Russian bitcoin views can not be changed?

Russian bitcoin views can not be changed?

Russian bitcoin views can not be changed?

We reported that the Russian authorities access to trade website LocalBitcoins do limit yesterday. In the past few years, the Russian government has claimed that the use of bitcoin as a crime, and according to the seriousness of the crime “will bitcoin users fine or imprisonment. But now, some people no longer believe that bitcoin is not a good thing.

Russian Deputy finance minister AlexeiMoiseev said on Tuesday that he does not think bitcoin or digital currency is a threat to national economy. His report is as follows:

“Bitcoin will not pose a threat to the public, because it does not have to pose a threat to our economic system condition. In the future, if bitcoin is regulated, this situation is likely to occur.”

Now Russia is experiencing a “civil war” in the relevant currency, their bitcoin topic had differences. On the one hand, the use of today’s virtual currency is prohibited by law, that they did not receive the approval and monitoring of the Central Bank of Russia; on the other hand, Russia’s financial sector in the past two years, in the “best effort” to let all bitcoin users get the application of “punishment”, including the highest up to 7 years in prison.

But now, the same organization ideas is not the same as before, according to Moiseev, doing so can make legislators in making final or continue to decide before a good understanding of how to deal with virtual currency around the world. He said:

“To see the development and influence of bitcoin follow-up, we can make in the first period of observation before the final decision.”

The Russian proposal is that Russia should be like other countries and make bitcoin legalized, because blindly blame bitcoin was likely caused by illegal performance. In Russia, the problem is strictly prohibited bitcoin, only in the past two years of drug use bitcoin is increased by 20 times, while LocalBitcoins has been in the Russian authorities and communication and to provide user guide to allow them to continue to access the web service.

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