Reported that the DPRK attacked the South Korean special currency exchange

nnnAt least three of the encrypted currency exchanges in South Korea were attacked by Korean hackers this year by malicious software to attack the exchange employee’s account to steal funds for the purpose of attacking the FireEye Advanced Network Threat Intelligence Analyst. And North Korean actors may be related to last year’s attacks on global banking institutions. Because of the anonymity of encrypted money, attackers, including North Korean hackers, have used encrypted money. But now do not understand the specific situation of the so-called attack, the DPRK official did not make a specific evaluation.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nNorth Korea is considered to be the operator of the global financial institutions behind hackers in recent years. A well-known network security company said North Korea may have tried to steal encrypted money to avoid sanctions.n
nFireEye said the actors involved in the country were involved in the attack on the Korean currency exchange.n
n”Since May 2017, we have seen North Korean actors targeting at least three South Korean encrypted currency exchanges,” said Luke McNamara, senior network threat intelligence analyst at FireEye. “The purpose may be to steal funds. Phishing scammers are often directed against the digital money exchange employee’s personal e-mail accounts, often through tax evasion or malware, and in 2016 the North Korean-related actors may have invaded the global banking institutions. “n
nThe relationship between the DPRK and the international community was particularly bad when the statement was issued. The United Nations Security Council (UN Security Council) unanimously agreed to impose new sanctions on the DPRK on Tuesday after the DPRK’s sixth and largest nuclear test so far.n
nMcNamara’s blog did not mention the three encrypted currency exchanges that were targeted, nor did it suggest whether the theft was successful. He wrote that in April the event, the Korean exchange Yapizon wallet was attacked, but could not be sure about the North Korean actor.n
nMcNamara said in Washington, DC that the encrypted currency may be a good way for North Korea to avoid international financial controls.n
nn”If the actors attack the exchange (compare personal accounts or wallet), they can extract the encrypted currency from the online wallet, exchange other more anonymous encrypted currency, or directly transfer to other exchanges of other wallet, and then , Such as won, dollar or RMB “.n
nnn”Because the encrypted monetary regulatory environment is still new, some exchanges in different countries may have adopted a loose anti-money laundering control, so that the exchange attracted the owner of hard money to find.”n
nnThe Permanent Mission of the DPRK to the United Nations did not immediately comment on it.n

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