Russian entrepreneurs registered bitcoin, Fang, Fang vodka ether ether

Russian entrepreneurs registered bitcoin, Fang, Fang vodka ether ether

Russian local entrepreneur Dmitri Trijski (DmitryTroitsky) plans to create a named some of the popular encryption currency vodka series. Troitsky has applied for a patent and trademark, in order to develop three different vodka brand, called “bitcoin, Fang Fang classic Ethernet and ethernet”.

Bitcoin, Fang Fang vodka and ether ether

Yekaterinburg based Dmitri Trijci (DmitryTroitsky) program named after famous encryption currency, to create a high quality vodka line. Troitsky has been to Russia the Trademark Bureau submitted three names for the alcoholic beverage products. Although Troitsky learned that the government is not very conducive to the expression of encryption currency attitude, but he believes that public opinion is different. Troitsky explained to said, these names could make his products more attention.

Troitsky in the publication said: “I am in the thirty-third kind of international classification of goods and services (except beer) used in the name of the encryption of the goods, the three is the name of the top digital currency. I can’t say how it will be, and when will the deregulation, but I am sure I can use the vodka.”

The Troitsky design and the associated encryption currency system.

The Russian entrepreneur is not the only one password money and alcoholic beverage with the popularity of people. Last January, reported the password in southern Florida brewery supporters and owner of AviAisenberg, created the “EthereRum” products. From the use of bitcoin miners to heat the distilled rum, instead of wasting it.

Troitsky will be more vodka is a new concept or gift, the creators of the details, but enough to push Russia, he believes that the final beverage can succeed in business.

“Try to imagine the wine on the table, you will understand that bitcoin is a comic character with vodka joke,” Troitsky said more details when said, “but, due to the need for sufficient legal support and sufficient resources, it is possible to work on business.”

“The name of encryption currency may evoke pleasant memories of some goods.”

You agree with the idea of DmitryTroitsky? What’s your opinion?

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