Ron Paul: the United States government should not interfere with bitcoin

Ron Paul: the United States government should not interfere with bitcoin


The former US presidential candidate RonPaul recently on television in a telephone interview called for all competitors to legalize. No matter they are not encrypted. He has published views on the price of some financial markets, especially gold $vs, and warned of government intervention bitcoin activities.

The former presidential candidate, worried about government supervision of bitcoin users.

RonPaul is Texas’s former members of Congress, and twice as the Republican candidate for president of the United States, he said “now for digital currency exchange and transfer of the IRS (IRS) report has too much control”.

Paul is probably referring to the IRS to try to force the bitcoin exchange Coinbase submit customer list to report tax evasion measures. In San Francisco, Coinbase rejected the request of IRS.

Paul also pointed out in an interview with the Canadian media editor of KitcoNews DanielaCambone interview, the government should wait for a new thing enough successfully again and began to restrict or punish strictly on the.

He said: “if bitcoin is a good thing, so the government must be very carefully studied.”

He added: “the government of bitcoin interest make me nervous, people have to be very cautious.”

As for the currency competition, he told Cambone: “if people want to bitcoin and want to use it, then the government should not intervene.”

The subtle point of bitcoin

Unlike other famous political and financial media celebrity, Paul does not wantonly praised especially digital currency bitcoin. On the contrary, he adopted a wait-and-see attitude, very modest, admit they don’t know much about the technology.

The editor of KitcoNews bluntly put to him about bitcoin, “you are a digital currency believer?”

Paul said: “I have a very strong political stance of monetary competition. I want to make all competitors legalized, if you can have a currency without a case of fraud, so I think I should do.”

He also admitted, “frankly, I do not understand the digital currency technology. I just want to make sure that no fraud occurred, but I also feel worried about government intervention.”

Cambone then asked: “for you, it represents the real money?”

“Not for me,” he explained, “voluntary exchange but if it is to serve the people, and exchange of wealth, it can play a role like real money.”

He also said: “the person bitcoin gold which is not gold inferior by comparison, one of the reasons to rise further, what do you think?”

He smiled and said: “I think it is a very strong possibility, and I was surprised at the value of digital currency, the value is too high.”

Back to the bitcoin topic, he said “only time will tell whether it can survive as a real money.”

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