Russian banker praised bitcoin

Russian banker praised bitcoin

In February 21st, Russia’s state-owned Development Bank (Vnesheconombank) vice president Nikita Smirnov. On the digital currency bitcoin has published some positive views. He said: bitcoin is the only network block chain technology “success”, “bitcoin has many advantages, the network effect is beyond all dispute.”

Bitcoin is the only widely used block chain technology in the world today, “Smirnov explained,” it has been in existence for several years, people try to break it, but no one has succeeded.”

In the past few years, some Russian bureaucracy that bitcoin is used for criminal activities. In the past, the Russian authorities blocked bitcoin related sites, such as BTC-e and Localbitcoins.

But in the past few months, Russian politicians and bankers to block chain technology and encryption currency solution view has undergone tremendous changes. Recently, Russian Deputy finance minister AlexeyMoiseev told the public bitcoin is not a threat, and Russia’s largest bank of Russian Federation savings bank (Sberbank) is a strong supporter of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is indeed a new philosophical concept, it has not been well understood, “Smirnov said in an interview at the end.

Russia’s state-owned development bank was founded in 1922, in the past few years, as an ongoing “Russian Development Bank” has been significantly increased. Smirnov’s view may not be representative of the bank’s official position, but may further research that bitcoin encryption currency push the bank.

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