Research on anonymous trading function is Wright currency

Research on anonymous trading function is Wright currency

The Wright team is studying the anonymous transaction function, we believe that the anonymous solid theoretical and feasible, can achieve. We have begun to consider the detailed development plan.

Anonymous trading function “has been implemented in the ElementsAlpha code, its purpose is as bitcoin side chain. We believe that the side chain is a very useful function, anonymous trading function is more suitable for implementation in the main chain of Wright currency. We will use the code named “ElementsAlpha” project in this code, Wright currency transactions will be more easy to achieve anonymity.

According to the relevant report of the Linux foundation in bitcoin development project, we will need a soft branch to achieve isolation validation on the anonymous transaction function. We will implement isolation verification as soon as possible, and then realize the anonymous transaction function.

Anonymous functions will increase additional Wright currency block volume, but we don’t worry too much about this problem. Anonymous transactions every time, additional will probably increase the capacity of 1.8K (total transaction size slightly larger) although this several times larger than non anonymous transactions, but because we can verify in isolation to optimize additional capacity increase anonymity increased. In this way, the actual number of transactions is not contained in each block to reduce the number of. Of course, increasing the anonymity, certainly need more disk space to save the entire Wright currency block chain. However, with the disk unit capacity is more and more cheap, these are not problems. The use of anonymous trading function, will also contribute more to the miners transaction fee.

We are in process of anonymous encryption principle function and use, found that the lack of quantum resistance. Although it is not a problem, but with the development of science and technology, we have to face the emergence of quantum computers sooner or later, we plan to upgrade the current anonymous trading function, so that it can have a quantum resistance. Charlie named “QRCT” quantum resistant anonymous transactions. We will use the lattice instead of elliptic curve cryptography method commonly used to resist quantum computer.

Then we realize that their lack of ability to resist the Wright currency of quantum computer, because in the process of using Wright currency trading, we need the public key in the transaction, so that a quantum computer can deduce the private key and public key, modify transaction address information. Fortunately, we will be able to solve this problem.

Enhance the ability to resist quantum computer Wright currency of the idea is still at a very early stage. Moreover, we will upgrade the way through the soft bifurcation, the ability to achieve anti quantum computer. We very much hope that has a large number of users can actively Wright currency community led the blockchain communities to treat serious anti quantum computer

We invited more like-minded friends to join in, together with the study block chain (China Wright currency block chain community QQ group: micro-blog 224855357PZ address: is_all=1?).





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