Really strong pressure, bitcoin market’s coming? One thousand two hundred and twenty

A lot of said: Jiang zall: 2019 annual investment is the investment currency matching method is very good.

Libet mine pool CEO Jiang Thatcher micro-blog said I predicted “$3000” and “Spring Festival” will come true, bottom, or a, or not? This is not important, it is short-term speculation. The price of money long term users, short-term asked god. The correct operation should be “equal legal tender in 2019 annual fixed investment, ensure that the mainstream currency in the next bull market cycle is still alive (the best is a combination of several coins). An investment there is a benefit, is the state of mind will be very good. In matching investment, even if you have a lot of money, but the heart even faint hope bitcoin prices fall further, it can buy more cheap currency. I guess the bottom is $3000, but I used 1 years of equal currency investment, to prevent an error in judgment. This operation, called “light, heavy wind control”.

The news:

Good: Zhao Changpeng: money next year plans to open more than a dozen security currency exchange; although he did not sell in a bear market, encryption of assets.

Bad: 1:. hedge fund founder: the Fed’s action will have a significant impact on the development of encryption currency. Last night, the Fed announced interest rate goods 25 basis points, raising the federal funds rate target range up to 2.25%-2.5%. The Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, investors tend to lead to more robust savings.

2. SCMP: Hongkong stock market regulators believe that before the appropriate regulatory framework in place, digital currency trading platform or associated with the business through the IPO to raise funds in Hongkong is still too early, IPO is facing obstacles; bit. Bit, always seek listing, if the listing is not successful, can only sell encryption currency crisis.

3.BetDice, ToBet, EOS, MAX and other variety of EOS guessing games were the same for hackers, the loss of over 5 million. According to the game producers talk, DAPP code no problem, is a problem in EOS system. EOS frequently attacked, became ATM hacking, EOS can become DAPP hope?

Contract surface: As of December 20th Beijing time 10:10, the data on the okex BTC elite position display, do account for 46%, short accounts for 49%, BTC this week contract price of $3715, 3900 on the line last night a demobilized army air force, which bears advantages and prevailed, the two day of good is not easy in the dominant. What the market and market has become very anxious ah whirling.


At present, small 24 hours turnover of 30 billion 500 million, the turnover of more than yesterday, this is because last night bitcoin wave pulled up to 3900 and the callback, said yesterday in the 3800 line is strong pressure. Now to straddle the bifurcation point, the turnover is critical, if tomorrow turnover becomes smaller, so the rebound rate is probably the end.

Bitcoin k-line:

Currently bitcoin price 3744, said yesterday bitcoin rebound to the strong pressure, and the impact of 3900 last night after rapid callback, sell-off is not small, is still the main catch up to now, bitcoin has stabilized upward momentum. It reminds me of the sword inside a line: Colonel, let me be washed once with brothers. Indeed, the market came to the main position, not to fall right, at least to adhere to 12 hours (tomorrow to delivery, we must hold the return), really do not go up, and then began to fall short by me. How to choose the main? Retail may not follow the main from the fish head to the tail, the middle section is good. It is the next fish market? We are still waiting to see.

Of course, to keep track of game player market funds, K-line trend and good bad news.

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