Russia plans to 2018 recognized legitimate bitcoin

Russia plans to 2018 recognized legitimate bitcoin

According to media technology SOFTPEDIA Beijing time on April 12th in the official website reported that the Russian government in 2018 to prepare for one of the recognized bitcoin monetary. This represents a big shift in the attitude of the Russian government regulation, the government had threatened to be found who use bitcoin jailed.

According to Bloomberg, including deputy finance minister Moiseev (AlexeyMoiseev) Russian officials and representatives of the Russian central bank, is for bitcoin and other digital currency to make its get official recognition, because they hope to find new ways to combat money laundering.

It seems that Russian officials hope that in 2018 by bitcoin and other encryption currency. “The country needs to know at any moment to know each of the financial statements. If there is a transaction, then promote the trade both parties should understand the true identity, as the bank business.” Moiseev said in an interview.

Bitcoin is usually not subject to any government regulation, mainly because of its operation mode is almost impossible by government regulation. However, it is also in several countries under scrutiny, because it can be used to hide assets or money laundering. Therefore, the Russian central bank may in the near future to increase its arsenal of new weapons – tracking encryption currency. Over the past few years, the Central Bank of Russia has been in efforts to combat money laundering activities in the past three years, there are hundreds of lenders lost loan authority.

All over Russia false trading and lending and the objective is to emerge in an endless stream, the transfer of funds to foreign countries. So far, the Central Bank of Russia has been working in 2016 the number of funds transfer reduced to $771 million before the half. To realize encryption currency would make Russia’s central bank has more control, the industry is expected in the next few months, Russia will determine whether digital currency can be regarded as assets, cash or collateral for.

The plan seems to be to currency trading by allowing the user to use a bank account, so that the Russian side that all information has a number of encryption currency users. Some transactions may also be considered a speculative investment. In recent years, the growing popularity of bitcoin. Since the beginning of 2017, the growth of bitcoin has been strong, single bitcoin is currently worth more than $1215.

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