between users. Although this product is relatively simple, but developers think it has an important role for many dapp to provide them with the required payment channels, and will soon be further development, the future will be in the formal block chain network to run.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Raiden network developers have already launched an earlier version of the extended solution on the EtherChart test network.n
One of the problems faced by the Ether Square is that scaling needs to put countless data into the chain of blocks, each node must download the shared book, and the etherfloor now supports only a relatively small number of users Facing a lot of difficulties.n
As a result, the Raiden network has become part of this expansion mission, hoping to achieve more and more cost-effective Ethernet transactions. Although the Raiden network recently released a series of updates, but the project is still in progress.n
At the same time, the developer has launched a new product test network version, μRaiden (pronounced “micro Raiden”), this version is more simple, less functional, is about to complete.n
In short, μRaiden is not paid through the node network, but allows users to directly pay each other micro-payments, this payment is currently only one-way.n
The blog post that introduces the project states that although μRaiden is simpler, it provides some kind of payment channels needed to go to a centralized application (dapp).n
Article wrote:n
n”After talking to dapp developers, we noticed that many dapp just wanted to use the Raiden network as a powerful ‘one-to-one’ payment channel system and a service provider that served many loyal customers. Fully mature network, but will be from the direct payment channels to obtain benefits.n
nIt is worth noting that these channels are compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which means that they can be used with a series of tokens recently launched at the Ether Square.n
As to when the project moved to the chain of the chain, the developers expressed optimism that the change would “soon” be there.n

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