Rootstock chain expansion of the network in the side chain lightning

Rootstock chain expansion of the network in the side chain lightning


How to increase the bitcoin trading capacity has been the core of long-term expansion of the dispute, is a unique initiative released a new white paper.

From the Rootstock project, this start-up project is well-known by the side chains will contract into Ethernet Intelligent workshop bitcoin system, at the same time does not affect the main chain block.

Technically, this initiative combines multiple techniques in the development of bitcoin: side chain, lightning network (LightningNetwork), and other solutions on the chain expansion.

Although the side chain is not added to the bitcoin, bitcoin security adviser SergioDemianLerner has been developed in the Rootstock system, such as building lightning network compatible version of Lumino.

In this process, Lerner invented the Lumino transaction compression protocol (LTCP, LuminoTransactionCompressionProtocol), the white paper also mentioned.

LTCP through the chain expansion increased trading volume, but for the chain expansion, different people have different understanding. The LTCP project to make clever use of compressed block chain can be more trading settlement.

The LTCP protocol can occupy less in block chain capacity under the condition that the Lumino network to complete the payment and settlement channels recharge”.

User development

In this field there are other projects, like by upgrading the bitcoin payment network, to provide services for more users. For example, the future can use new trading structure for digital currency provides the top lightning network, MimbleWimble.

Lerner said at the same time, the chain expansion is designed for each bitcoin block chain blocks directly increase the data capacity of the project. Even if bitcoin use chain expansion protocol, lightning network (occasionally settlement in the bitcoin block chain), the chain can be upgraded to open up more trading settlement capacity for users.

“By increasing the chain capacity, we can connect with more people, so simple”. He said in the paper, the system can be expanded, in order to meet at least 1 billion user transaction demand.

Therefore, once the lightning network is running, the chain capacity will also be the overall transaction volume of the obstacle.

Lerner explained:

“Every active users regularly to pay channels recharge or settlement (increase funds or withdrawal of funds to the payment channels), these operations usually require the corresponding transaction chain; therefore limited the number of active users in the chain capacity, rather than chain capacity”.

Modify the historical data

From the etheric Fang Rootstock is not the same with UTXO model (bitcoin transaction output not used), but a current is not compatible with bitcoin account model.

If the function is added to the side chain, the need for soft bifurcation, like Lerner late last year suggested. Pay channel network Lumino and LTCP data compression protocol is to build the foundation for the system.

The main innovation of LTCP is to reduce the amount of data of Deltacompression or Deltaencoding (incremental compression algorithm, model storage and transmission of data in time series data difference). The white paper said, compared with the bitcoin network two or three transactions per second throughput, the protocol can achieve nearly 2000 transactions per second in the side chain; bitcoin block chain is at least 100 transactions.

Take a look at its principle.

According to the agreement, when the user to pay channels recharge, some historical data can be deleted. So the user must first spend bitcoin, opened a pay channel. The cost is depleted, the user will again recharge.

After each user recharge, LTCP will find the related transaction history, signature data to modify these transactions. Then at the end of the first and only recording system transaction signature data clear intermediate links.

The white paper shows the process of the transaction example:

The advantages and disadvantages of the system

At present, the developer defects in the test of LTCP, such as Lerner in New York BitDevs conference speech after the discussion of the “selfishmining” (this is a kind of unfair competition mining, the miners not timely to block chain network announced mining results, but continue to dig, to keep ahead in the other, about to catch up with the miners, immediately to the network release has been dug up the block, the chain is longer, and the proof of work mechanism for mining reward).

Then a participant pointed out that LTCP may reduce the user privacy.

Lerner anti symmetric, privacy of the side chain of Rootstock is not better than the etheric square difference.

In the encryption currency, if users continue to use the same trading account, other users can use the “blockchain browser” tracking transaction history. Usually pay attention to privacy of users will generate a new account for each transaction, in order to avoid the defects of privacy.

Lerner said, the user can continue to do so, or use the so-called mixed coin service (tumbling) hidden source tokens.

However, whether this method affects the compression ratio, he admitted that if the user does not generate a lot of accounts, cannot use the LTCP chain increase trading capacity.

Lerner said, “this is a compromise”.

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