Russia called for celebrating the legitimate bitcoin

Russia called for celebrating the legitimate bitcoin


A few weeks ago, the Russian authorities announced the use is legal from the legal point of view bitcoin. Russia now has a population of 146 million, is an important market for bitcoin and other digital currency.

In an interview with Cointelegraph JakeSmith, to understand the recent developments.

Bitcoin approved

Cointelegraph: the Russian authorities only support the use of legitimate bitcoin. This is what is your view?

JakeSmith: over the years, we’ve heard countless rumors, these or those countries for the first time to ban bitcoin, then clarify that he is in the regulation of bitcoin, then replied that they were making a legitimate bitcoin, such an infinite loop. Therefore, when I heard that any country bitcoin take a stance, I am sorry to excited or worry too much. However, if Russia really decided to give bitcoin official light green, then I think this is a great news.

CT said: when the authorities use and trade bitcoin can be regarded as money laundering and terrorist financing, what do you think it means?

JS: I think this means that the authorities do not understand bitcoin, or they have a pushing potential agenda. They don’t understand bitcoin, saying it is only money laundering or terrorist financing tools, ignoring the legal tender (specific authorities responsible for money), there is still money laundering, financing of terrorism and black top tool.

Bitcoin can have those uses, just because it satisfies all conditions as a good money. What is the real regulators, who fear that bitcoin is not a they can control and manipulate currency. They may have an agenda, because they do not want their country’s citizens to use the money they cannot control.

Influence of the global bitcoin

CT: whether this reflects global government acceptance for electronic money?

JS: Yes, whenever a country (especially like Russia’s power) to clarify the legal position of their bitcoin and give permission, I think this is a vote to vote in favor of global recognition and adoption of bitcoin.

CT: bitcoin legalization statement and other encryption currency will not be bothering you?

JS: I think it is a bit puzzled. Mostly I feel very ironic, because bitcoin and other encryption currency will continue to play a role, whether regulators do not agree with. I think it provides a valuable insight into the way regulators inside, they think they can not control their true effect.

CT: the Russian market is important? It is necessary to celebrate this event?

JS: any country to bitcoin green light are worth celebrating, but Russia’s population was 143 million, almost half of the United states. As a more strict capital control state, which proves that bitcoin is useful for the Russian people. So yes, I think it is worth celebrating.

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