Russia on banning the draft BTC or before August submitted to the State Duma

Russia on banning the draft BTC or before August submitted to the State Duma

All along, the Russian Ministry of finance bitcoin and other digital currency attitude are very strong, this kind of currency is regarded as regulators of alternative currency ruble.

The draft calls for ban bitcoin, bitcoin transactions included in the scope of criminal conviction. Russian Deputy finance minister hope the bill will be submitted to the State Duma meeting – Russian Federation house of Commons in August before the end of the meeting.

A recent report published by Russia, the Russian news agency said, Russian Deputy finance minister AlexeiMoiseev hopes to introduce a law, can let bitcoin traders realize whether bitcoin exchange rubles or use the ruble exchange bitcoin, is to bear legal responsibility.

The spring meeting will end in August 6th, it is worth noting that Moiseev is going to make this before the draft by the duma.

The report quoted Moiseev: we hope to be able to finish it in a short period of time (by banning bitcoin draft).

I think we can before the end of the meeting through the spring proposal presented in front of you, but still not sure whether we can implement immediately.

The news in a recent report released after that, the report confirmed that the Russian Ministry of Finance proposal to ban digital encryption currency.

The ban bitcoin draft has been finalized the final version, called on the government of Russian Federation constitution to make laws, regulations for Russian Federation only rubles monetary unit. The bill has aroused public hot.

For example, seventy-fifth contents are as follows: the ruble is the unit of currency in Russian Federation, the central bank is the only currency issuer. Prohibited in the issue of Russian Federation and the introduction of all currencies except the ruble.

Moiseev said that the reason for the digital currency traders to bear criminal responsibility, suspected terrorist financing and encryption of digital money laundering.

He explained: without a lot of internal bank staff collusion collusion, the crime is not likely to succeed. Although corruption phenomenon still exists in the banking system, but it will be the first positive to combat terrorism and money laundering.

In addition, the proposal also recommended to participate in trading and mining bitcoin people sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, and impose a fine of 2 million 500 thousand rubles.

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