Recalling the Asian financial crisis, it is much easier for capital tycoons to speculate on bitcoin than to manipulate sovereign currency

The price ceiling of bitcoin is hard to estimate, but its offline may be zero. As a decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin has its unique advantages, but it will also become one of its disadvantages. Bitcoin has no center, so no one will be willing to cover for it. As the saying goes, happiness can be shared, but difficulties do not necessarily mean the same. Although bitcoin is built on the basis of P2P network, as long as there is money, many things are done by people. Although mining requires countless miners to complete, bitcoin can be purchased at the back end as long as you have money. Bitcoin is easy to be manipulated by some capital tycoons and become their tool for collecting money. Moreover, bitcoin is harvested at will without supervision. It is appropriate to describe the price trend of bitcoin in terms of sesame blossom. The unit price of nearly $52000 a piece has shocked many people. Of course, it may not be the highest price of bitcoin. As early as 2019, CNBC host Joe Kernen had predicted that bitcoin prices would reach $55000, and now it looks like it will come true. As the leader of cryptocurrency, bitcoin has always been known as authentic cryptocurrency, while other digital currencies have a little bit of a fake meaning. In fact, bitcoin is the same as other cryptocurrencies, but it has developed earlier and has a larger scale. It is essentially similar to other cryptocurrencies. Many people have different opinions about the final price of bitcoin. The highest price of bitcoin depends on the demand of the market, which may be 100000, 1000000 and tens of millions. But bitcoin’s lowest price has one thing in common: it can be worthless. The original intention of Nakamoto’s invention of bitcoin is good. If he wants to establish a currency substitute with decentralization and high safety coefficient, bitcoin is developing in accordance with this trend. Bitcoin’s design philosophy is good, but it’s a people led society. Nakamoto designed bitcoin to serve human beings, but it could not resist the intervention of capital. With the support of countless miners, bitcoin has established a huge bitcoin system. Now there are bitcoin miners in many countries. Bitcoin has basically achieved decentralization and high security. It can be said that half of bitcoin’s mission has been completed. But the problem is that when Nakamoto designed bitcoin, he probably didn’t expect that someone would hype bitcoin artificially. Although bitcoin was originally designed to serve all mankind, it could not withstand the intervention of capital. Now the price of bitcoin has been fried to more than 50000 US dollars. Nakamoto designed bitcoin to serve human beings, so its function is very much like that of paper money and gold, which is a medium, guarantee and tool of transaction. If bitcoin wants to replace gold and paper money, it must maintain its value. In fact, in theory, bitcoin can do this, and the total amount of 21 million is the basis for its value preservation. But the problem is that some people will maliciously hype bitcoin. I think many people are not willing to devalue the bitcoin they just got. What is the role of bitcoin? I think many people have a steelyard in their hearts. Because of its decentralization, encryption and security features, it has been used in many special places. Recently, Kia was attacked by a hacker, doppelpaymer, who asked Kia to pay 600 bitcoins. I have personally received blackmail, and hackers are asking for bitcoin, which may be only a few cases. When some consortia control a large number of bitcoin, those who have special needs for bitcoin will have to buy bitcoin at a high price. The price trend of bitcoin roller coaster is not suitable for ordinary users. It is more like a gamble. Those who have special needs for bitcoin will not care about the price of bitcoin. For them, 50000, 100000 and 1000000 are just numbers. So as long as there is demand, the price of bitcoin is possible. But the price trend of bitcoin roller coaster is not suitable for ordinary users. It is more like a gamble. We should know that the financial crisis, financial tycoon Soros is one of the representatives. If a currency does not have a strong backing, it will be easily manipulated by capital tycoons, such as Japan and Southeast Asia in those years. I don’t deny the value of bitcoin, and I don’t think the price of bitcoin is too high, but it is not likely to replace the sovereign currency. Unless several current superpowers come out to cover bitcoin, it will be much easier for capital tycoons to speculate on cutting leeks than to manipulate the Asian financial turmoil. When capital tycoons maliciously hype bitcoin, bitcoin is just a tool for them to collect money. And because of the decentralization of bitcoin, no country will pay for it, and eventually they can reap it wantonly. Not to mention bitcoin, even RMB is easy to be manipulated by capital if it is not protected by the state. Think of the market makers on the stock market, if there is no state control, the stock market will be chaotic. Don’t doubt the ability of capital tycoons. In the bitcoin issue, retail investors are not the same size at all. Now that big capitalists are hyping bitcoin, it’s only a matter of time before harvesting. If you want to know more about the wonderful content, please pay attention to the wisdom of Shandong ashui and caochangying Flying Institute

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