Russia urges the other four nations to formulate a common cryptocurrency policy

nRunaway Comment: In order to speed up the digitization process in the region and improve the competitiveness of the digital economy, the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union fully participated in the “digital agendas in the globalization era” for extensive discussions. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev called for the establishment of a common principle of currency encryption, but should not be confined to a country’s framework. In particular, the adoption of digital currencies should take into account the close links between the regions of the Union. Consider creating a digital currency that’s within the region.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Russian Prime Minister Medvedev demanded that the leaders of the European Economic and Social Union (EAEU) jointly formulate a common principle of encrypted currency. Both the Central Bank of Russia and the Prime Minister believe that cryptocurrencies should not be confined to the framework of a single country.n
Common cryptocurrency guidelinesn
Tass news agency reported that Russian Prime Minister Medvedev urged EAEU leaders to jointly formulate a common principle of currency encryption. At the Forum on the Digital Agenda in the Era of Globalization on Friday, he said there was a need to “unify the cryptocurrency guidelines within the framework of EAEU.”n
EAEU member states include Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Russia. In addition to Medvedev, the participants included Armenian Prime Minister Karen V. Karapetyan, Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Vladimirovich Kobyakov, Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Bakytzhan Abdirovich Sagintayev, Tajikistan Prime Minister Sapar Dzhumakadirovich Isakov and EAEU Chairman Tigran S. Sargsyan.n
Medvedev told other EAEU leaders on cryptocurrency issues:n
n”We should not be limited to the framework of the domestic framework and it is impossible to implement these principles within one country. We need to align our approach to the coalition level. Otherwise, the principle formulation will take a completely different perspective and thus will not achieve a high degree of readability legality”.n
nMentioned the leaders of other countries said “may be paid in cryptocurrencies,” Medvedev said, “our economy is too closely linked, so let’s explore it further.” He also suggested organizing an international dialogue on cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the need for “simultaneous work with EAEU countries in the region.”n
Obtained by the Central Bank of Russian
Last December, Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, said the bank supported the issuance of super-sovereign cryptocurrencies in the territory of EAEU or BRICS.n
Vedomosti quoted her words:n
n”From a microeconomic point of view, the introduction of national digital currency does not seem entirely plausible, and the issue that is worth discussing with our colleagues for us is the introduction of a digital currency within the territory of EAEU or BRICS.”n

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