Rumor: three operators support bitcoin charge calls?!

Rumor: three operators support bitcoin charge calls?!


August 10th news (where Brown) recently, see “China Mobile, China Unicom and Chinese China Telecom can use bitcoin charge calls” rumors, named after Alipay, WeChat support bitcoin payment, Chinese three operators can also use bitcoin to pay the bill.

Xiao Bian then contacted the relevant person three operators to verify the results of recovery are even do not know this, there is a saying that “impossible”.

Xiaobian there are two of the rumors confused and vague. First, the scope of rumors in the statement is not accurate. The article said the bitcoin remittance service Sobit, users can use bitcoin recharge mobile phone SIM card, the service is currently in 136 countries have more than 600 operators (including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom launched Chinese). Individual operators foreign support bitcoin payment does not mean that Chinese three operators also support.

Second, indirect payment is not equivalent to the direct payment. The content of each of the title of the article and the rumors are misleading. The article mentioned in the latter part of the end of June Japan bitcoin exchange Bitpoint and NipponPay announced cooperation, pay for China (Alipay, WeChat, the three most popular encryption services UnionPay) token payment options. This cooperation, the three pandemic pay can open bitcoin payment options and currency Ethernet on this platform. If you refer to this platform through the conversion after the payment bill, and articles on the topic and should not be the first half of this part of the contents of confusion, and should explain clearly.

At present Chinese, bitcoin has not yet been legalized, regulators still “on its official definition is a kind of virtual goods in particular, under the premise of preventing risks, can be traded, but does not have legal status and monetary equivalent, can not and should not be used as currency in circulation in the market”.

Bitcoin is irreversible, decentralized, anonymity and encryption features, can be applied to the field of cross-border transactions, contracts, intelligent networking, file storage etc.. Japan in April this year officially as a legitimate bitcoin payment. China central bank had also said the issue of digital currency in exploration.

But the risk of bitcoin involved also exists, it could be used for money laundering, swap, speculation and other black and grey areas. In addition, although the chain block (block chain bitcoin is the underlying technology and infrastructure) has high security, but there is a risk of hackers to bitcoin trading system to attack and steal bits than the.

In short, there are still a lot of negative regulators of bitcoin or wait-and-see attitude, in the long run, this strategy is not very clear. Although Chinese three operators do not support bitcoin payment, but with the development of digital currency, perhaps the future will bring application and expect more.

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