Russia will ban bitcoin indefinitely

Russia will ban bitcoin indefinitely

Russian Deputy finance minister said the country’s central bank and the federal financial authority believes that the use of bitcoin encryption currency will not pose any threat. But the Russian bitcoin regulatory or will.

It is worth noting that the Russian Central Bank Vice President OlgaSkorobogatov said, the central bank once insisted on the implementation of bitcoin ban will no longer be on the agenda.

According to the Russian news agency TASS reported that the country’s deputy finance minister AlexeiMoiseev has been trying to ban bitcoin since 2014, now may be Russian bitcoin regulation. But now his ideas changed, the wait-and-see attitude of encryption currency.

In September 2014 he said: we will discuss this bill in the recent parliamentary meeting (bitcoin ban), is likely to be passed immediately, or at least in the spring force. We are currently waiting for the reply of the law enforcement agencies, they will determine the specific legal measures, their opinions are within the scope of our consideration. But the effect of this act is no suspense.

It seems that the Russian government is not implemented bitcoin ban, but likely to implement Russia bit ratio regulation.

Although the chairman of the Russian investigative committee AlexanderBastrykin said last year bitcoin “to China’s financial stability constitutes a major threat, but after a discussion over the past two years and experts, and other government agencies against the Russian Ministry of finance bitcoin ban, Moiseev told reporters today, bitcoin is not a threat. But the Russian regulatory bitcoin may.

He said: at this stage, we will develop a temporary fence bitcoin. We believe that for economic security considerations, the central bank and the financial authority should monitor the encryption currency. Russian bitcoin regulation may also, at present, the agency does not consider the bitcoin major threat. That is to say, the future of bitcoin may pose a threat, but does not yet exist.

The Russian government officials once insisted to release bitcoin ban, now the attitude has undergone a one hundred and eighty degree shift. There are provisions of the ban, any use of bitcoin in the territory of Russia, people are likely to face up to 7 years in prison. The ban is no longer implemented, the government implemented a wait-and-see policy, but the Russian bitcoin regulatory or will.

No longer ban bitcoin, bitcoin regulatory or will be Russia

In addition to the Ministry of finance, the Russian Central Bank Vice President OlgaSkorobogatova also said publicly that the central bank will not take any measures to prohibit the use of bitcoin. But will the Russian bitcoin regulation.

As a kind of private currency, bitcoin regulation is not simple. The supervision department and the government agreed not to ban bitcoin. On the other hand, we have to see it, and to establish a basis for regulatory framework. So the Russian bitcoin regulatory or will.

Prior to this, Moiseev said the use of bitcoin ban. Although bitcoin in Russia is likely to be regulated, but the mining and use of this encryption currency will no longer belong to illegal activities.

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